Welcome to my website. My name is Philip Hilton and Iím a Therapist, Life Coach and a Shaman.

I imagine that you have come to my page because you have questions and are looking for answers.

I can offer you help in many ways. I work in both a holistic, as well as a complementary way. I work with compassion and Mindfulness, together we can create a nurturing environment of unconditional respect and loving support.

Therapy & Couselling

Addiction Therapy - Bereavement Counselling - Pet Bereavement Counselling - Diet & Nutrition Therapy - Life Coaching - Stress Reduction - Meditation and Relaxation.

Shamanic Services

Spiritual Coaching - Shamanic Healing - Shamanic Pet/Animal Healing - Soul Retrieval -Psychopomp - Personal & Property Cleansing - Oracle, Tarot, Rune