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Tarot & Oracle Readings
I am a Tarot Master and can offer my clients over 20 years of experience in the field of divination. I have worked physically (face to face) and at a distance (telephone lines, internet) and have found both to be as effective and as powerful as each other. As a psychic and intuitive I am able to tune into a client’s energy and also the spiritual realms and so can offer far more than simply a run-of-the-mill reading. I offer true divination, using methods which have been tried and tested down the years. 

Choice of method

The Cards both Tarot and Oracle plus the Runes, Sticks & other oracular devices are themed to different spiritual areas. At this time I offer the following.

I can offer a wide range of divination tools, depending on your needs, wishes and interests.


Tarot cards, these are by far still the most popular divination tool and offer uncanny and accurate readings, whether for general readings or for specific questions.

Oracle Cards

Oracle cards. These are not unlike the Tarot, but offer a more simplistic approach. However the readings they are able to convey are no less accurate. These are a very user-friendly type of divination and are often favoured by those who feel Tarot is too archaic or perhaps Pagan in its use of symbolism.

Nordic Runes


Runes. The Runes with their  stark symbols can strike a very strong atmosphere and will often pinpoint with laser accuracy certain points which need to be addressed. I offer traditional Nordic Runes.

Witches Runes

These are an oracle consisting of thirteen staves or stones. This is a very accurate divinatrion tool and it's becoming more popular all the time.

Ogham Sticks

Ogham Sticks. The Ogham which is often referred to as ‘The tree Alphabet’ is a divination system based on the energy and wisdom of trees.  This is a very subtle method and draws on a Celtic lineage steeped in hundreds of years of history.

The price for a reading is £25.99 for a basic reading and £45.99 for an in-depth reading. The choice of method is yours. The Wheel of the year reading is £55.99


Wheel of the year Tarot Reading

This is far more than a standard card reading. During this unique divinatory experience I take you on a journey through the next twelve months of your life. It is akin to having an astrological horoscope drawn up, in that it can show you the highs and lows ahead, providing things remain as they are at present and move along the same track of course.  Cards do not tell fortunes, but instead give indications, signposts, if you like. They allow you to see possible outcomes and as the saying goes, forewarned is to be forearmed.  

This is a very in-depth reading and also a very popular one.

The price of this unique reading is£55.99

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