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Success /Abundance/Prosperity Healing Systems

With Each Attunement Purchased You Will Receive:

  • One in-depth guide to the system
  • One attunement guide with lots of great ideas on how to best prepare yourself, including how to make your own Chi Balls!
  • You will receive all attunements sent by Chi Ball or 'real time' appointment
  • One emailed certificate
  • Your lineage
    When you have made your choice from the attunements/empowerments listed below please email me for a PayPal invoice



    Abundance Flush Empowerments Levels 1-6 - £15

    This system is exceptionally simple but powerful. While there is no guarantee that it will bring you a windfall the energy can help a lot!
    The Abundance Flush 1 and 2 Empowerments work on two levels: One, to remove blocks to abundance, and two, to magnetize the individual to opportunity and prosperity.
    A continuation of the Abundance Flush Empowerments levels 3 and 4 work on the subtle bodies to lift the vibration and help support the soul's expression in the world, thus helping bring in new opportunities and prosperity.
    The focus of flushes 5 and 6 is to work on creating stability and space. These energies are designed to help overcome issues of "feast or famine" or "living check to check."

    You will receive 6 chi ball empowerments, 3 pdf manuals

    NEW Abundant Mindset Activation - £15
    System Originator – Tracey Loper

    The Abundant Mindset Activation is a gift from Spirit given to activate an abundant and prosperous mindset for attracting prosperity destiny and vision and creating wealth and abundance of all kinds in your life. This will place you in a position to embrace and embody an abundant state of mind – state of being – state of creating. The energy will expand you to an abundant mindset! We live in a truly abundant Universe which has new opportunities and unlimited possibilities for us all!  As a result of working with this energy you will think richer, you will come from a Higher Perspective of abundant mindset (thinking) and see all the possibilities for an abundant and prosperous life that are available to you now. The Abundant Mindset Activation will open you to the unlimited possibilities that the Universe has for you now!

    The Attraction Magnet – £10

    The Attraction Magnet Empowerment system by Jay Burrell has been given to us by spirit in the hope that through working with these energies and changing the way you think and feel that it will bring to you whatever your heart desires. “The concept for the Law of Attraction is not new and it has been taught by masters, sages, and light workers for thousands of years but when the spiritual law of attraction is presented in modern terminology it teaches us that we have the power to attract whatever we want just through the way we think and feel. The first reaction to this concept is usually pure excitement at the thought that we can bring whatever we want to our lives just by imagining it and believing that it can happen but after this initial feeling of elation you will usually find yourself thinking about the things which you might have done in the past which did not attract to you the things you want. You will also realize that you must now take all responsibility for having created situations that were unpleasant and difficult in your life. It is my hope that through this empowerment it will give you the courage and the strength to make the conscious decision to change the way you act, feel and think during your everyday life so you will also experience the many blessings that you can achieve through this simple yet highly effective energy.”


    Attraction Reiki Levels 1 2 3 - £15

    System Originator: Stephanie Brail

    Attraction Reiki is an easy-to-use system that is designed to help you create that “aura of success” that can draw opportunities and positive things to you.  This is a unique Reiki system in that Stephanie Brail has designed it in such a way that even those entirely new to Reiki can use it.  There are 3 levels to this system:

    • Level 1 – Belief

    We will look at what it means to believe and how our beliefs affect our reality.

    • Level 2 – Intention

    In this level we will become very clear on what our intention is. This is a vital step in the manifesting process.

    • Level 3 – Attraction

    In this final level, we will take what we’ve learned in the two previous levels and integrate it into our attraction strategy.

    In each level you will be given three healing symbols to activate the Reiki energy. The three symbols for each level will correspond to mind, body, and soul. Once you have been attuned to this system, you will be able to use the energy for yourself and others and you will also be able to pass these attunements on to others if you are a Reiki Master.

    You will receive:  3 e-mailed manuals (22 pages, 16 pages and 18 pages), 3 distance attunements. There are no prerequisites to learn the system, but you must be a Usui Reiki Master to pass on the attunements. 


    Credit and Currency Empowerment - £12.50

    Founder – Mariah Windsong

    Your attunement to the Credit and Currency Empowerment gives you the ability to activate the Disappointment Flush, Self Blame Flush and Self Trust Empowerment. These additional flushes and empowerments are included in the Credit and Currency Empowerment energy system because of the usual energy blocks that exist for anyone who has experience financial disappointment. Self Blame may feel useful to keep you from repeating a mistake when in actuality it limits what opportunities can enter your reality.

    Credit and Currency Empowerment removes emotional resistance from previous experiences while aligning you with your optimal financial flow. This energy system amplifies your ability to attract into your life the opportunities and assistance to have a fuller flow of good credit and monetary currency.

    To maximize a person’s ability to trade value for the daily life necessities, including housing and food, both credit and currency are beneficial. There have been negative opinions about credit due to the fact that people can get themselves into more debt than they can easily pay back. However, the word credit is also used as credits: having the monetary value available to use for items, travel, housing and food.

    In this electronic age of technology, there are many different ways that monetary value can be recorded, saved, and traded. There are businesses that trade items and receive only credits that can be used for items within the group of businesses that participate in the program


    Divine Blessings Shakti - £10

    Founder: Jean "Gina" Myrner

    Divine Blessing Shakti is activated to bring forth pure love, peace, truth and harmony needed in healing. This Shakti may be run to heal discord between family members, friends, and associates across time and space; for assistance aligning with Love and Light; and bringing forgiveness, absolution, and clearing karma for the highest good of all involved. It also will assist one along their spiritual path and may be sent to other people requesting healing.


    Divine Provision Reiki -  - £15.99 per level or £45 for all 3 levels 

    Divine Provision Reiki level 1 is a stream of Reiki energy providing you with two Shakti to focus on the many contributing factors involved with how you receive your provisions. Provisions, otherwise known as supplies or the monetary income pathways needed to buy them require strong energy connections to ensure a sustained flow to allow what you need to manifest physically. Sometimes there are repairs to be made. Other times old pathways are obsolete, yet a connection remains that needs to be dissolved away before your provisions increase substantially. Influx Upgrade Empowerment fortifies your monetary income pathways so that you can sustain an increased influx of money.

    Divine Provision Reiki™ level 2 assists you to create new income pathways in the ethereal realms. A Monetary Energy Burst sets the foundation here in physicality for your provisions to arrive in a very real way. There are numerous reasons which can cause difficulties in creating new paths for provisions, supplies, money to arrive into your life. By creating the energetic incoming pathways and fully integrating them with energy field you bridge the gap between wanting and receiving. You may also create new connections with people already in your life or styles of relationships you wish to experience in the near future.

    Divine Provision Reiki™ level 3 will provide the Financial Provision Divine Protection Field to protect both the income pathways you’ve created and repaired, as well as the provisions you already have in your life. A Continual Maintenance Ray tends these pathways to ensure they remain flexible and strong. An Increase Flow Dial gives you added freedom to increase or decrease speed of your work inflow


    Dzambhala Reiki £10

    Jambala (Dzambhala) is the God of wealth and appropriately a member of the Jewel family. In hindu Mythology Jambala known as Kuber. Jambala is also believed to be an emanation of Avalokiteshwor Chenrezig, the Buddha of Compassion , manifesting as the wealth-giving Buddha.  All five Dzambhala energies are viewed as protectors of weatlh, abundance and prosperity. The purpose of worship or practicing Dzambhala is to eliminate the insecurity of financial worries so that one is not distracted by poverty and lack of funds.

    With practice each Jambala mantra helps to eliminate poverty and create financial stability, bringing;

    Prosperity - Wealth - Abundance - Enjoy Abundance - Enjoy Life - Long Life - Purification of all Obstacles to Wealth - Fulfilling your Projects - Fulfilling Your Wishes - Increase Income - Eliminate financial Worries - Increase Wisdom - Gain material & Spiritual Benefits - Dispel Bad Karma - Good Health - Cure Diseases - Dispell you from any Disaster - Stop Suffering - Become Popular - Eliminate Resentment


    Financial Fear Flush & Confidence Builder Attunements - £20
    From; Mariah Windsong
    Financial Fear Flush

    It is important to flush away the fears that cause money to drain away. When you fear that you don’t have enough money, even the money you have seems to disappear before it has done all that it needed to for you. 

    Financial Fear Flush ™ is an energy function that specifically targets any fears you have about your financial well being and having all you need. Financial Fear Flush™ is great to activate with intention whenever you notice a worry, concern or fear about money pass through your mind. Once your fears about money and your financial situation have been flushed away your confidence about your financial matters will build and be secure.

    Financial Fear Flush™ is an easy way to release fears which have no use. Sometimes a fear has served its purpose and yet lingers, that kind of fear will indeed flush away with the use of this energy system. Fears about lack of money or unwise use of money residing in your subconscious mind can also be flushed away with this energy function. You can hold the thought of wanting this Financial Fear Flush to activate for your subconscious mind.

    Financial Confidence Builder Attunement

    Financial Confidence Builder™ is an energy function that secures your way of thinking to foster confidence for your financial well being.

    You may find many benefits to activating this Financial Fear Flush  if used regularly:

    • Less anxiety

    • Less preoccupation with negative scenarios mentally

    • Less depression

    • Ending of self sabotage behaviour in your money use

    • Noticing miracles that can benefit your financial situation

    • Increased positive outlook for your financial future

    • Peace Within settles inside of you

    • You breathe deeper on a regular basis

    • You start to mentally plan for the future once again

    • More opportunities come your way

    • No longer do you self fulfil negative prophesies about your money

    • You display increased wisdom in your money management


    Gabriel's Financial Empowerment - £10

    System Originator – Jay Burrell

    The Gabriel Financial Empowerment is a blessing which has been given to us by the blessed Archangel Gabriel. It is designed to mainly help you with your finances but it will also bring forward the beautiful energies that Archangel Gabriel can bring to your life. The blessing from this empowerment will be individually tailored to your needs and will help you in the best way possible. It may not mean an instant windfall will come but these energies will bring forth the best possible solution for your current situations. This may mean that you need to look into changing career or adjusting your lifestyle in order to bring these blessings to your life but one thing is for sure, the blessing of Archangel Gabriel are life changing but only if you truly believe and work with these energies.

    Goddess Fortuna Empowerment - £10

    From founder Mariah Windsong Couture comes the Goddess Fortuna Empowerment TM energy system. The Goddess Fortuna bestows fertility upon lands, seeds, humans and your endeavours, she will teach how to use her energy of fertility in life. The Goddess Fortuna can be called upon to bring Feminine Divine Fortune to positively influence your health and monetary condition. Through Empowerment to the Goddess Fortuna TM energy system you will be filled deeply with her Divine Feminine Energies which will cause your cells to vibrate in alignment with fortune so that you will attract all you want and need in life! Her powerful energy strengthens you and brings benefit to arrive from any situation. Goddess Fortuna has been known throughout history, having been worshiped by the Romans and many other cultures on our planet Earth.

    Golden Scroll Reiki - £10

    Founder: Stephanie Brail

    Golden Scroll Reiki for Manifesting was founded by Stephanie Brail.  The following is from her manual: “Golden Scroll Reiki is an easy-to-use Reiki system that helps manifest goals, dreams, and desires. It does this in two ways: One, by clearing out any negative energy or blockages to the goal, and two, by creating positive thought forms to help manifest the goal into reality. Visualization can be a very useful tool when it comes to creating what you want in life. Golden Scroll Reiki utilizes the power of positive visualization and adds Reiki energy to it, to make it even more effective.  Prerequisite: None Levels: One


    Greatness Empowerment - £20

    The Greatness Empowerment is a gift from Spirit to assist you in stepping into your personal power and embracing your greatness. The energy will help you to get in touch with your inner drive to draw you to your greatness so that you can achieve positive results on your life path. It will transform your thoughts eradicating false beliefs of self limitation blocking you from achieving your greatness. Its powerful energy boost will motivate your unlimited potential to pursue your passions, dreams and goals so that you can begin creating and living the life of your dreams right now. The energy will boost your self confidence and faith in yourself enabling you to take advantage of opportunities that come your way.

    This empowerment, opening you to accept the greatness that is yours by Divine right so that you do not settle for less than what the Divine intends for you in any area of your life. The energy system can be used when you are struggling with holding onto your dreams to be great, to do great things, to accomplish your goals and create your dreams. The energy will help you to hold onto your dreams and continue setting goals so that you push forward with pursuit of your passions no matter what trial may arise that seeks to destroy your dreams. The Greatness Empowerment has a persisting energy that helps you to continue to forge ahead so that your greatness shines through and you accomplish the great things you set out to accomplish.

    Some of the benefits of the Greatness Empowerment are:


    • Reaching Greatness
    • Achieving Goals in Life
    • Breaking barriers and hindrances to success
    • A Motivation Boost
    • Discovering innate talents, abilities, spiritual gifts
    • Pursuing passions
    • Thinking your way to greatness
    • Unlocking unlimited potential and possibility within
    • Overcoming fear; breaking fear of failure
    • Creating successful habits
    • Choosing greatness over mediocrity
    • Tapping into the Higher Self
    • Attracting successful positive people into your life
    • Accepting the belief that you can be great
    • Experiencing growth, betterment and improvement
    • Striving for excellence
    • Getting in touch with the extraordinary within you
    • Feeling the true happiness that exists within you 


    Guru Ram Das Miracle Empowerment - £12.50

    Guru Ram Das was one of the Sikh gurus and is considered to be an ascended master and spirit guide to many. This empowerment is to help with those very difficult problems that need a "miracle." The energy will help you connect with Guru Ram Das to receive blessings and support. While there is no guarantee that you will get the resolution that you want, this form of energetic prayer will help create an outcome that is for the highest good of all concerned. It is best to use this energy daily for 40 days for a problem, but any and all application is helpful.


    Intention Increase™ - £15

    Intention Increase™ is an energy system that has been brought forth to vastly increase the power of your intentions. That which you set forth as what you intend to happen is to increase with the regular activation of this energy system. This attunement trains you to “Increase” whatever you want

    Intention is the act of aligning yourself with a purpose within a certain topic. Spiritually speaking intention is the mental positioning you hold and extend forth with the power of your own will, to instruct Eternal Sacred Source about what you desire to bring into your life. That is the outgoing energy. The response from Source is the incoming energy that fulfils our intentions. Increase is simply the verb, the action you are directing to occur. Intention is the single most powerful tool you have as a believer in Eternal Sacred Source responding to your requests. Some people speak about how the universe will respond when you align yourself energetically with what you want. Positive thinking can be beneficial.


    Lakshmi Seichim - £20

    Founder:  Stephen Comee

    Goddess Lakshmi for spiritual and material wealth, unity and harmony. Seichim is closely related to the ancient Egyptian word sekhem which means life-force or energy.  Seichim is not a religion but is a unity concept whichis described in detail within the manual. Lakshmi is derived from Sanskrit word laksya meaning aim or goal. Lakshmi is a Hindu Goddess and a deity of wealth both material and spiritual.  She is also a goddess of light, wisdom, good fortune and bestows luck, beauty, courage and fertility to her devotees. She is a Mother Goddess and a Domestic Deity. Lakshmi is consort to Lord Vishnu (Preserver of the Universe and Lakshmi has 8 forms which you will learn about in the manual as well as her mantra and yantra. You will receive a 33 page pdf manual and 1 distant attunement.

    Symbols 5: SHRIM - HRIM - KLIM - GAM - AIM

    Life Path Empowerment - £10

    The Life Path Empowerment will help you discover and strengthen your connection to your personal guides.  It will help you discover your life’s path and stay on that path.  This is an empowerment that connects you to your Higher Self and your guides so that you will accelerate your Spiritual growth and ascension.  The Life Path Empowerment is easy to use and gives you access to communicate with your personal guides in a way that allows you to know who your guides are, often giving you the names of your guides, and teaching you how to receive clear guidance from them so that you can discover your Life Path and stay true to it.  It is one attunement with a simple symbol that you can use to focus and strengthen the connection to your guides


    Life Path Reiki Level 1 & 2 - £25

    Life Path Reiki  is a simple 2 level Reiki system designed to assist practitioners and clients in following their true life path. Life Path Reiki works to clear and neutralise blocks and resistance to a true life path. It helps to light the way and provide guidance on the spiritual life journey. It assists in making decisions, finding helpers along the way and deciding on proper courses of action. Your Life path is the purpose for which you incarnated on this planet. Each person has a different life path and no life path is better than another’s Spiritual alignment means that who you are out in the world is a reflection of your true self, your soul. Life Path Reiki also connects you to your Higher Self so that you can experience accelerated Spiritual Growth, Ascension and become your Highest Expression as a Soul.


    Light of Prosperity Empowerment - £10

    The Light of Prosperity Empowerment connects you to and puts you in harmony with the energies and vibrations of Prosperity and Spirit. You will also be connected to Archangel Michael to help you clear and release negative thought forms concerning money, and to the Angels of Prosperity and the Elements (Earth, Air, Fire, and Water) and Spirit to help draw to you positive energies and opportunities of abundance in the form of money. While you don’t need an attunement to work with the Angels or the Elements, this attunement does connect you quickly and strengthen your connection and your energies

    Archangel Michael assists to help heal and release those old programs that hold you back and stop your cash flow. These are things that you have been conditioned to think and accept all of your life. The Angels of Prosperity will then help you to rise above your situation, so that you may begin to increase your flow of money and keep a steady stream of positive Prosperity coming toward you. This is a very powerful attunement that helps clear away and remove blocks to your cash flow, and also helps you to draw more money and opportunities toward you. When your energy field vibrates in harmony with prosperity, you will become more prosperous.

    Money Angel Reiki - £15

    Money Angel Reiki has been created to help provide support and inspiration during times of economic stress. This system is not designed to instantly manifest wealth or prosperity. Rather, it is a system that helps provide support for money stress and problems. Some of the underlying causes for the problems may be internal, but some may be external (such as when the economy has fallen into a recession). Money Angel Reiki does not provide quick-fixes but assists the individual in making long-term changes and devising strategies to better deal with money. It helps provide support for tough times. In working with Money Angel Reiki, you will connect with your own Money Angel to assist you in your personal prosperity journey. This Money Angel could be an aspect of your higher self, a spirit guide, or an actual angel, depending on what feels right to you and your personal belief system. It doesn't really matter what your particular belief is, what matters is that you experience the feeling of support and connect to a higher “power” for guidance during tough financial times.

    Money Reiki Attunement – Levels 1-3 - £25
    System Originator – Stephanie Brail

    Money Reiki is a fantastic way to attract abundance into your life as well as that of others. Money Reiki comes in three different levels:
    Level 1: Practitioner - Level 2: Master - Level 3: Grand Master
    The First Level, Practitioner, enables you to send Money Reiki Healing, also known as Money Reiki Empowerment, to yourself, your things, your bank account, credit cards, your investments and to other people as you desire.
    The Second Level, Master, attunes you to additional symbols and enables you to send Money Reiki Healing and Money Reiki Empowerment to yourself, your things, your bank account, credit cards, investments and to other people as you desire. The Master Level Attunement also enables you to pass the Attunement to others for Level I Practitioner and Level II Master Money Reiki.
    The Third Level, Grand Master, attunes you to further additional symbols, builds upon everything in the Master Level and enables you to do advanced clearing, healings and attunements. You can pass the Attunement for all three levels of Money Reiki after being attuned to Grand Master, Money Reiki.


    New Life Reiki - £10

    Have you ever been stuck in a rut? And not just any old rut but a multi-year rut where your life has become very stagnant? Or maybe you have one area in your life that just feels stuck and nothing else will budge it. New Life Reiki is an energy stream designed to help you move forward along your life path. If you need to get unstuck, it will help you break free of the old energy pattern. If your life is a “Tilt-a-Whirl,” and going in too many wrong directions at once, then New Life Reiki will calm things down and help you get centred on the kind of life that's right for you. New Life Reiki can be especially helpful if you know your life needs to change but you just aren't sure what you should do or what you should change. New Life Reiki is about letting go of old things that no longer serve you, so that new and better things can enter in its place. Think about it – you cannot have a new life until you let go of the old! Prerequisite: Usui Reiki 2 or 3


    NEW Opulent Living Empowerment - £15

    Opulent Living Empowerment is an energy, demeanour and an attitude that you embody and emanate. A person can live opulently in a small abode or a large estate. Opulent Living Empowerment increases your ability to attract into your life what you need for a healthy life. The people and things that increase your comfort and quality of life can arrive faster and with ease.

    Opulent Living Empowerment will cause you to treat what you have in your home as if it is a treasured estate house or castle. If you do not have a home nor apartment and are staying with other people or in a shelter, you will know to treat the couch or bedroll or chair you have slept upon well. You will be in appreciation of what you have and that will indeed attract more items and opportunities to you.


    Personal Power Healer Balance - £15

    Personal Power Healer Balancer Empowerment is a beautiful energy system to help facilitate healing as well as balancing your own personal power. This dual form energy works by healing your personal power first and then by balancing your personal power, creating a balance of duality within your mind, body and spirit.  Personal Power Healer Balancer Empowerment can also be used in a variety of ways for spiritual development and enlightenment by recognising, releasing and healing blockages causing; anxiety, fear, and depression by dispersing trapped or repressed negative energy. This powerful energy also rebuilds and enhances your aura of inner calm and security, helping to you to develop stronger will power, confidence, and self discipline while also inspiring a creative flow energy helping you to manifest the life you want.


    Prosperity Consciousness Empowerment - £20

    The Divine gives us the energy of this form so that you can live a life of unlimited abundance! It will activate your divinely given ability to manifest abundance, prosperity, health and happiness in all areas of your life. You will be empowered to become successful in our thinking so that you can achieve success in your reality.

    Whatever subconscious beliefs are holding you back from what you consciously desire will be removed so that your thoughts are in alignment with your desired outcome. Resistance from your subconscious mind will be removed so that you are working in alignment with your goals and intentions. The energy will supercharge your subconscious mind so that you work in ways that you cannot fathom to create prosperity, which positions you in the flow of abundance that is available to you always.

    False beliefs, emotional issues and old programming concerning money will be removed, cellular memory will be re-programmed and your ability to attract wealth will be fully restored and amplified. As a result of working with this energy you will unlock your inner abundance resources so that you are manifesting success in all areas of our life and enjoying an abundant life. The root chakra, also referred to as one’s Prosperity Chakra, will be cleansed, cleared and balanced so that is operating at its highest level so you are able to have your survival instincts intact, handle money matters with ease and feel safe, secure, trusting, supported and financially abundant. This will allow your manifestation vibrations to rise so that you increase your inflow as a money attractor and magnet.


    Prosperity Flow Reiki £10

    System Originator – Linda Colibert

    Prosperity Flow Reiki harmonizes your energies to the frequency of prosperity. This system connects you to the higher energies of manifesting prosperity. When you are in harmony with prosperity, you draw prosperity to you. You vibrate with the energies of prosperity. When you are in alignment with prosperity, the energies of lack, limitation, and poverty consciousness cannot stay in the energy fields of prosperity. Those negative energies cannot exist in the same light and energies of prosperity.

    Silver Star Attunement - £7.50

    This very simple manual guides you through the Silver Star attunement energy. "Silver Star" energy works by calming fears and helping all doubts to recede and be released. All insignificant negative memories are left in the past, the vital situation is easily authorised, bringing a change of mood and confidence with the forces of tomorrow. After your attunement, it is becomes easier to apply intention. This energy possesses huge manifesting ability; the Power stream removes from levels of consciousness the power substances causing despondency, denying, irritation, opening heart and reason of the person for Spirit Divine. When the spirit of the person incorporates the light, Divine energy brings clarification and clearing at all levels.


    Success and Abundance Ray Attunement - £10

    Originator; Svetlana Perevalova

    One of the most important steps you can take in the wish to get rid of obstacles on your way to success is to dissolve the energy frozen from your fear and doubt in your own abilities. You may even be unaware about the fear, until it pops up on the surface. Dissolving fear and doubt, you release the energy which them returns to you in the form of wealth and talent. Once you have submitted that the energy swept away these obstacles, you can visualise a talent or something you need flowing to you.

    NEW Written Intention Reversal - £25

    System Originator – Mariah Windsong

    Written Intention Reversal energy system helps you to achieve your goals personally and professionally by erasing old intentions. Anytime you write something with strong feeling, you are setting forth an instruction to the universe. When your intention and goals change, it is important to reverse or erase your previous intention. Words are very powerful. The written word holds strong instructions for the universe to follow on your behalf.

    Written Intention Reversal energy system utilises energy from Eternal Sacred Source which is similar to Reiki. It has been channelled into this reality to assist people to reclaim pockets of their energy which have been left in the past. When a person sets forth an intention in writing, a part of themselves stays with that intention to hold it strong. This sends a continual message to the universe about what you want brought into and upheld in your life.

    Simply changing your mind, and praying for, or intending something different than the previous written intention does not release your energy to arrive unto you. You must consciously call back your energy, reversing the previous written intention in order to release the previous intention that is different or contrary to your current one.

    Some benefits of this energy system are, but are not limited to:

    • Increased energy level and emotional health.
    • Quicker achieving of goals and plans.
    • Time gap between intentions and receiving the person or item
    • into your life greatly reduces.
    • You gain a greater control over your reality.
    • Letting go of the past is easier.
    Yellow Tara Attunement - £10

    Goddess Yellow Tara has the ability to assist us by increasing all types of abilities, enriching us with wealth and prosperity, increasing abundance, eloquence, merit, knowledge, intellect and so on. The Goddess has the ability to help us to relax ad to trust in the infinite abundance available on all dimensions –physical and spiritual worlds. It is said that she is a destroyer of poverty – put also of ignorance. In her great wisdom she offers devotees a choice which is to stay on the physical plane of material wealth and worldly splendour or to detach and experience the infinite wealth of enlightenment in other realms. No matter what choice the devotee makes it has merit. Therefore Goddess Yellow Tara grants physical wealth and abundance, but also spiritual wealth and abundance!