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Raine Hilton

Allow me to introduce my wife and partner in Good Vibes Holistic Therapies. You can find Raine at her own website by following any of the links below.

Raine Hilton is an Inspirational & Holistic Life Coach and Therapist and is also a Registered Counsellor with the charity Counselling. The following is from her own website 


I was writing an article during 2008 and discovered to my surprise that I was channelling through the medium of automatic writing. This has become stronger with time and I have not only channelled a large number of articles but also various healing modalities and attunements through deep trance meditation. I had been told as far back as 2003 that I would one day channel, but it was still a wonderful surprise to me when I did. Among those given voice through my writing have been Jesus, Mary of Nazareth, Mary Magdalene, Kuan Yin, Buddha, The Archangels Michael, Raphael, Hanael, Queen Maeve, King Oberon, Morrigan, Morgana and Epona, to name just a few. I also channel during healing and attunement sessions.

Angel Therapist

I am an Angel Therapist and have worked within the Angelic Realms for many years. I offer attunements to Angelic Healing systems as well using them in my healing sessions. I also read Angel cards often using them in combination with healing to create a well rounded assessment of my client's health and wellbeing.

Faery High Priestess

I am also a 3rd Degree Faery High Priestess, I was initiated during a meditation by Queen Maeve after many years of working with the Fey Realms. You can read about one of my earlier initiations below. I also offer a Faery Lightworker Healing Package page under Distance Attunements. As with the Angel Therapy I also use Faery Oracle cards with Faery Healing to create unique tailor-made sessions for my clients.

Spiritual Tools, Kits & Crafts

We have available a wide range of Spiritual tools, unique handmade crafts, kits and jewellery to suit all your needs.

Lightarian Healing Systems

I offer the complete range of the NEW Lightarian Healing Systems. These modalities are a much higher form than Usui Reiki.

I also offer healing using these advanced energies.