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 Anam Cara Soul Reading 

An Anam Cara reading is a Soul Reading. The name comes from the old Celt and is still found in use in Ireland today. Roughly translated it means soul Friend. The idea being that when two people come together so completely, their auras merge and so in doing there is an openness, a heart closeness that defies normal everyday functionality. The bond formed knows no barriers or boundaries and allows for a person to reach within the other and see that person’s true potential. This early Celtic practice was merged into the new Christian ways and formed part of The Celt Christian Faith. In an energetic sense there is no distance, no time and nothing that is not part of the wholeness that is God/Goddess. In this way I am able to forge such an energy bond with you over any distance, as to spirit a thousand miles might as well be an inch.

I am able to offer you an Anam Cara Soul Reading because of my many years of service to the world of spirit. I have been a practicing Druid for over nine years and a clairvoyant with over twenty five years’ experience. I have many psychic abilities including psychometry and it is this which enables me to divine your own unique energetic signature and tune into it. I developed this skill from in-person usage where I would tune into a physical photograph or object and conduct a reading. To do this service for you, all I will need is a photograph, your date of birth and time of birth, if you know it and the rest will be left in my hands.

This is a distance service and you need do no more than make yourself available and be prepared to relax and let me do the work, for the main hour long session. After this session you will receive a detailed report giving you my findings, experiences, thoughts and possible ways to move forward. 

One Hour Session + Oracle Card Reading  + Unlimited email support. All distance and carried out via email. 

Also available - Anam Cara Spirit - An exclusive GVHT course written and tutored by Philip Hilton. 

Business Success and Prosperity Flow 

During those times when things are either not going well on the success front or are either slowing down or are almost nonexistent, the energy is not moving, or has become sluggish. This needs intervention at the energetic level and this is where this service comes in. To all intents and purposed this session is akin to one of my Shamanic House Tune-Ups, in that I tackle the problems and issues in a similar way. During the process I will do a number of things in order to facilitate a smoother transformation for your existing or soon to be business, using Shamanic techniques, as well as energy healing at a high level.

Book this service and you will receive the following:

A full energetic diagnostic session, including pendulum dowsing and a card reading, in order to really get to the bottom of the things. This will be followed by a complete healing and energising session directed at the core issues and challenges effecting your business and livelihood. During this part of the session I will go on a Shamanic Journey to your business-base, which is the centre of your workplace and confront anything in need of alteration and change. I will utilise a number of powerful healing and prosperity centred energies to remove, clear and rebalance the overall energies. After this I will instil positivity into the business by performing a further session using different healing energies of pure abundance, prosperity and financial attraction. Ending with a further diagnostic check and energy sealing and protection lock-down.

During your session you will receive the following:

  • Diagnostic session featuring Dowsing and Card Reading
  • Shamanic session featuring full healing session and Shamanic Healing Journey to Remove, Clear and Rebalance the energies of your business workplace.
  • A further session using Abundance, Prosperity and Financial healing energies.
  • Last diagnostic check.
  • Energy sealing and Protection Lock-down.
  • Installation of Virtual Protective Shields.


NEW  Shadow Weaving Session

Shadow-Weaving is an original shamanic system of my own devising. It is in essence both a healing, as well as a chakra balance and full realignment.  We each of have our own duality, just as night has its opposite day, our whole universe is made up of opposites, such as light and dark, hard and soft, wet and dry, hot and cold. The list could go on without end, as everything has to have its opposite. When it comes to a person Carl Jung termed this other self ‘The Shadow’ in his groundbreaking psychological work.

We are tri-fold beings, consisting of mind, body and spirit and in order to function at our best, we must remain in balance, that is not just our everyday self and our shadow, but also those conflicting male and female sides, which go to make up our fully authentic selves.

During the Shadow-Weaving process I will make use of any or all of the following tools available to me:

  • Crystals
  • Communication with your guides
  • Intuitive Psychic information
  • Pendulums dowsing
  • Aura, Chakra  & Meridian work realignment and balancing
  • Shamanic journey
  • Oracle or Tarot Reading

Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval is a very delicate shamanic procedure, where the shaman journeys to a lost soul part in an effort to reunite it with the soul-whole. It is something not to be undertaken lightly. However when it is successful, there is a major transformation for the person involved. A soul part breaks away during a traumatic experience. This trauma could be something that as a child or younger person was unbearable such as parental separation or death. Divorce, giving way to new relationships can also cause this. As an adult these things would be quite understandable, but sometimes impossible for a younger mind to face. This also happens to adults and age does not guard against it happening. Unexpected life events such as trauma, violence, sexual assault, abuse and also depression.

Often a person will have feelings that something is missing, that a part of them is not there. This often indicates such a loss. As a shaman I will carry out a distant procedure, where I tune-in to your energy field and make a spirit journey on your behalf. During the journey I will travel to the place where the soul parts dwell and ask the gatekeeper for permission to enter, once inside I will ask to be shown any and all parts of your soul, naming you to the gatekeeper. If he is in agreement, I will be taken to the room or area/areas. Once face to face with the soul part, I will begin a healing dialogue, with the intention of asking that they return to the soul-whole. Sometimes it will take more than one journey to get the agreement for that part to return. (This would be at no extra charge) but once they do agree and it is very unusual for them not to, so long as they feel that they will be safe and nurtured, then a ritual is performed and they are brought back. Once reunited, I perform a full healing and balancing session, in order that all is complete and as it should be once more. 

NEWSpirit Release 

One of my main areas of expertise is spirit release, called by some, dispossession. This is where a person is subject to malevolent influences, partial or full attacks by an unknown outside source or discarnate being.

The signs of spirit attachment and interference

The most obvious signs to look out for are changes in personality and health, without a good reason.  Also sudden obsessions, seemingly out of character. The following list has some elements to be considered, however, it is not in any way complete or exhaustive and has been compiled merely to give you an overview, as to what you should be looking out for. With the list which follows, do bear in mind that these things could indicate intrusion and attachment and or attack, so long as they do not form part of the person’s normal personality. For example a short tempered person having an outburst would be deemed normal for them. Also do be aware that we are all perfectly capable of acting out of character should the circumstances call for it. These things are only tell-tale indicators, should they appear for no known and obvious reason. A happy person with a good life, relationship and so on, all of a sudden becoming angry and defensive or suddenly obsessed with something unusual for them, this would be a good indicator for that person.

  • Sudden Mood Swings
  • Anger
  • Depression
  • Violent tendencies
  • Sudden secretiveness
  • Migraine headaches
  • Fears and Phobias
  • Panic Attacks
  • Illness without obvious cause or sensible reason, especially if it cannot be diagnosed
  • Sudden obsessions with for example:
  • Gambling, Sex, Pornography or Gaming
  • Hearing voices, negative thoughts


The term Psychopomp often confuses people, but really it is just a soul or spirit guide. A person who is able, because of their own knowledge and personal experience to work with those in spirit, as well as those making the transition. The name comes from two words in Greek Pompos, which means guide or conductor and Psyche, which translates as soul, breath, mind or life.

The services listed below can vary depending on individual circumstances and requirements.

There are many times this service might be needed, such as any of the following:

  • A person making the transition from life to death.
  • A Pet/Animal making the transition from life to death.
  • Working through grief and finding the life beyond.
  • Coming to terms with the end of relationships. 
  • Work/Career upheavals and Empty Nest Syndrome

To book this service or for more information email me now

Prices from £25 depending on particular service required and number of sessions needed

Know your Spiritual Guide - 

Would you like to connect properly with your Guide?

Guaranteed results or your money back

I offer a service to help aid a much stronger connection with your own spirit Guide, yes, we all have them. During a session, which I conduct on your behalf and with the assistance of my own guide, I facilitate an energetic connection through which I am able to channel information directly from your own guide. What comes via this link can, and does vary, for nothing can ever be guaranteed when dealing with spirit. However, that said, most sessions do furnish either some or all of the following information:

  • Your Spiritual Guide’s name
  • A description of your Guide’s appearance.
  • Past Life connections with your guide, if such a connection exists. This is often the case, as we tend to incarnate with other members of our soul group.
  • A message channelled exclusively from your guide for you.
  • Ways to strengthen your working connection with your Spiritual Guide, such as, favourite colour, scent, music, flowers. Guides pick up on the energetic signatures of such things and doing this enables them to draw ever closer to you.
  • Card Reading; You will also receive a card reading in answer to the question, what would my Guide have me understand?

The fee for this service is all inclusive and a full refund is offered should there be no successful contact.
To experience this for yourself, you need only give me a current photograph of yourself and your name. This enables me to make an energetic connection you and helps facilitate a connection in turn with your Spiritual Guide, enabling her or him to make use of my abilities and convey any information they would like you to know.

NEWKnow Your Animal Guide 

Would you like to know which creature acts as your spirit guide?

Guaranteed results or your money back – Yes, that’s correct, if I can’t tune in and discover your guide in animal form, I will refund your money.

I am a working shaman and I have been making spirit journeys and working with animal guides, both my own and those of others for over twenty five years, so, you are in safe and very experienced hands.

Much is made of those spirit guides in human form, but too often little thought is given to those animal spirit guides, who work just as hard and are so often to be found at our side. Animal spirit guides are not unusual, simply overlooked in favour of more acceptable and easier understood guides.

This is a session which I will conduct on your behalf and with the aid of my own guides.

Also learn of your Shadow Creature. What spirit animal offers you the dark challenges? We each have a main animal spirit guide, but we each also have a shadow creature and it is this which offers us so much insight into our more dark personality traits and aspects.

Some people have a number of animal helpers, while others will travel on their journey with one, but we have at least one.

You will receive a channelled message from your animal guide

I will offer you ways to strengthen and work with your new-found friend

You will receive a card reading to give you further insights into your ongoing relationship

The fee for this service is all inclusive and a full refund is offered should there be no successful contact.

NEW Pachakuti  Mesa Healing Session 

I am a Pachakuti Mesa Carrier and as such can offer you a very unique healing experience by using my own healing stones and sacred objects which are connected to spirit via the Mesa.

During each session I will set up the altar, which is the Patchkuti Mesa, and having opened up to spirit, will initiate healing energies via my guides.

Each object is a healed wound, in fact in my case even the Mesa cloth reflects this, as being hand made in Peru by a lady called Pilar, it has a small imperfection, which makes it perfect for a wounded healer such as myself.

Each Session will be uniquely crafted to your own needs, this can be healing for physical, mental or emotional life challenges, or even help and healing to enable the integration of all three.

Depending on your own healing story and need, so I will be drawn to those particular medicine objects on the Mesa. No two sessions are even the same

Egyptian Healing 

There is a saying in the fields of Egyptian energy work ‘you do not choose Egypt, She chooses you’ and I have found this to be true. The Egyptian energies are very different from those of other systems and not to be worked with lightly. However, once mastered and given the respect they deserve and demand, they are among the finest healing tools available. Just as not every healer is comfortable working in this area, so too not all clients resonate with these energies. For those people who feel the pull of Tamera, The beloved land, as Egypt was called by her people, this healing can be akin to a feeling of coming home. 


Shamanic Healing Session 

Each healing session is unique and as such is tailor made to you the client. I can give examples of tools I may choose to use and techniques, but each person really is seen as completely individual. I am deeply committed to giving you a loving and safe energetic space in which to experience the healing process. 

Shamanic Pet/Animal Healing Session 

Each healing session is unique and as such is tailor made for the individual Pet/Animal/Creature. I make no distinction regarding types of Pet. I can and am happy to work and assist with any and all, from cats and dogs to horses and birds, small animals and reptiles.

I offer two services, though at times these may cross over. The first is healing and the second is a form of distant Shamanic Animal Whispering. 


What I offer with The good vibes Tune-Up is no less than a full healing session for your home. This service will of course include a full cleanse, as well as a complete elemental balance. A card reading will be conducted for the home and a full shamanic journey will take place. If anything of a physical nature is needed, I will advise you of all the steps needed to fulfill this in your detailed feedback.