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With Each Attunement Purchased You Will Receive:

  • One in-depth guide to the system
  • One attunement guide with lots of great ideas on how to best prepare yourself, including how to make your own Chi Balls!
  • You will receive all attunements sent by Chi Ball or 'real time' appointment
  • One emailed certificate
  • Your lineage
    Please note bookings for attunement sessions are 9am -5pm GMT Mon-Thurs. Please consult the World Clock  for your time zone.

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    For the highest Ascended Masters energies see the Lightarian Ascended Master Track systems.
    And also Usui Reiki. 
    GVHT Ascended Masters Systems by Raine & Philip Hilton

    The Trinity of Forgiveness - Jesus £25

    Channelled and created by Raine Hilton

    This is the first attunement in the GVHT Healing with the Ascended Masters Series.

    Forgiveness is something we all seek at some point in our life. Forgiveness is a precious gift that is neither easily obtained, nor easily given. Forgiveness is essential for life; it frees us from past wrongs and gives us hope for the future. Jesus’ teachings on forgiveness played an important part during His life. He was very clear that forgiveness was to play a major role in our life too.

    When we have just survived a traumatic event, through seemingly no fault of our own, it can be a difficult to overcome the anger, bitterness and resentment in our hearts. I think we many of us can say that we have been in this position at one time or another, and have also felt trapped by it. For as long as we hold unto all of that pain and resentment we cannot move forward with our life.

    Many believe that by forgiving someone, they are somehow ‘letting them off the hook’ for what has happened. They are getting away with it. We feel that as long as we hold onto the hatred we are punishing them too. In fact, all we are doing is giving more of ourselves to them in an energetic sense so the bond becomes stronger and feelings are intensified. We become trapped in a cycle of our own making.

    Learn through this attunement how to work through the stages of offering forgiveness to another, as well as seeking forgiveness when you are in the wrong.

    Enjoy an energy tie release ceremony with Jesus to make peace with yourself and allow you to move forward with your life.

    Meditate on the three stages of the Channelled Communication by Jesus on the Trinity of Forgiveness to help you work through your situation.

    Work with His second communication during your attunement process to open your heart and attune you to His Divine energy.

    Learn how to work through this system step by step for yourself and while working with your clients in a forgiveness therapy session.

     Enlightenment Consciousness - Maitreya £25

    Channelled and created by Raine Hilton

    This is the second attunement in the GVHT Healing with the Ascended Masters Series.

    Ascended Master Maitreya has been expected for generations by all of the major world religions. Globally he is known as The World Teacher: but to Christians he is known as Christ, while Hindus know him as Krishna, Jews as the Messiah; Buddhists see him as Maitreya Buddha; and to Muslims the Imam Mahdi or Messiah.

    Maitreya has come forward to share with us the gifts that self realisation brings, and through this ease the pain and suffering created from the level of our ego. As we progress through these levels of enlightenment consciousness we will cease to feel owned by our material possessions. However, this is not to say that we shouldn’t enjoy and appreciate all that we have achieved and instead choose to give it all up to live an austere lifestyle.

    When we are aligned with our soul’s purpose, all that we think, say and do resonates in harmony and supports our journey through life. Everything we need to know lies within us; we do not need to seek outside of ourselves to find the meaning of life. We just need to consciously commit to taking the time to regularly tune in and listen to our inner voice. Regular meditation within a sacred space strengthens this connection as you tune out the outside word and journey deep within yourself.

    As we get our life on the right track we learn to live a life of authenticity. We become comfortable in our own skin and don’t feel that we have to live up to anyone else’s ideals. There is no one we have to impress or aspire to be. We are perfect just as we are; all of our life’s lessons have led us to this point right now, preparing us for the next stage of our consciousness towards enlightenment.

    Each time you make a healthier soulful choice in life you reveal a little more of this light. Every decision you make for the highest good of all and not just to benefit yourself will feed this positive energy into the collective consciousness.

    You will learn the ten levels of consciousness and how they relate to where you are right now.

    As you read his unique channelled communication this will further open up your awareness taking you into your attunement to Maitreya who will assist with your enlightenment consciousness evolution.

    Learn how to use this energy to connect more deeply with him to work on any issues or blockages in your personal, professional life or spiritual path.


    Synchronistic Consciousness Flow - Hilarion £25

    Channelled and created by Raine Hilton

    This is the third attunement in the GVHT Healing with the Ascended Masters Series.

    Hilarion is the chohan of the fifth ray, this is one of healing and truth. He is the hierarch of the Temple of Truth. Hilarion was high priest of the Temple of Truth on Atlantis, and he transported the flame of Truth together with the artefacts of the Temple to Greece a short time before the sinking of the continent. As Hierarch of the Brotherhood of Truth, Hilarion is said to assist the scientists and spiritual leaders of the world with the flame of truth and channels the spiritual energy of what is called in the Ascended Master Teachings the green ray or emerald ray.

    The Universe has a way of bringing us continuous opportunities so that we can live in the flow of synchronicity. It is never too late to embrace the life we deserve or were meant for. When we actively choose to take the higher path, we step fully into the flow of synchronicity consciousness. Life presents opportunities that are in line with where we are destined to go. Before this can happen changes must occur, it is necessary to release all that no longer serves you or supports your journey. At no time are you alone in this, Ascended Masters, Angels and your Guides are waiting patiently to assist you, all you need to do is ask for assistance and be willing to take the first step. Love is the light frequency on which we all vibrate, synchronicity is love, graceful and effortless, and all we need to do is to embrace it with expectant excitement and willingness, the way a small child does each new day. This energy will teach you:

    • How to move into the flow of synchronicity
    • Learn how to embrace spontaneity
    • Being true to yourself
    • Being true to others
    • Working through karma
    • Connecting with likeminded souls
    • Soul group missions
    • Seeing perfection in everyone
    • Working from the level of the higher consciousness
    • Unique channelled communication from Ascended Master Hilarion
    • Unique channelled energy activation from Ascended Master Hilarion
    • Working with this energy

    Etheric Retreat & Sacred Flame Attunement - Zarathustra £25

    Channelled and created by Raine Hilton

    This is the fourth attunement in the GVHT Healing with the Ascended Masters Series.

    Zarathustra is an ascended master whose consciousness is an auric emanation of fire that is an all-consuming love, a piercing light that goes to the core of whatever is unreal. Being in the presence of Zarathustra is like being in the presence of the physical sun itself. The mastery he has of spiritual fire and physical fire is among the highest of any adept ascended from this planet. He is the greatest ‘firetender’ of them all. When called upon to during the battle of Light he is a powerful protector and defender. An important aspect of Zarathustra’s teaching was surrender to the Sacred or Divine Flame, This means being willing to release all that you are, to be able to fully embrace all that you are to become. This act will aid you in realising your full potential as a Divine Spiritual Being of Light.

    This attunement comes into two parts, the first part is your Surrender to the Sacred Flame, and the second part is Entry into the Etheric Retreat.

    When you choose to receive the Sacred Flame it will burn away all that does not resonate with your True Spiritual Identity. The grip of your ego will be released, you will be more open and able to see and experience all of life in its myriad of forms. You will become at One with your True Soul Path and will attract all that you need to you to continue your journey. As you embrace the Divine Flame you will willingly let go of all that no longer serves you. As you are filled with the Divine Flame you will be overwhelmed with the deepest desire to share this with everyone you meet. You will become a guiding light for those who still exist in the shadows of doubts and fears. You will act as a beacon for those on the Sacred Path to Enlightenment.

    After we have cleansed and purified ourselves we are welcomed to enter the retreat of Zarathustra and seek his wisdom, guidance, protection, or whatever else we are in need of his assistance with. Only when we have been purified are we resonating at the correct vibrational frequency to allow this sacred meeting to take place. We connect to him through our open and loving heart chakra. While we are with him we are beyond all time and space, we will have the ability to view our life so far objectively and without judgement seeing all as it is perfection in motion. Even those experiences we class as negative, painful, frustrating or embarrassing all have their part to play in our incarnation.

    From this perspective we can see the cycles and patterns of our life, we can see the impact; positive and negative, that others have had on our well being, and also the impact we have had on them.  Some may see these patterns link further back through previous lifetimes. You will be shown what you need to see to help you for this part of your journey. You can also ask for insights into any health conditions you may have and have the opportunity to heal these at the level they came into being.

    If you wish you can spend time simply in meditation within the Etheric Retreat, If you are struggling with your ego, or doing battle with your shadow self, or feel trapped by the material world you have created around you call upon Zarathustra.  If you are in need of spiritual protection, or spiritual cleansing, call upon Zarathustra to defend you and to keep you safe.

    Learn about:

    • Zarathustra the founder of Zoroastrianism
    • Zarathustra: The Ascended Master
    • Zarathustra’s Teachings
    • The Sacred Flame
    • Entry into the Etheric Retreat
    • Unique Channelled Communication from Zarathustra
    • Unique Channelled Activation Communication from Zarathustra
    • Working with this energy


    Inner Child Healing & Integration Attunement – Mother Mary £25

    Channelled and created by Raine Hilton

    This is the fifth attunement in the GVHT Healing with the Ascended Masters Series.

    Mary was a woman of strength and character who she has continued to inspire, comfort, support and guide all those who call upon her regardless of faith or beliefs. She is the epitome of the highs and lows, the celebrations and tribulations of motherhood and of the unique relationship between mother and child.

    Being a mother is one of the most wonderful, enlightening and rewarding blessings that a woman can experience. However, for some it can also be exhausting, frustrating and traumatic where the unborn child is unexpected or unwelcome, or where personal or societal circumstances make it near impossible to provide a safe and loving home. Some women even with the best of intentions are not cut out for motherhood and struggle to form a bond with their child and to care for them, and unfortunately no child is born with an instruction manual.

    Even as an adult, no matter our personal relationship with our own human mother and our experiences of childhood, we can call on Mother Mary to help us to heal our inner child of all pain suffering and traumatic experiences. She will help us to reintegrate this precious aspect in a positive and proactive way so that it will continue to enrich our life. This will help to return light, fun and joy to our lives, and the ability to see and greet the world once again with the open eyes, mind and heart of a child, but tempered by the maturity of our adult self.

    We no longer need to be defined, restricted or controlled by our upbringing. By connecting to and working with Mary we form a permanent connection to her as the source of unconditional motherhood love - the Divine Mother to us all. During childhood many found it difficult or were unable to share their thoughts, hopes and dreams, to be comforted of their fears and loved unconditionally no matter what they had done, or even to be accepted for who they are by their human mother. This caused those who were ignored to go inwards and to push all their pain deep down inside of them where they didn’t have to think about it anymore.

    Some soul’s struggle with the concept of human childhood, feeling confined and restricted by their limited abilities and lash out at those closest to them. Sometimes this destructive path continues into teenage years and beyond as they are unable to repair the rift and damage between them and their mother. For those who experienced truly traumatic childhood experiences this can cause the Inner Child Aspect of their being to become damaged. This damage reverberates throughout the rest of their lives, never managing to be comforted, accepted or healed.

    In many cases acknowledging your inner child, nurturing this aspect of you with the Divine Mother’s Love may be all that is needed to bring about harmony and balance to your well being. Although we cannot change our past, we can reframe it through a more loving and forgiving lens of perception. We can draw strength and comfort from Mother Mary knowing that she is always with us. For those who have lost their human mother either through desertion or death, no matter at what age, Mary, will lovingly step in to fulfil that role.

    Learn about:

    • Ascended Master Mother Mary
    • Mary’s Inspirations
    • The Inner Child Aspect
    • Signs that your inner child is wounded
    • Helping the wounded inner child
    • Healing with Mother Mary
    • Unique channelled communication from Mother Mary
    • Unique channelled activation communication from Mother Mary
    • Working with this energy
    • The Rosary

     Transmuting Self-Sabotaging Behaviour - St Germain £25

    Founder: Raine Hilton

    This is the sixth attunement in the GVHT Healing with the Ascended Masters Series.

    Ascended Master Saint Germain is the Chohan of God's Violet Ray of Freedom, Mercy, and Transmutation. We will be working with St Germain using this beautiful energy system, incorporating a unique guided meditation and healing sessions designed to release self-sabotaging behaviour which may be holding you back from embracing who you truly are and reaching your highest potential.

    St. Germain is the ruler of the Age of Aquarius. He is the ultimate freedom fighter, often known as the “God of Freedom.” St. Germain’s associated colour is violet, and his jewel is amethyst. St. Germain has lived among us through many incarnations, reaching out to inspire and share his energy and wisdom. He is committed to seeking and sharing and serving humankind, to bridge the void between man and Divinity/Creation/God/Goddess, however we personally perceive this. He is a visionary alchemist who encourages us to transmute our self limiting thoughts and beliefs into a golden future that we are consciously co-creating. He assists us in tapping into our transformational abilities, encourages us to believe in ourselves, and help us to wake-up and remember who we truly are at soul level.

    We can recognise when our behaviour has become self-sabotaging when we are living with the impact it is having on our daily life. We can see how it is affecting our ability to fulfil our part in agreements, commitments and our competence to complete goals and plans. You are exhibiting self sabotaging behaviour, if you procrastinate over decisions you need to make, putting off until tomorrow what you could do today. Or you may seek solace in alcohol, drugs, gambling or other addictive behaviour to distract yourself from dealing with these issues.

    Other common traits may include comfort eating, self-harming and other forms of self-destructive actions. In the short term, these may bring short-term relief, an escape from whatever the real issue is, but this never last for long. Those trapped in this cycle of behaviour find it easier to blame everyone else and their circumstances instead of taking responsibility for their actions and deciding to do something about it. Sometimes these self-limiting distractions creep up over time until they influence all aspects of daily life as we see in the form of repetitive compulsive disorders. They will seek solace in creating rituals which they believe will prevent bad things from happening keeping themselves and their loved ones safe.

    With the help of Ascended Master St Germain and the practical tools I will give you in this energy system, you will be supported in recognising and overcoming self-sabotaging behaviour. This system will work alongside any existing therapy/counselling help you may currently be receiving. Everything begins at an energetic level, with our thoughts, cycling into our emotions and manifesting as our actions. Once we have broken free of these self sabotaging blocks, we will see our lives improve dramatically as our confidence grows in our ability to attract and manifest only that which supports our soul path. This energy will teach you.

    • How your behaviour is self-sabotaging you
    • Breaking the self-sabotage cycle
    • Self-awareness
    • What does success mean to you?
    • Are you a perfectionist?
    • How is your behaviour affecting others?
    • Life is an adventure waiting to happen
    • Healing guided meditation journey with St Germain
    • Channelled communication and energy activation from St Germain
    • Attunement procedure
    • Working with this energy for yourself and your clients

    Francis and Clare Initiation Into Divine Love £15

    Channelled and created by Philip Hilton

    This energy which has been channelled directly from the loving combined energies of Francis and Clare who wish to bring others into this etheric loving bond of attainable oneness and as a living tool to cut through the mental self-imposed prison of the human rationalised formulation of duality. Both Clare and Francis knew this, they understood at a very deep level, at soul level. This is why they insisted on having nothing, in order that they be ready to be made full and in doing so, be complete. Their love for each other was in a very real sense a marriage of two hearts and minds and ideals. Their love for each other was sustained by their love of the divine. In God they found each other, in each other was God.

    This energetic initiation brings the purity of a loving and pure kenosis or emptying in order to be filled by the divine. It has the ability to empty that which no longer serves and instead replace these things with a willingness and an expectation for God’s fulfilment, in whatever shape or form she brings this to you. 

    In the pages of this twenty page manual you will come to understand the following:

    • How that most complex of triunes The Holy Trinity can be understood as a universal equation of Oneness
    • The one truth which all spiritual teachers have agreed on
    • What Kenosis means and why it is vital to a true spiritual relationship with the divine
    • Why Francis has often been called a Shaman
    • What Jesus asked and what people think he asked
    • The stories of Clare and Francis
    • Clare and Francis a marriage with divinity

    Sunstone Moonstone Connection Empowerment to Buddha & Quan Yin £20

    System originator- Raine & Philip Hilton

    This beautiful dual crystal healing system comes with two unique communications channelled directly from Quan Yin & Buddha  The following energetic healing system brings into alignment both male and female energies into harmony and perfect balance. If you are an energy worker and or a crystal healer, this is an ideal working system for you.

    • This attunement connects you to the healing properties of both the sun and the moon and the powerful energetic forces of Yin & Yang as represented by Quan Yin and Buddha. 
    • You are also attuned to the etheric crystalline energies of  the crystals Moonstone and Sunstone. This is representative of the masculine and feminine attributes inherent in all of us.  
    • Two unique rituals channelled directly from source by Philip Hilton and designed to enable deep meditation and visualisation with both Yin and Yang energy. These rituals are themed to Sun and Moon.
    • Two original channelled communications from Quan Yin and Buddha, giving insights and guidance for using these energies. Channeled by Philip Hilton.
    • An original manual designed and written by Raine Hilton.

    The Desert Rose Initiation Of Mary Magdalene  £15
    Channelled and created by Raine Hilton

    Restoring the balance of The Divine Feminine:

    The flow of Divine Feminine energy is essential for maintaining balance and awareness within the collective consciousness, as well as for self-growth and the transcendence of each individual soul. For me this is epitomised in Mary Magdalene.

    This sacred flow of feminine energy is crucial for intuition, compassion, unconditional love, strength, balance and harmony within both women and men.
    When this Divine Feminine flow becomes depleted in men it restricts their emotional and empathic depth, creating feelings of discontent, loneliness, and loss of direction in life. Becoming disconnected from the Divine Feminine is naturally a serious problem for women too. This represses their sense of self identity, and restricts their soul path journey.

    As we walk in the footsteps of Mary Magdalene we can channel this divine flow of energy embodied in the Desert Rose.  
     The Desert Rose holds many important properties that we can use to enhance our life. It will help to Improve mental ability and clarity, as well as enhancing perception of all kinds, including intuitive perception. Quiet worries and still the mind from distractions and disruptions Dissolve "programs" we have put upon ourselves that are outdated or over-used. It can also be used for overcoming phobias, prosperity, purification, and to help boost self confidence. They have traditionally been used as talismans for protection.

    The energy of the Desert Rose is very gentle and it teaches one that life is worth all of its ups and downs. It not only helps to access past lives, it also helps one to access future lives. Glimpses of what is to come so that one may make appropriate choices for the here and now. Each one is said to contain a unique spirit guardian, this will further deepen your connection with Mary and your strengthen communication with her. Use Desert Rose to increase creativity as well as psychic abilities. If you suffer from phobias, especially claustrophobia, bring through the energies of Desert Rose to restore calm and tranquilly. It can help one to deal with grief and to let go of emotions that have been keeping you from living your best life.

    The Three Jewels of the Tree of Oneness  £25
    Founder: Philip Hilton

    The Jewel Tree in question is none other than The Tree Of Life, known by many names across the globe. The Three Jewels are the threefold path toward that state known as enlightenment or Nirvana.

    This energy allows for a pure connection to not only the jewels but to the tree itself, offering a multitude of energetic streams for you to tap into and to aid in your ongoing personal spiritual development and that of others you seek to help on your journey of earthly experience.

    This is transmitted and received as a wide-band single attunment, which is embedded with multiple light-codes, enabling a stable and yet powerful working environment.

    This energy system is a perfect progression for those lightworkers who feel ready to operate within a Buddhist framework or for those wishing to expand their own awareness of the multiplicity of universal energies now re-birthing within our own dimension.

    This attunement will not only bring your energy system into alignment with a multitude of light beings ready to assist in the ongoing journey of healing and spiritual development, but will also offer the following

    • The World Tree and its connection to Buddhism
    • The hidden reality behind the text
    • The Three Jewels as a Spiritual Conduit
    • The Hidden Teachings
    • The Jewels and The Tree



    Ascended Masters Systems By Other Channellers


    Ascended Masters Attunement - £65

    This set of 13 attunements to the ascended masters was brought to the earth plane by Ole Gabrielsen. Everyone can call upon the Ascended Masters.  But by having these Ascended Masters attunements, it will bring the energies of the Master much closer to you. Allowing them to better work in your etheric background. The 13 attunements will be prepared individually and sent as either chi balls to be called in as you are ready, or by pre-arranged appointments. You will receive full feedback of my experience attuning you to each Master.  

    The following Ascended Masters you will be attuned to are;


    • Master Kuthumi: Who helps with, centring, devotion, focus and relaxation.
    • Master Moses: Who helps with, living in the now, clear communication, trustfulness and leadership qualities.
    • Master Buddha: Helps with, peace, joy, spiritual growth and understanding
    • Master Sanat Kumara: Helps with, protection, clearing from low energies, healing work, ascension
    • Master Jesus: Helps with, divine guidance and instruction, forgiveness, healing, manifestation
    • Goddess Abundantia: Helps with abundance in all areas
    • Master Maitreya: Helps with joy, peace and compassion
    • Mother Mary: Helps with parenting, children, caringness and nurturing
    • Goddess Quan Yin: Helps with compassion, kindliness and mercy
    • Master Merlin: Helps with alchemy, crystals, physic abilities, healing and wisdom
    • Master Saint Germain:  Helps with protection, clearing, healing, inspiration and braveness
    • Master Padre Pio: Helps with healing, forgiveness, spiritual growth and clairvoyance
    • Master Seraphis Bey: Helps with personal and global peace, ascension, overcoming issues and artistic and creative projects.


    Buddha’s Bliss Attunement - £10

    System Originator – Lee Newman

    The Buddha's Bliss Attunement helps you to receive the energy, compassion, wisdom, and power of a Buddha. If you are searching for a way to connect with Buddha or the energy of Buddha then this attunement will help to put you on the right vibrational frequency for that to happen.


    Buddha' s Perfect Blue Light of Mushin Empowerment - £10

    This is an all purpose empowerment that will allow you to access in a broad way the Buddha Blue Light of Mushin, for equanimity, peace of mind, tranquillity and self healing. Mushin is a Zen expression meaning ‘mind to mind’. A Mushin mind is not fixed or occupied by thought or emotion and thus open to everything. Mushin is achieved when one feels no anger, fear, or ego and absence of disruptive thought.


    The Celestial Light Body Activation - £50

    Your light body is a body of pure energy that exists at a higher vibrational level, which is closer to your inner consciousness or soul, than your chakras.  As you re-awaken your light body vibrations you will start to learn how to channel a much higher vibrational energy during your healing work and your teaching.  You will also learn how to change all less harmonious energies within your auric field into more positive vibrations.  This attunement will help to allow you to experience a much higher sense of personal power, to be more centred and able to release blockages and negative energies that may be holding you back in certain areas of your everyday life by connecting you to the higher realms of spirit. 


    Through working with this manual and the many exercises involving the use of crystals, guided meditations, self-healing and personal intentions you will be able to learn to live in a proactive rather than reactive way and actively choose actions that reflect the light of your higher self experiencing oneness with yourself and the universe.  These energies will open your higher chakras, including your 8th or Soul Star chakra, connecting you with the Universal Mind.  As you begin to raise your personal energies and light body vibrations to a higher level of consciousness, it will become easier to connect to your Spiritual Guides and other beings of light.


    As you learn to to reach altered states of awareness you will connect with the higher dimensions and move forward on your spiritual and evolutionary path awakening your light body and becoming more radiant with light, enabling you to manifest the most harmonious people, situations and energies that give you opportunities to make a difference to your life.  This will create a more receptive channel for personal intention and psychic vision and bringing forth you inner light, mental clarity and an open heart to help you share this with others.  Your meditations will be enhanced as you connect with the sacredness of being at one with everything around you. 


    For those involved in healing or teaching spiritual development your awakening light body will greatly help you in resonating with the correct state of consciousness, guiding you in your chosen vocation.  This attunement teaches you new methods to connect with your higher self, guides, angels and a multitude of light beings to aid you with the process of self-development and spiritual awakening.  You will learn to create profound changes within your life as you raise your vibrational energies.


    This very 90+ page manual covers a whole range of fascinating subjects including:

    • Ascension and dealing with spiritual energy shifts
    • Working with Crystals
    • How to ground and protect yourself
    • The Merkabah Crystal Matrix of Light and a unique Channelled Communication from Jay’s Star Guide Rakesh
    • An overview of Reiki and how to incorporate the principles into your life
    • How to work with positive affirmations
    • Learn about the layers of the aura
    • How to scan and cleanse your aura
    • Developing auric sight and the interpretation auric colours
    • Learn about various kinds of psychic abilities, astral travel and out of body experiences and exercises
    • Chakra Mediation, including working with the 8th chakra or Transpersonal Point and the Higher Heart Chakra
    • Guided mediation to meet The Ascended Masters and Archangels, as well as your personal Spiritual Guide

    The Celestial Light Body Activation manual (90+ Pages) and registration form will be sent to you in PDF format via email. Your distant attunement to the Celestial Light Body Activation will only be sent to you after you have read through the manual provided and have completed the meditations and exercises. This will take between 7 - 10 days or longer to complete if performed properly. Your main attunement will then be sent to you using the chi ball (call in) method. You will also receive an emailed certificate which will register you as a Celestial Light Body Activation Master/Teacher enabling you to pass these teachings to others. Only registered teachers are able to teach the Celestial Light Body Activation to others and once you are attuned your details will be added to this page


    Conscious Reiki - £15

    Founded By Pamela Caddy & Natalie Glasson

    Conscious Reiki anchors the Ascended Master Consciousness to heal and stimulate the mental process of the human mind. The combined energies of Archangel Metatron, Master Serapis Bey, Master Hilarion and the Avatar of Synthesis Mahatma unite now to channel their words of wisdom concerning this healing energy known as Conscious Reiki.

    Conscious Reiki is a specially formed healing energy that descends from the core of the Creator’s mighty soul; it is the Creator’s Ascended Master Consciousness. This divine and sacred energy is integrated within all Ascended Masters who have evolved through the lessons of Earth School or other planets, gaining enlightenment and illumination, now aiding humanity from the inner planes.

    The Ascended Master Consciousness is with the fabrics of the Earth and within the essence of every being. It is an aspect, energy or awareness that has yet to be realized within many souls on the Earth. To become an Ascended Master one must accept themselves as the Creator in manifestation and master many aspects of their being such as their mind, emotions, actions and reactions, ensuring that all emanate love. Mastery of the mind is a major challenge for all, but the Ascended Masters wish to aid all in accepting their higher consciousness as it is a form of ascension or development.

    This is a wonderful system which works well in conjunction with other Reiki systems and is especially helpful for those who live with;


    Dyslexia - ADHD or ADD - Speech and Language Difficulties - Limited Concentration - An Overly Busy Mind - Anxiety - Depression - Autism - Aspergers Syndrome


    Dzambhala Reiki £10

    Jambala (Dzambhala) is the God of wealth and appropriately a member of the Jewel family. In hindu Mythology Jambala known as Kuber. Jambala is also believed to be an emanation of Avalokiteshwor Chenrezig, the Buddha of Compassion , manifesting as the wealth-giving Buddha.  All five Dzambhala energies are viewed as protectors of weatlh, abundance and prosperity. The purpose of worship or practicing Dzambhala is to eliminate the insecurity of financial worries so that one is not distracted by poverty and lack of funds.

    With practice each Jambala mantra helps to eliminate poverty and create financial stability, bringing;

    Prosperity - Wealth - Abundance - Enjoy Abundance - Enjoy Life - Long Life - Purification of all Obstacles to Wealth - Fulfilling your Projects - Fulfilling Your Wishes - Increase Income - Eliminate financial Worries - Increase Wisdom - Gain material & Spiritual Benefits - Dispel Bad Karma - Good Health - Cure Diseases - Dispell you from any Disaster - Stop Suffering - Become Popular - Eliminate Resentment

    Eternal Cosmic Christ - £25

    The Eternal Cosmic Christ Empowerment attunes you to the heart of the Eternal Cosmic Christ so that you can have a closer walk with him. A message from the Eternal Cosmic Christ channelled and published in this manual details authenticity, sharing, Divine Birthright, self worth and healing. The Eternal Cosmic Christ’s energy helps give you the courage to look within yourself and be honest with yourself about everything.

    Level 2 provides you with Trans-dimensionality Positioning and Ruby Heart Light Empowerments. Trans-dimensionality Positioning when activates will help you align and balance yourself across various dimensions. The beauty of this incredible energy function it will be perfectly calibrated for you!


    Five Dhyani Buddha Empowerments - £10

    Tibetan Buddhism is called “Vajrayana” – the way of the Diamond. It is succeeding “Hinayana” – the little or small way or vehicle (traditional Buddhism found mainly in Sri Lanka, Thailand and Cambodia - which they call Theravada) and the big way or vehicle “Mahayana” which is found in China, Japan and Vietnam. Vajrayana is using tantric meditations to make enlightenment possible in one lifetime.

    An important part of the tantric meditations are the use of the five elements, each represented by five colours. In Vajrayana one is also working with only 5 chakras to fit the system – chakra 1-2 is regarded as one chakra, and so is chakra 6-7. So everything has to fit into this system of five, which also give us the 5 Dhyani Buddhas. These are celestial Buddhas, transcendent beings who symbolise universal divine principles and forces.

    Each Dhyani Buddha is associated with symbols, symbolic animals, wisdoms as antidotes to the poisons, directions of space, and the cosmic realms of the elements, as well as, the five skandhas (components that make up cosmic existence as well as human personality). They each have a color, a mudra (hand gesture), a Bija (seed syllable), and a Mantra.

    There are 5 levels sent as one attunement chi ball to this system to be called in separately.


    Gold, Silver and Violet Flame Distance Attunement - £10

    * Now with the Gold Ray of Peace

    The Silver, Violet Flame is a wonderful energy to work with and has been described by many who have received this attunement as deeply powerful yet 'pink and sprinkley'! It is also quite typical to call upon and sense a wonderfully healing violet fire making its way through your aura, cleansing you of all karmic and deep seated issues that no longer serve you.

    Recently, the Silver Violet Flame has been enhanced and empowered by the spiritual gift of the Golden Ray of Peace, bringing the additional dimension of Peace and Tranquillity after use. As well as expelling toxins lodged in our physical organs, the Silver Violet Flame can also transmute the karmas and traumas of our present and past lives, which are recorded in our etheric, mental, emotional and physical bodies. Sometimes our personal karma feels like a heavy weight, but by invoking the Violet Flame we will feel lighter and less burdened since it literally consumes the cause of our personal problems.

    Silver Violet Flame energies are highly transformational and can be used on both yourself and others. You can call upon the angels/guides of the Silver Violet Flame and also on St. Germain before going to sleep at night, asking them to work on whatever issue requires healing. By the morning, the issue is typically released, although for deeper problems you can repeat the procedure for up to 30 consecutive nights.  People who have directed the Silver Violet Flame into relationship problems report sensing a tremendous burden being lifted and feeling free to move on with their lives again.

    It is a high frequency spiritual energy, which is for those who hear the call of community or spiritual service to mankind, and it also provides the wisdom needed to overcome the selfishness in our lives. The Silver Violet Flame can also be used to cleanse and purify the aura and major chakras by invoking it on a daily basis.


    The Golden Star Christ Activation - £40

    Founder: Chérie Haydon

    Golden Star Christ Activation is a series of activations that will activate your 3rd chakra all the way up to the 7th chakra.  This Activation will RE-STRAND your DNA and then add more strands to that DNA.  This series of activations also unlocks the frequency key to the inner doors so that you can more freely activate them on your own. The keys are opened at ALL levels, from 5 feet below your feet, all the way to the Source. Christ Activation also activates 5 of your chakras located ABOVE your head.  With these activations, all of your chakras begin to merge together to become one UNIFIED chakra rather than several chakras operating on their own.  This merging includes all your major chakras and all your secondary chakras all coming together to become one energy operating centre.

    You are activated on the 12th Golden Ray (one of the highest universal rays), the highest energetic grid and energy matrix on Planet Earth and in our entire galaxy at this time.  These activations open the doorways to the Divine Consciousness so that we have greater access to communication with our Higher Self.  All of the chakras in the lower self are opened (the 7 in the physical body) and it opens up the upper chakras in the Higher Self (at least 5 above the head).  You will receive 4 activations.

    The cells of our physical bodies AWAKEN after an activation and begin to communicate with our DNA. The spaces between the cells are called, I believe Macrocosms and these Macrocosms also begin to communicate the need to purify and detox and will begin doing so immediately. That's why we experience Ascension symptoms because as we continue to ascend (rise up) in vibration and become lighter--more and more purifies within our bodies and we move deeper within and UP towards the Divine. This is WHO we are and this Activational process assists to streamline and boost up the immune system and communicate to let all the baggage go.

    The baggage is all the thought forms that no longer have our best interest at heart. This includes the false belief systems of what we should or should not do. These processes assist us in moving deeper and deeper within to re-claim our true Divine Selves and we stop listening to the external world. We realize that we no longer need the validation, approval of what everyone else thinks because why should we listen to them? They are NOT yet AWAKE and they don't know what they are talking about! We move away from duality and begin to embrace the love that flows from our hearts and we know that we deserve it and even more! So that is part of our process of re-claiming our divine selves again.


    Intuition & Enorasis Empowerment Level 1 & Master Level -£20

    System Originator: Giorgos Mylonas  - GEOM!

    'Enorasis' means 'Clairvoyance' this Sacred Empowerment of Divine Light and Divine Love will boost your psychic and spiritual power and wisdom, the inner channelling power and wisdom, the highest healing power and wisdom and the inner ancient ~ primordial power and wisdom. It will open, clear & balance the third eye which is the divine eye of Spirit ~ elevating awareness and consciousness to new levels.

    The First Level bestows clarity and simplicity in communicating with; Angels - Archangels - The Higher Self  Spirit -  The Mahatma - Ascended Masters & All Beings of Light

    The Master Level opens you up at a higher level to; Meditation and Visualization - Opening the Third Eye - Enhancing Clairvoyance, Clairaudience & Clairsentience - Boosts Psychic and Spiritual Wisdom - Boosts Psychic and Spiritual Power - Boosts Psychic and Spiritual Love - Contacting the Holy Masters / the Ascended Masters, the Angels and the Archangels - Holding more Light, Life Force and Love into ones’ energy system, body, mind, cells and DNA - Boosting our Healing Energy and our Healing Power - Helps in the Path to Enlightenment and Helps the Self become One with All That Is / God/ the Source


    Kuan Yin Attunements Levels 1-7 - £10
    These beautiful attunements originally came from Ole Gabrielsen and have since been re-channelled by Jens Söeborg. As he writes: "the energy gives you a deep connection to the loving and compassionate heart of Kuan Yin as well in her abilities of magnified healing." These transmissions also include Tibetan Buddhist initiations in Chenrezig, Green Tara and White Tara. These attunements are for your spiritual growth and as such it is not a "Reiki system" per se.
    Kuan Yin is associated with work on the violet 7th Ray and with Karma and is still assisting the Chohan St. Germaine and his female counterpart Lady Portia and the Archangel Zadkiel on this ray, which links spirit and matter as it works through law, organization and ritual. Those under its impulse delight in order and perfection of form.  Since it is concerned with the concretizing of energy, finance comes within its province, as well as all ceremonial activity; this energy gives you a deep connection to the loving and compassionate heart of Kuan Yin as well in her abilities of magnified healing.


    The 7 aspects of Kuan Yin in Bodhisattivas are:

    Generosity - Discipline - Patience - Vigour - Meditative Concentration - Wisdom - Virtue

    These are the 7 aspects of Kuan Yin that you are attuned to. The 7 aspects of Kuan Yin are all chi balled and sent at once, one right after the other. It is then your choice if you wish to call them in one after another in a single session or if you would like to work with each individually before moving onto the next.


    Kuan Yin Blessings - £15.99

    Kuan Yin is the “Goddess of Compassion and Mercy” in Chinese Buddhism. She is considered to be a Bodhisattva, an enlightened being who has agreed to remain in the earth realm until all peoples are released from suffering.

    Kuan Yin is, as such, an archetypal energy that anyone can tap into in order to raise their compassion and connect to spirit. In this system, we will work with three components of compassion: Empathy, Forgiveness, Love

    Empathy is the ability to put yourself in another's shoes and understand where they are coming from. The colour we will associate with empathy is yellow. Forgiveness helps us to let go of anger we have towards others and especially ourselves. The colour we will associate with forgiveness is blue. Love is the all-encompassing force of connection and compassion. The colour we will associate with love is pink. In these three attunements you will learn how to use energy in healing, how to use Kuan Yin mantra, and how to perform heart centred breathing exercise.


    Lakshmi Seichim - £20

    Founder:  Stephen Comee

    Goddess Lakshmi for spiritual and material wealth, unity and harmony. Seichim is closely related to the ancient Egyptian word sekhem which means life-force or energy.  Seichim is not a religion but is a unity concept whichis described in detail within the manual. 

    Lakshmi is derived from Sanskrit word laksya meaning aim or goal. Lakshmi is a Hindu Goddess and a deity of wealth both material and spiritual.  She is also a goddess of light, wisdom, good fortune and bestows luck, beauty, courage and fertility to her devotees. She is a Mother Goddess and a Domestic Deity. Lakshmi is consort to Lord Vishnu (Preserver of the Universe and Lakshmi has 8 forms which you will learn about in the manual as well as her mantra and yantra. 

    The five symbols which you will be attuned to are:


    You will receive a 33 page pdf manual and 1 distant attunement.


    Love - Light Synthesis Reiki - £10

    This system is founded by Pamela Caddy and Natalie Glasson

    Love Light Synthesis Reiki is overseen by Lord Buddha our Planetary Logos as well as Lord Maitreya and Lord Melchizedek. This system will work on your soul light. Strengthening your light safely each time you use it to raise your vibration/light to the planetary ascension level (Ascended Master Level). The energy is a combination of Lord Buddha's white planetary ray, Lord Maitreya's Golden Christ Consciousness Ray and Lord Melchizedek's Universal Ray.

    Also etheric Diamonds of light will be placed into your aura, further helping to strengthen and shine light into your soul. Energies of the pink and blue light of divine love flow throughout your being raising your love quotient, and platinum ribbons of light are placed into your aura by Lord Melchizedek.

    This is a master/teacher attunement and you are taught in the manual how to pass this system onto others.


    Mahatma Ascension & Enlightenment Empowerment - £10

    The Mahatma Ascension & Enlightenment Empowerment helps with;

    • Ascension Work
    • Contacting the Mahatma energy and the holy masters/ascended masters
    • Holding more Light into ones’ energy system, body, mind, cells and DNA
    • Empowers meditation and visualization
    • Boosts healing energy and One’s healing power
    • Speeds up the path to enlightenment and helps the Self become One with alll That Is / God/ the Source
    • Bringmanblessinganpositivenergiesprotection
    • guidancelightjoypeacanlovintone’bodymind
    • spirianeverydalife!


    Mary and Jesus Attunement - £10
    System Originator - Ole Gabrielson

    The system attunes you to the beautiful energies of Ascended Masters Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Learn a unique healing method for self healing or for sending healing to others. Mary of Magdalene was the wife of Jesus and his most important disciple. They lived and taught together and did many miracles. They were healers and bringers of love to a cold world. When Jesus met Mary he instantly knew that she was something special and they had much to learn from one another.
    Mary of Magdalene was (and is) an aspect of "the Goddess" and Jesus an aspect of "the God". Together they symbolise what we call "All That Is." Using the energy of Mary and Jesus in healing sessions is very balancing, as both feminine and masculine energy is present.


    Milk of Ganesha Flush Empowerment- £10

    System Originator - Jean (Gina) Myrner

    This is a spiritual energy flush channelled from Lord Ganesha as an energetic support for health. This flush uses Lord Ganesha's spiritual energy to clear stagnant energy, blockages, burnt karma, debris, attachments, cords, and anything no longer needed blocking our health and well-being.


    Quan Yin’s Lavender Flame and Lotus Jewels - £15

    The Lavender Flame of Quan Yin is a gentler version of the Violet Flame. It has a nurturing aspect and a definite feminine feel and brings a sense of peace and mercy.  Lavender is often used when Violet seems too strong for us, and its energy is associated with transformation, transmutation and purification. 

    The Lavender Flame deals with purification, soothing away negative energies, slowly purifying our energy fields and bringing us back to balance; clearing the unwanted blocks we have put up as the result of social conditioning and turning our experiences into the Light. Lavender embraces us, nurturing away our traumas like a mother's love. Lavender lovingly teaches us like our mother would, that it is perfectly ok to be gentle and nurturing with ourselves, that nothing is to be gained by being extreme; and that we are perfect as we are, a precious Child of God.

    Beloved Lady Quan Yin is the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion to all living things and has pledged herself to this forever. The Lavender Flame Attunement will create a special and unbreakable bond between you and Quan Yin’s loving nature of unwavering compassion, serving as a bridge to Divine energy.

    The Lotus Jewels are energetic gifts from Quan Yin and appear in many forms, spherical, crystals and often lotus shapes. Each jewel is imbued with particular qualities and there is at least one Lotus Jewel for each chakra to assist in evolving the chakras into more “perfect” forms.

    This system comprises of;

    • 1 attunement
    • Connection to the Lavender Flame plus symbols
    • Connection to 8 Lotus Jewels
    • Connection to the Archangels Isariel and Suriel plus relevant symbols
    Responsive Nadi Renewal Attunement - £15
    System Originator - Rev. Mariah Windsong Napieralski

    Responsive brings to you the cleansing energy of Quan Yin's Lavender Rose Flame Reiki and the fulfilling energies of Shamballa Multi-Dimensional or higher energy. You will also be granted the Lotus Jewel of Freedom whose dispensation is sovereignty.

    There are many benefits to having your nadi subtle energy pathways opened in order to keep the energy flowing smoothly. This manual is designed to educate you on what type of energies will be working with you and what your responsibilities are when you activate Responsive Nadi Renewal.  

    The function of this cleansing renewal is to clear away any blockages or less than pure, or dense energy from your body and Lightbody and then to refill those pathways with the most exalted energy. You will receive distance attunement, PDF manual and emailed certificate.


    Sacred Flames Reiki - £15

    Sacred Flames Reiki is a powerful healing system. There are no symbols and it's very easy to use. There are seven sacred flame energies that you will be attuned to. The energies will work on all your chakras helping to clear, open and develop them in each healing session that you do.


    • Red Sacred Flame of Faith and Protection
    • Orange Sacred Flame of Creativity and Passion
    • Yellow Sacred Flame of Personal Power and Self Confidence
    • Green Sacred Flame of Love and Compassion
    • Blue Sacred Flame of Communication and Self-expression
    • Indigo Sacred Flame of Enlightenment and Divine Inspiration
    • Violet Sacred Flame of Spirituality and Divine Guidance


    The sacred flames are supported by the following Ascended Masters:

    El Morya - Lanto - Serapis Bey - Paul the Venetian - Hilarion - Lady Nada - St. Germain

    Some other spiritual beings adding to the power of each flame are:

    Archangel Michael - Ascended Master Faith - Archangel Raphael - Archangel Gabriel - Archangel Chamuel - Ascended Master Charity - Ascended Master Hope - Archangel Jophiel - Ascended Master Christine - Archangel Uriel - Ascended Master Aurora - Archangel Zadkiel - Ascended Master Amethyst - Ascended Master Mother Mary - Lord Maitreya - Ascended Master Buddha - Goddess Isis - Goddess Quan Yin - Goddess Prosperity

    We all can call on the help of these Divine Masters, but by receiving the Sacred Flames Reiki attunement it will enable you to have a better connection to them.

    Self Love & Forgiveness Healing Attunement - £15

    The Self Love & Forgiveness Healing Attunement was developed by Caryl Haxworth.  Ascended Master, Quan Yin, came to Caryl during a healing session, with the task of helping people heal their hearts.  Quan Yin is the Chinese Goddess of compassion and healing.  She works with the heart chakra and has helped to create this healing treatment and attunement that will reach deep within your heart to gently work on healing those areas of self-love, understanding and forgiveness that will help you to recognise that you are fully deserving of your own love and therefore, the love of others.
    Deep within your heart is the essence of love that makes you the special person you are. The love that you give to yourself, before all others, is the most important love of all.  When the love of self is missing you also miss the real essence of you, which can sometimes form an invisible block when wanting to show and share your love with anyone or anything else. Loving one's self is first and foremost to fully accepting who you are and therefore how you interact with others.  For whatever reason or reasons that have led you to believe that you are not perfect, dismiss them now.  You ARE perfect, just as you are.  This is the way you are meant to be.


    Seven Pearls of Reiki - £15

    The Seven Pearls of Reiki was given by the Ascended Masters and is aimed toward all Master Teachers. The purpose of this course is to improve the quality of care given during treatments. Its main goal is to raise the vibration level of the initiated; but also to raise the mental and spiritual qualities of the Master Practitioner in order to perfect their commitment towards the Divine Plane. This transmission brings us back to our forgotten very ancient sources of knowledge dating back to Atlantis and Lemuria. It permits us to reconnect to our hidden memories where we already transmitted, the Love Energy of our Diamond Heart. The Energy of the Seven Pearls of Reiki permits access to the Healing of the Heart.

    It allows us to plug into the energy of the 7-Ascended Masters associated with this course, while developing our abilities of channelling and healing power. During the attunement, our vibration is raised to higher levels of compassion, patience, forgiveness and most of all understanding of others. Great Forces are put into play in order for us to access higher and higher vibration levels and we must honour our spiritual responsibility and act accordingly as conscious guides and as Reiki Masters as we serve the highest good of all who solicit us.

    These Masters wanted to help us during this great period of change in order to assist in the acceleration of our Spiritual Evolution as well as to reduce suffering and help heal humanity. This system includes a 41-page detailed manual which encompasses:

    Teaching transmitted by Channelling Master DJWAL KHUL - Working with the 7-Ascended Masters - Buddha’s Meditation - Grounding exercise after treatment - The 7-Pearls of Reiki Symbols - Auto Treatment using symbols - Balancing Chakras - Purification meditation - Violet Breath Technique - Attunement Ritual and more


    Shamballa Multidimensional Healing - £40

    Shamballa Multidimensional Healing was channelled by John Armitage (also known as Hari Das Melchizedek) from Ascended Master St. Germain. Although similar to Reiki in many ways, it is an independent system, which is best described as a spiritual practice that is taught as a form of energy healing. 

    This system is considered to be an expansion of the Reiki energies as it combines them with Mahatma energy (also known as the ‘I AM’ Presence) and the energy of the Ascended Masters. Shamballa energy is multidimensional in nature, working not only on the physical level, but all levels. Similarly to Reiki, it travels to wherever it is required in the body and energy field. Shamballa works not only on the mental, emotional and spiritual levels, but through to the deepest levels of cellular memory, DNA and to the highest vibrations of the energy body.
    The four Shamballa attunements open you to receive the  etheric symbols, one for each dimensional level between here and the Creator Energy. It is not necessary to know all the symbols in order to be able to use them, as they will come to the practitioner intuitively if they need to be consciously known.

    Shamballa Multidimensional Healing will assist in reconnecting you to the full expression of your being, so that you can experience fulfilment in every aspect of your life and accelerate your spiritual development.


    * Increased sense of their own Mastery and Spiritual Awakening

    * Clearer and smoother connection with their higher aspects, including their I Am Presence.

    * Being and feeling more empowered and more grounded in their bodies.

    * Being more in tune with themselves and more conscious of their thoughts, feelings, and limiting beliefs.

    * Feeling empowered to change what can be changed, to release what is no longer appropriate to them, and to choose and integrate new ways of being at all levels.

    * Being more aware of the energies around them.

    * Understanding more about the spiritual and energetic changes occurring on the Earth at this time.

    * Discovering their multi-sensory abilities and learning how to work with them.

    * Expanded communication with their personal guides, as well as with the Ascended Masters, Archangels, and other Celestial beings of Light.

    * Learning about their own healing abilities.

    * Carrying the highest Light quotient that their 4-body system is ready to receive.

    * Recognizing their abilities to create their own reality.

    * Being a Beacon of Light and Love on Planet Earth and much more.


    Below is a brief introduction to each level within the Shamballa MD Healing System

    Shamballa MD Healing Level 1 - Teaches how to offer a hands-on healing session for yourself, other people, plants, animals and Mother Earth.

    Shamballa MD Healing Level 2 - Introduces symbols used for distance healing. Teaches understanding of how to live and create communities via an awareness of the interconnectedness that life is interconnected.

    Shamballa MD Healing Level 3 - More symbols are introduced. The theme is understanding and use of symbols for Self Mastery and to understand the Divine within. You will also have the Ability to teach Level 1 Shamballa MD Healing.

    Shamballa MD Healing Level 4 - Shamballa Master/Teacher level - For those who wish for intensive spiritual growth. This Attunement assists the individual YOU in recognizing and accepting your own inner Mastery. Shamballa recognizes the Mahatma Energy or the I AM Presence and Shamballa is a link to Divinity which is expressed in a deep knowing, feeling and living of the connection that is Oneness with all life.


    Silver Violet Flame of St Germain - £15

    The Silver Violet Flame is an amazing process for the transmutation of negative energies back into the pure source energy. This is a truly powerful process for those who wish to make a difference in their lives and the world. The use of the Silver Violet Flame in your life will be personally transformational.

    The Silver Violet Flame has the ability to release old habits and addictions. It can transform personal and business relationships and release them completely if they are not for your highest good. It can also churn up old emotional pains to be acknowledged then transformed and released. The Silver Violet Flame is for those wishing to accelerate their spiritual growth. When you use the Silver Violet Flame, please use it on yourself first. We are changing the world today.


    Saint Germain was responsible for bringing to the awareness of the human masses the gift of the sacred knowledge of the Silver Violet Consuming Flame. It is with his help and Angels of the Silver Violet Flame that we can have a profound and transmuttative effect on ourselves and the world today.

    Spiritual Ray Reiki - £10

    Spiritual Ray Reiki was given to Rev. Tabitha Trimble from the Holy Shekinah to teach and heal others by using this method of Divine Natural Healing.

    Spiritual Ray Reiki is the Universal healing energies given to us by the Divine Trinity. This form of Reiki Natural Healing is Universal in all forms and each time it is used vibrations of the practitioner and recipient are raised.

    Spiritual Ray Reiki works with the Angelic Realms and The Divine Energies of the Father, Son (Jesus) and the Holy Shekinah. Included in this course is the Pillar of Light Initiation.

    * You must be a Usui Reiki Master to take this attunement

    Three Lights of Buddhism - £25
    Prerequisite: Usui Reiki Master/Teacher

    The "Three Lights of Buddhism" is a system incorporating the healing energies of three Japanese Buddha's working together to bring enlightenment, healing and inner transformation. This system was channelled by Tomoko Lebas.