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With Each Attunement Purchased You Will Receive:

  • One in-depth guide to the system
  • One attunement guide with lots of great ideas on how to best prepare yourself, including how to make your own Chi Balls!
  • You will receive all attunements sent by Chi Ball or 'real time' appointment
  • One emailed certificate
  • Your lineage

  • Please note bookings for attunement sessions are 9am -5pm GMT Mon-Thurs. Please consult the World Clock  for your time zone.
    When you have made your choice from the attunements/empowerments listed below please email me



    GVHT Faery Systems By Raine & Philip Hilton

    My wife and spiritual partner Raine Hilton and I offer the following Faery-Avalon Connection Collection of Attunements which have been channelled by ourselves. All of the original Good Vibes Attunements and Empowerments are channelled in a unique way. All energies are channelled by Raine Hilton. All communications are channelled by Philip Hilton.


    Faeries of the Seasons Package£40 Save 15% £34

    The following Faeries of the Seasons Connection Empowerments are channelled by Raine & Philip Hilton, to aid in your connection and work with the Faery Realm. When wishing to connect with Faery it can help to strengthen your connection by working with a member of Faery within your current seasonal cycle, these will guide, inspire and motivate you to be at your very best as you follow the seasons and flow of the year. You may have found this to be a difficult thing to do if you live in a city away from nature. 

    You can take these attunements at the beginning of each season, or you can take them a week apart and then work with the energies thorough the year. You may purchase each season indiviaully or at the specal offer package price. The four manuals contain the following to further aid you in developing a working relationship with each Faery:

    • Unique channelled communication direct from that season’s Fey channelled by Philip Hilton.
    • Music; find out which music the Fey loves to hear.
    • Scent; what is the best scent to use when wishing to attract each one to you?
    • Colour; which colour resonates with Faery?
    • Unique ritual to enable, and to strengthen your connection to each Faery
    • 2 symbols for healing and working magically.
    • Background information on each of the 4 seasonal Faeries, and other useful information.

    On your journey you will meet:

    *Ice Faery Chantilla - A Winter Faery Connection Empowerment  £10

    *Maisley- A Spring Faery Connection Empowerment £10

    *The Firberry’s- A Summer Faery Connection Empowerment £10

    *Tuberelle- An Autumn Faery Connection Empowerment £10

    Faery Kings/Queens Connection Packages £60 Save 15% £50 OR £120 Save 15% £100

    The following Faery King/Queen Connection Empowerments channelled by Raine & Philip Hilton, to aid in your connection and work with the Faery Realm. When wishing to connect with Faery it helps to choose a Faery King and Queen to work with, these will become your foundation for learning and will act as guide, protector, as well as your inspiration and motivation. They will open up areas of Faery to you that are usually off limits to those of the human realm.

    The individual connections are priced at £10 each. We are currently offering all the Kings OR all the Queens for £50 (Buy 5 get 1 free) OR all of the Kings & Queens for £100 (Buy 10 Get 2 Free)

    With each King or Queen attunement and manual you will receive:

    • Unique channelled communication direct from your chosen King/Queen channelled directly by Philip Hilton.
    • Ritual ways to connect to your King/Queen, including music, find out the popular piece of music which this Fey Royalty loves to hear.
    • Scent; which is the best scent to use when wishing to attract them to you? 
    • Which colour resonates with your King/Queen?
    • A unique channelled ritual to enable and to strengthen your connection your King/ Queen.
    • Faery poem to enhance working mood.
    • Background on your King/Queen and other useful information.

    Choose from the following Queens:

    *Faery Queen Maeve Connection Empowerment  £10
    *Faery Queen Morgan Le Fey Connection Empowerment £10
    *Faery Queen Oonagh Connection Empowerment £10
    *Faery Queen Argante Connection Empowerment £10
    *Faery Queen Caelia Connection Empowerment £10
    * Faery Queen Holda Connection Empowerment £10
    Choose from the following Kings:
    *Faery King Oberon Connection Empowerment  £10
    *Faery King Gwyn Ap Nudd Connection Empowerment  £10
    *Faery King Donn Fierna Connection Empowerment  £10
    *Faery King Finvarra Connection Empowerment  £10
    *Faery King Midar Connection Empowerment  £10
    *Faery King Sil Connection Empowerment  £10


    Working With Magical Creatures


    NEW  Golden Phoenix Journey of Transformation  £25

    Founder: Raine Hilton

    The Phoenix represents the sacred journey of transformation, death, and rebirth by invoking the cleansing and renewing element of fire. We can use this powerful rite of passage in the same way that the Phoenix does as a ritual for transformation in our own lives. This is a wonderful way to transmute negativity into a positive learning experience.

    Perhaps you feel energetically, mentally, emotionally or even physically “stuck” in a particular aspect of your life. You may be involved in a situation that is dragging you down and draining you of energy and your passion and enthusiasm for life. Each situation, positive or negative, leaves energetic imprints within our auric field. Over time these imprints can weigh heavily on us, even negatively influence us, leaving us unable to shake free of the past or be able to embrace anything new.

    The purpose of this energy is to work with the Phoenix in a healing guided meditation journey to transmute the negative aspects of your life; to release the negative imprints of the shadows, hurts, pains, illness, and frustrations you are ready to let go of. These will be transmuted into positive light energy, and in doing so transform your life. You will then be free to soar high to great new heights and new beginnings.

    Learn about:

    • Phoenix attributes & history
    • Working with the Phoenix
    • Phoenix symbolism
    • Phoenix Spirit Totem
    • Phoenix dreams
    • Golden Phoenix Journey of Transformation Guided Meditation

    NEW  Pegasus’s Sacred Spring of Inspiration Attunement  £25

    Founder: Raine Hilton

    Are you struggling to find inspiration in your daily life?

    Do you feel blocked and are unable to express your creative flow?

    Have you lost the sense of childlike magic and wonder in how you view the world?

    Do your dreams or goals fail to manifest, or never progress beyond the planning stage?

    Working with this sacred being will inspire you to tap into your natural abilities so you can channel and express your creative flow. You will then feel confident enough to release any blockages or inhibitions preventing you from being your very best. Pegasus will gently remind you to see the world through a child’s eyes but with mature awareness and a discerning eye. He will open you up to new possibilities and directions in life that are In-line with your Soul Path.

    Pegasus is a beautiful being of love and light we can connect to and work with in our daily spiritual practices. As he flies through the air and lands just where he is called his unique energy force connects us powerfully to the elements of Air and Earth. These elements bring us inspiration and also the ability to manifest our goals through his connection to the Muses.

    This attunement will strengthen your connection to the Faery Realm and enhance any other Fey based system you are currently working with. Learn about:

    • Pegasus Early years
    • Pegasus & The Muses
    • Pegasus Symbolism & Dreams
    • Working with Pegasus
    • Pegasus Guided Meditation

    Unicorn Higher Awareness Attunement£25

    Founder: Raine Hilton

    Unicorns still have the magical ability to enchant children and adults alike in today’s hectic materialistic world. I have worked with Unicorns energetically for many years; they are gentle, wise, noble creatures. They are well known for their impressive healing power as well as their ability to awaken our natural intuitive gifts so we can expand our awareness and move deeper into the Faery Realm.

    They are naturally shy creatures and will only work with those with a loving heart and pure intention. Their gentle spirit makes them ideal for working with children to heal and rebalance their energies or to encourage them to develop their spiritual gifts in a way that is safe and comfortable for them. Many children have incredible spiritual awareness but find it difficult to share their experiences with adults in case they are disbelieved or ridiculed.

    For adults, Unicorns reawaken the belief in magic that was lost as they left childhood behind. This magic isn’t only about belief in Faery, but just as importantly, belief in yourself and your own abilities. Too often we allow our dreams to turn to dust, not even attempting to follow our heart, or to listen to the yearnings of our soul. We are constantly being programmed by the media, influenced into believing that life cannot get any better for us, being told that things will only grow harder and we should be lucky to have what we have. When enough people believe that, hardship manifests and negativity spreads quickly.

    It takes only one person to turn the tide and inspire the next one they meet. We can each make a difference in the lives of others. It only takes one small light to ignite a roomful of candles. The Faery Realm inspires and guides all those who are willing to learn through energy systems such as this one.

    Working with these sacred beings can help us to unlock our natural intuitive abilities and to feel secure enough to release any blockages preventing us from doing so. Our Higher Self aspect already know all we are capable of and also everything we agreed to complete for our soul journey for this incarnation. Fear, superstition, our upbringing through our formative years, our culture and community, even our loved ones can hinder our spiritual expression and development.

    The aim of this attunement system is to help you in releasing your spiritual inhibitions and negative self beliefs so that you can connect fully with your Higher Awareness and embrace your natural intuitive gifts, sharing them confidently with the world. This attunement will strengthen your connection to the Faery Realm and enhance any other Fey based system you are work with. Learn about:

    • Unicorn Attributes & History
    • Working with Unicorns
    • Sleep Protection
    • Unicorn Healing
    • Truth Seeking
    • Unicorn Healing & Higher Awareness Guided Meditation Journey
    • FREE bonus Unicorn Healing Elixir Self Empowerment

    Other Faery Systems

     9 Sacred Faery Woods Initiation  £25

    Founder: Raine Hilton

    This beautiful energy systems connects you to the Tree Spirits of the 9 Sacred faery Woods. Tree Spirits are members of the Faery Realm, they are also known as Dryads, Wood Nymphs or Hamadryads.  It is believed that they live only as long as the trees they inhabit. They are normally considered to be very shy creatures except around the goddess Artemis, who is known to be a friend to most nymphs.

    Tree Spirits have the ability to shape shift between the form of a human or tree at will. Generally, dryads ease the karmic residue, often held in our bodies as energetic blocks. Each tree has a particular energy; oak dryads will strengthen you in times of stress and challenge, while willow spirits will allow your emotions to flow and can release negative thought patterns.

    This attunement connects you directly to the Tree Spirit of each of the 9 Woods and also to Elder which will seal in the energies of all others used. There are no complicated symbols to remember Faeries prefer simplicity and an ego free way of working. Learn about:

    • Tree Spirits
    • Nine Woods into the Cauldron Go
    • The healing and magical properties of working with the tree spirits of: Birch, Rowan, Apple, Vine, Fir, Willow, Hawthorn, Oak, Hazel, and also Elder
    • Working with the energy
    • Fire Festivals; burning the 9 sacred woods

    Elven Star Connection Empowerment £10
    System Originator -  Raine Hilton

    Anyone can work with the Elven Star Symbol, also known as the Seven pointed star, Septagram, Heptagram, and Fairy Star. Many are aware of its multitude of symbolic meanings, but few are going deeper and seeing how it can be used as a powerful connection to Fey and also as a healing and guidance system. This system takes you on a powerful journey beneath the surface of the symbol sharing with you its gifts.

    • Learn how its powerful symbolisms relate to many aspects of ourselves, our world and the universe.
    • Learn two techniques for drawing the Elven Star and how it can be used for healing yourself and others, and for protecting yourself, sacred space and home.
    • Learn a beautiful pathway meditation to guide and help you manifest the desires of your soul path into the physical.
    • Learn how to make Faery Connection Elixir

    Faery Crystal Elixir Attunement £25
    System Originator -  Raine Hilton

    This beautiful healing system combines crystal healing with Faery energies. You will be attuned to 17 crystalline energies which resonate powerfully with the Realm of Faery. This attunement also includes a separate 20 page crystal properties guide to help you get the most out of working with these crystalline Faery energies.You will be taught:

    • Which individual Faery races relate to the elements and how they resonate with specific crystals to bring healing, balance and harmony into all aspects of your life, health and wellbeing.
    • How to cast a Faery Elemental Circle for protection and working.
    • How to make a unique Faery Crystal Communication Bridge between our Earth Realm and the Faery Realm
    • Various ways of working with this energy for meditation, chakra healing, balancing the masculine-feminine polarities, relationship healing, elemental birth sign healing
    • How to make Faery Crystal Elixirs using three methods; energetically, indirectly and directly.
    • How to strengthen your connection to Faery by creating Faery Connection Elixir
    • How to make a Faery Crystal Library
    • Gaia Crystal Healing

    Faery Herbal Elixir Attunement £25
    System Originator - Raine Hilton

    This beautiful healing system combines herbal healing with Faery energies. You will be attuned to the protective visionary herb, Mugwort, as well as 7 herbs specifically chosen to resonate with each of your major chakras. This is followed by another 9 herbs which will form your Faery Herbal Health Care Kit. These are then all sealed into your aura using the energies of Peace Lily.

    You will be taught:

    • Which individual Faery races relate to the elements and how they resonate with us
    • How to attract Fey into your garden or home
    • Exclusive photos of Dryad and Faeries using nature to show themselves
    • Photo and description of each herb you will be working with
    • Faery Herbal for the Chakras
    • Faery Herbal Aura Seal
    • Faery Herbal Health Care Kit
    • How to cast a Faery Elemental Circle for protection and working
    • Various ways of working with this energy for meditation, chakra healing, balancing the masculine-feminine polarities, relationship healing, elemental birth sign healing
    • How to self heal and use these energies with others
    • How to make Faery Herbal Elixirs
    • How to create Faery Connection Elixir

    Faery Guide Blessing £25

    Founder: Raine Hilton

    Some people are aware of their Faery Guide while others consciously choose particular ones to work with that they feel drawn to by studying books about them or through meditation or journeying.

    A Faery Guide isn’t something every child is naturally assigned at birth. Although we are all assigned a Spiritual Guide at birth, some may receive a Guide who is a member of their soul group, a family member who has passed over, or one of Starseed origin for example. It all depends on what resonates with that particular person and what they have planned for this incarnation.  But as we grow older if we decide to dedicate ourselves to a Faery path we can petition the Faery Godmother to assign a Faery Guide to us, no matter how old we are.

    This energy serves to align the child or adult to the energetic signature not only of the Faery Godmother in question but also their individual Faery Guide. You may choose to work with this energy to ask for a guide for yourself, or on behalf of a child.

    When a child is selected for this service, it is not a random or well meaning act on the part of the adults in question, but a very real pull on behalf of that child towards their Faery Guide. There are no coincidences, merely strands vibrating on the web of life. In essence every child is potentially Faery blessed, yet not every child touches Fey. The modern world is filled with a multitude of distractions. The purpose then of this attunement energy is to ensure a strong connection and by doing so build a doorway between the worlds.

    This system contains:

    • A unique Faery channelled communication
    • My experiences of working with Faery Guides
    • Learn about the role of the Faery Godmother
    • Rituals to connect you with the Faery Godmother (for child & adult)
    • Guided meditation journey to meet your Faery Guide

    Faery Birthday Blessing£25

    Founder: Raine Hilton

    Your magical birth: When, where and how we are born it is far more than just the result of a planned or unplanned pregnancy. For this to happen takes much designing in the spiritual realms; karmic goals and contracts to be agreed, soul meetings at key stages of your lifetime to be decided upon, elemental and planetary calculations worked out, to just name a few – all to provide the perfect conditions for your next incarnation. It is very like selecting the ideal ingredients needed to bake the perfect cake.

    What does it mean to be born on this particular day?

    Many of us avidly follow our horoscopes in the papers and magazines, while others have a professional astrological chart drawn up for more in depth guidance for their next trip around the sun.

    However, there are so many other elements within this world which also resonate with this magical time, such as; crystals, flowers, trees and even animals. Each of these are energetically dedicated to that specific month we were born. As we bring these elements together and allow them to create a harmonious resonance within us, the more empowered, focused and intune we will become as we walk our path. It is these very elements which we will learn about and work with during this system.

    This blessing can be a beautiful gift to yourself or for someone you love to celebrate a birthday, but it is also something which you and they can continue to work with every day of the year.

    This blessing is designed to work with the Faery Guide Blessing but may also be used alone.

    • You will learn about:
    • Birth month trees
    • Birth month flowers
    • Birth month crystals
    • Birth month animals & creatures
    • Creating a harmonic resonance
    • Guided meditation to connect with your birth month elements
    • Blessing friends & family

    Faery Portal To The Sidhe £25
    Founder: Philip Hilton

    This particular portal was created as a safe and protected way to meet the Faery race known as The Sidhe and to allow you to forge friendships.

    In this manual I will act as your guide and explain how this can be done easily and safely.

    You will learn what the portal is and how to use it.

    You will be given a ritual to make contact and establish a working bridge to their realm.

    You will be given new information on these elusive entities.

    You will be given access, through this energy stream to beings who few ever come into contact with.

    A brand new channelled communication directly from The Sidhe themselves.

    And you will receive some background and history of this shy and noble race.

    Faery Queen Morgan Le Fey Wand Healing System £20

    This is a beautiful empowerment channelled by Raine & Philip Hilton to aid in your connection and work with Faery Queen Morgan Le Fey. This attunement is not only an energetic connection to Morgana, but within the pages of this manual she reveals her own method of Faery wand healing. This is the first time this information has ever been revealed. To say we are both excited about this attunement is an understatement. It is something which we know will become commonplace within Faery healing practitioner circles within a short time. This is the Faery healing system brought to us by no less than a High Queen of Faery. This honours The Bright Ones and offers us all a very real hope of a connection to The Fey. Within the pages of this manual you will find the following:

    • A brand new channelled communication from Morgana (Morgan Le Fey)
    • A complete healing system utilising the wand. Includes – wand introduction, wand washing, wand sealing and using The Elven Star.
    • Elemental wand balancing
    • The anatomy of a wand
    • Original encounters with The Fey
    • Raine & Philip Hilton’s encounters with The Faery.

    NEW Flower Faery Deva Initiation £25

    Founder: Raine Hilton

    Flower Faeries are also known as Devas or Plant Spirits. They are tiny winged spirits, which care for each and every flower and plant on Earth. Faeries generally compare in size to a small human, although they are skilled shape-shifters who can take any form and any size at will. They often use the form of the plant they are caring for to use as their guise if they wish to manifest in the physical world.

    Every flower is cared for by its own Faery. A field of wildflowers or a lush, flower-packed backyard contains a universe of Faery Spirits. Flower Faeries’ natures reflect the type of flowers with which they’re associated. With the use of this energy system you can tune into the character of each flower you are drawn to for use for healing, wisdom, guidance or ritual work, with the Flower Faery Deva acting as the Medium for the energy connection. This will allow you to gain deeper insights into others you are healing or reading for as well as connecting with loved ones who have passed over into spirit.

    The Flower Faery Devas will imbue your auric field with the energy of the flowers you are most in need of and will share their unique insights with those who have an open heart and mind.

    Within this manual you will learn about:

    • The role of the Flower Faery Deva
    • Flower Faery gardens
    • Seeing Flower Faeries
    • How to Give a Flower Reading (known as ‘Flowermancy’ or ‘Flower Psychometry’)
    • Flower messages from Spirit

    Freyja's Initiation to Step Into Your Inner Power £10

    A brand new unique channeled energetic initiation for focusing on self-improvement and confidence building.This is a very powerful initiation which concentrates on bringing out your own inner qualities of inner strength. Let this Goddess of strength and confidence show you the path to your rightful destiny.All of the original Good Vibes Attunements and Empowerments are channeled in a unique way. All energies are channeled by Raine Hilton. All communications are channeled by Philip Hilton. To further enhance your working relationship with Freyja, you will be taught the following

    • A brief history of Frejya
    • How to connect and work with her totem creature guides
    • Connect with her through her other associations such as crystals, colours, flowers etc
    • Learn some Vanir words credited with belonging to Frejya’s people
    • An original channeled communication from Freyja
    • A unique ritual to enable you to connect with Freyja

    Morgan Le Fey Charm Casting Empowerment  £20

    Founder: Raine Hilton

    Morgan Le Fey has been such a powerful influence in my life and through her spiritual teachings I have learned many wonderful healing and magickal techniques. This energy system will assist you in learning the art of Making and Unmaking Charm Casting. It is quick and easy to work and has a multitude of uses. By aligning yourself with Morgan le Fey’s energy signature to empower your charm you can bring so many positive changes into your life. A simple rhyming charm repeated 9 times builds the power of your intention and once the energy is released from the cone of power it can be used to attract or repel energy. You could choose to attract wealth and abundance (A Charm of Making, or to repel psychic attacks or unwanted attention (A Charm of Unmaking).

    The ancient and universal practice of chanting is a repetition of sacred or magical words, names, phrases and spells to alter consciousness and raise psychic power. It can be done in conjunction with drumming, the ringing of bells, visualisation and dancing, in our case using a spell counter. It is done to align the human consciousness with the realms of spirits, and to intensify magic, meditation and healing. Learn about:

    • The power of chanting
    • Morgan le Fey brief history and channelled communication
    • Working with this energy
    • 5 unique charms of making
    • 5 unique charms of unmaking
    • Instructions to make your own charm counter

    NEW Odin’s Wisdom Empowerment £15

    Founder: Philip Hilton

    Odin is an ancient force, an energy that is very wise and one which can aid us in our journey, if we allow ourselves to approach him with an open heart and mind.

    Odin is known as and for many things, from being the Norse All Father, or father of all things to being a god of warfare and battle and even a god of healing. He was known for his insatiable appetite for knowledge and wisdom, so much so, that he exposed himself to danger and possible death to gain the answers he sought, even losing an eye in the process and deeming the sacrifice worthwhile.

    For this energy empowerment we will be seeking to connect to the wise Odin, the mystic seeker in the void.

    Learn about:

    • Odin Wisdom
    • Guided Meditation To Align With Odin
    • The Norns

    Sea Goddess Cliodna 9th Wave Initiation £20

    This is a beautiful empowerment channelled by Raine & Philip Hilton to aid in your connection and work with Sea Goddess Cliodna. This attunement provides a powerful connection and working healing system connecting you to the most powerful Goddess of the Sea  Cliodna. Though little spoken of is the mighty lady of The Ninth Wave. The sheer majesty of this being is nothing short of breathtaking. We believe this could be the most powerful  attunement to Sea magic so far available. If you have a serious interest in sea-based magic, healing or ritual, this attunement will become an important part of your future working. Within this manual you will find the following unique connections to this Celtic Goddess.

    • An original channelled communication from Cliodna
    • A unique Ritual to enable you to connect with Cliodna
    • Different methods on connection
    • 3 never before revealed Keywords which will enable you to unlock the power of the Sea Kingdom for healing and ritual
    • A completely different method for working healing or magic using 9th Wave Mandela’s for synchronising your own working to the ebb and flow of the rising and falling sea tides
    • Revealed: the personal initiations of Raine and Philip Hilton, who were both initiated by Cliodna during a 9th Wave Ritual on a Yorkshire beach during the winter of 2014

    NEW  Snowflake Inner Reflection Attunement With Faery Snow Queen Holda £15

    Founder: Raine Hilton

    As we all know, Snowflakes are unique, no two are ever formed the same way. The same can be said for each of us. How often do you feel swallowed up in a crowd as if you are invisible? How often are you pressured to confirm to agreed stereotypes so that you fit in with everyone else while your deepest needs go unmet?

    From childhood we are conditioned to wear what our friends wear, programmed to play the same games, enticed to eat the same food and be interested in the same television and music personalities. Media hype and commercialism fuels this peer pressure propaganda until we feel we would be ostracised for not following the herd. In doing so we lose our sense of self identity and our unique voice. Perhaps you have struggled with unleashing your unique sense of creativity because of being restricted in this way.

    We know we are all part of one living consciousness and yes, this is true, but we are also on this earth to discover and express every facet of human experience open to us. If everyone conformed to the standard model new discoveries would never be made, boundaries would never be pushed, and glass ceilings would never be shattered.

    Our Soul Path is unique like the Snowflake, we each incarnate at different stages of our soul’s development, with our own set of memories, experiences and karma to work through. We have different challenges and goals so although we can share our experiences with others, ultimately their own experiences will be different and that is good and as it should be.

    Working with Faery Snow Queen Holda, this energy will help you:

    • To make a deep and loving commitment to be true to yourself,
    • To listen to your soul and to allow it self-expression in a way that is best for you.
    • To stand still and pause for a while to catch your breath in a world that seems to be permanently on fast forward

    Faery Attunements by Other Channellers

    Amethyst Fairy Orb - £12 
    System Originator-Nicole Lanning

    “If you can see with a child’s eye there is a world full of colour, joy and wonder to be seen. The fairy realm reminds us to keep this joy and creativity alive. Each cave and hollow tree has a doorway to another world. Every flower, leaf and blade of grass has a story to tell. Streams sing and the winds whisper ancient secrets into the ears of those who will listen.”
    The gentle Amethyst Fairy is the Fairy Queen. She is calm and relaxed and possesses spiritual healing gifts. This attunement connects the energies and magic of the faeries and the power of amethyst to help in your daily life. The manual includes a description of fairies and how to locate them as well as the properties of amethyst. These energies can be used for:
    Abundance – Money - Prosperity – Success - Knowledge – Wisdom - Insight – Perception - Intelligence – Understanding - Love – Romance - Treasure of Mother Earth - Dealing With Suffering - Dealing With Loss - Healing From Emotional Issues - Healing From Physical Issues - Healing With Spiritual Issues - Bringing Happiness Into One’s Life Help With Growth and Development

    The Azure Ray of Avalon - £10 

    Founder Joanna Mullane

    "On this day I was blessed with a gift by one of my beloved Guides, Queen  Argante, The Elven Queen of Avalon. I feel quite blessed to have a Faery Queen as one of my Spiritual Guides, she has expressed her presence throughout my entire life in many ways but it has just been within the last two years that I have truly heard her and been able to understand what she wants to convey to the world. Today, her message for me was as clear as day and so was the symbol she passed on to me for this beautiful new Reiki system. The symbol she gave came to my Third Eye Chakra upon a beautiful bright Azure Ray of Light that then filled my entire being with a beautiful cocoon of warmth and comfort. The World has truly entered a time of great change, healing and urgency, where people everywhere are being passed incredible tools of light to use and help guide ourselves and others, on our spiritual journeys. It is with my great honour and with Queen Argante’s Blessing, that I now share this new system with all of you."

    Colors of Fairies Attunement - £10 

    System Originator – Stewart Ferquaharson

    This beautiful healing system initiates you into the energies of colours and the fairies.   They prefer to be called other words than fairies since that meant originally their enchantments. Thus Fairy Land meant Enchanted Land. They are properly the Fays/Feys. This attunement assists with inner fairy sight and colour magic. Some of the fairies are:  Fairy Wad; Will o' Wisp; Lios Alfar who are the  Elves of Light; Frey & Freyja Fertility Fays;  Water Fays such as Well Guardians; Fire Fays such as Salamanders; Leprechauns; Greenman; Forest Man; Gnomes, Giants such as Daghda; Leanan Sidhe and many more.

    The Crystal Faery Shield Empowerment - £15

    Founder: Joanna Rowan Mullane writes: As we truly start to embark upon our life journeys all of us will at one time or another experience a shedding of the old and letting go of the things that no longer serve our highest purpose. We in a sense, have a rebirth of our Spirits, we unfold as if we are butterflies, leaving the safety of our cocoons to fly towards our future destiny. This flight however does not always come easy and we sometimes find it hard to let go of the past and open our hearts to the love of the Universe that is here now! This beautiful and healing empowerment is a two step process that works on One’s physical, mental and spiritual bodies by first helping to cleanse and release those fragments of unwanted energies and layers, and then to imprint and integrate a protective Crystal Faery Shield of light that keeps us safe and protected so that we may become who we were destined to be.

    Elemental Reiki - £15

    Elemental Reiki was created by Rebecca Doolin and employs symbols derived from Goddess, Elemental, and Pagan symbology. The Reiki energy harmonizes with the frequency of The Goddess so as to work in accordance with Wiccan Tradition.

    This unique style of Reiki beautifully combines the healing energy of Reiki with the Goddess, Elemental, and Pagan symbology and can be used for both healing purposes and connection with the elements.

    The Elemental Reiki course will guide you through the various frequencies of the energy symbols and techniques that you can use to improve and enrich your life.

    Learn about;

    The Energy Body; Seven Chakras and Triple Soul - Aligning the Triple Souls - Rite of Unbinding - Chakra Balancing Meditation - White Light Meditation - Grounding and Centering Meditation - The Five Elements - Working with the symbols - Chakra Work - Room Cleansing - Aura Shielding - Working and Healing with Crystals

    Elven Shamanic Healing System - £25

    Elven Shamanic Healing is a form of natural healing that comes to us from the Elven Realm. The Elvens are a society much like our own, of healers, scientists, herbologists, priests, teachers, and doctors. Their knowledge in these subjects is vast and always evolving.The Elven system uses 9 symbols to call upon different elements of their lifestyle in order to empower their healing and 5 additional Attunement symbols.  

    From the Founder, Violet Paille: "The attunement I received was another seven days later, and during meditation. I was taken to a thick forest by two guides, one male and one female. They stopped at a clearing in the forest with only one large tree in the centre. They then brought down the symbols and infused them into my palms, my heart, my third eye and my crown. Both of them each did this once, using one of the master symbols to sweep my aura, and cleanse my energy. They spoke the mantras in the Elven language and when they were finished, looked to the sky, and assumed a Namaste position. I was released from them, and felt like I was floating back into my body. The meditation ended and I could intuitively see the symbols on my hands."

    The Elven Shamanic Healing Manual includes:

    Elven History - Elven Gods - Symbols and Definitions - Healing Techniques - Herbal Techniques - Herbs and Their Uses - Receiving Attunements - Passing On Attunements
    There are 2 attunements to this system


    Enchanted Fairy Goddess Healing System - £15

    ‘This healing system will work on an area of your Mythic Goddess Self. This is one of a series of the Mythic Goddess Aspects of Self. In this system, the focus is the Faery Goddess within you or your ‘Inner Faery’. 

    The Faery symbolizes what is deeply embedded in your psyche, your Inner Faery, the Magical, Enchanting aspect of you that is unique and brings JOY to the world. This healing system is going to attune you to the great Magic and Enchantment of the loving and benevolent Faeries and Faery Goddesses so that you can recognize and ignite your Inner Fairy Magic. This will rekindle your sense of Magic and Imagination so that this aspect of you really begins to come to the surface in your life. This will greatly enrich your life!

    The energies of this healing system are very feminine. The enchanting energies within you to draw passion and romance into your life will be reawakened so that you can be inspired and empowered in this area of your life. This will enable you to draw a new love or reignite the passion in an existing relationship. There is also a unique clearing that you can run anytime to remove anything blocking you from allowing your Enchanting Fairy Goddess from emerging.

    The Inner Faery Goddess is confident and she prizes independence, is charming and engaging, charismatic and feminine and loves attention and being in the limelight of her true love or romantic interest. Perhaps you have lost this aspect of yourself and just need to reawaken it so that you can get the love, attention and limelight you need in your love life. It is easy to lose touch with this aspect of yourself when you walk between the worlds of romantic life and professional life as many of us do these days.

    Allow yourself to get excited about this aspect of your life so that you can experience all that it offers you and embrace each moment – After all – You are worth it!


    Energy & Magic of the Fairies - £15

    System Originator - Demetrius and Andrea Baginski

    Through this very special attunement your channels will be opened to the world of Farey. The main activation will occur in the third eye, the heart and the root chakras. The symbols given to you will work as gate keys for various Fairy Functions. The Master Manual is 49 pages long and is filled with wonderful information on the different types of Fairies and what we can hope to learn from them! 

    There are many different kinds of fairies and they all associate with certain elements and realms. The manual explains the different realms of the fairies, and their correlating symbols. The manual has a lot of information about the different fairies; anyone that has an interest in fairies will enjoy the learning connection here.

    The manual also contains: How to contact the Fairies - Treatments - The Attunement - Conclusion

    Prerequisite: Usui II, better if you are a Usui Master but is not absolutely necessary.


    Faery Tree Spirit Energy Attunement - £12

    Founded by Joanna Rowan Mullane

    This beautiful attunement is a gift from the magickal Realm of Faery, which attunes you to sixteen different Sacred Faery Trees. These sixteen elixirs are Faery Tree Spirit Empowerments that you will receive directly from the Faeries. You will learn about the gifts, attributes and properties of these Sacred Faery Trees.

    The magick and the spirits of Faery is within each and every one of us, they are part of us and we are part of them eternally. They have so much to teach us. This will enable you to call upon each of these beautiful Tree Spirits bringing them into your life, meditation and working with them.

    The manual is 12 pages in length, containing information on each of the sixteen sacred Faery Tree's, including some Faery Folk Lore, tree attribute and Tree Spirit Affirmation Rhyme that seals the energies within you. You will also be taught 'how to use the tree spirit Elixir whenever you need them. These are:

    Wood of the Birch - Wood of the Oak - Wood of the Willow - Wood of the Rowan - Wood of the Ash - Wood of the Hawthorn - Wood of the Blackthorn - Wood of the Yew - Wood of the Elder - Wood of the Apple - Wood of the Alder - Wood of the Hazel - Wood of the Elm - Wood of the Beech - Wood of the Spruce - Wood of the Cedar

    Faery Reiki Avalon Attunement - £10

    Faery Reiki was channelled to Violet Paille during her Celtic Reiki attunement.

    Faery Reiki comes from the mystical land of Avalon, giving us an insight into the island of mysteries. The Faery folk lived in the forests of land in Avalon. It will explain to you the different kinds of Fae and how they can help you in your Reiki practice. This particular kind of Reiki will help you to connect and understand the Faeries more. It will explain to you the different kinds of Fae and how they can help you in your Reiki healing and spiritual development practice. The manual explains in great detail about the symbols in Faery Reiki and the Fae themselves. It encompasses 5 faery symbols, plus an interdimensional transference symbol used to bring the energy from Avalon to Earth

    The manual explains:             

    What Reiki is - Faery Lore - Elemental Faeries - Attraction Faeries - The Faery Garden - Dedicating a Faery Garden - History of Avalon - Symbols and Definitions of Faery Reiki - Faery Healing Process - Avalon Healing Cycle - Attunement Process for Faery Reiki

    Fairy Light Ray Key - £10

    The Fairy Light Ray Key is a "Reiki" system channelled by Stephanie Brail, the founder, inspired by the fairies. The purpose is to help you "lighten up" and have more joy and fun in your life. You'll learn some unique ways to get the energy going (the fairies are quite mischievous!). This is a simple, fun system that's sure to expand your outlook. They remind us that we, humans, take things way too seriously. It brings out your natural state of fun, joy and happiness! If you are gloomy, or feeling grouchy or grumpy, overwhelmed or working too much this energy can help you tremendously. This energy will help you get in touch with your child-like, free spirit, so that you can get more in touch with your playful side. This is an excellent manifestation tool as well because it helps us manifest what we want in our life without too much effort on our part!

    Fairy Lightworker Program - £25

    Fairies are magickal beings that are multidimensional. They can move in and through the physical realm. We live in the 3rd dimension, the physical realm. But in reality, everything we see, hear, touch, taste, and smell are only illusions. These perceptions are how we communicate the information we receive in the physical realm to our true spiritual selves. Everything is energy and nothing is truly solid. The fairies know this, and are able to merge with the things that appear to be solid in the physical realm. Their energies are lighter and their knowledge of quantum physics allows them to move in and out of different dimensions, which all co-exist at the same time in the same space. You do not have to know or understand quantum physics to know that Fairies do exist, and that we rarely ever see them with our physical eyes. We sense them, feel their presence, and very often can communicate with them psychically through telepathy or visions.

    The Fairy Lightworker program will connect you to all fairies if you wish to call on them for assistance. However, this Reiki system strengthens and connects you to specific fairies so that you will be able to call on them easily for assistance with healing, abundance, magick, guidance, protection, fertility, transformation, transition, strength, love, happiness, and beauty. Please keep in mind that you do not have to receive any attunement to work with fairies, but the Fairy Lightworker program does speed your ascension for working in the otherworld of the fairies, and strengthens and enhances your abilities to connect and work with the fairies and their energies.

    You will learn about the following fairies and ways to work with them, and which fairies to call on for assistance with specific areas of need:
    The Greenman - Dryad- Woodland Nymph- Gnomes- Sylph- Star Fairy- Stone Fairy- Pixie- Ice Fairy- Water Sprite- River Queen Coventina
    You will receive 11 distant attunements that can be received via the chi ball (call in) method

    Fairy Realms Reiki - £15

    The Fairy Realms Reiki is working with the fairies to help heal and connect with nature spirits. This energy is good to send to plants, animals and Mother Earth. By treating yourself it will help open the psychic centres to better communicate with the fairies and other nature spirits.

    There are three levels to work with in this healing system:

    Level One: By first drawing the level one symbol to activate the healing, it will focus the energy on the physical aspects of healing for the environment. (anywhere to which the environment has been physically damaged.)

    Level Two: By first drawing the level two symbol to activate the healing, the energy will focus on the emotional healing aspect for the environment. (where there is a lot of distress in the atmosphere, such as wars.)

    Level Three: Is for using on oneself for chakra activation to help open up your psychic centres to better communicate with the nature spirits and for passing on attunements.

    Fairies of the Roses Empowerment - £15

    System Originator - Tina Sarup.

    The Fairies also known as Faeries, Fey or Fae among many other names are often the most misunderstood of all the realms of spirit. For many it is easier to accept the existence of Angels as messengers of God and Guardians of Spirit, but Fairies are more often relegated to the world of children’s make believe games. The truth is that the Fairies are as real as you and I and are. They are as much an integral part of our experience of this world where they dwell in their dimension as this physical realm we inhabit is. They are the keepers and guardians of all aspects of nature. These are the nature fairies who take care of all elements of nature, land based water and the shorelines of the sea, the air, fire, earth including soil , blades of grass , rocks , trees , plants and herbs and of course flowers.

    Through your attunement to the Fairies of the Roses Empowerment you will gain a magical connection to the beautiful and mystical realms of the Fae and the attributes of the Rose Fairy Energies. Maybe this is a connection you once enjoyed naturally as a child before the pressures of the mundane world intruded on you and you now feel that it is time to recapture this once more.

    In this single empowerment you will be attuned to;

    • The red ray of the Fairy of the red roses that you can anchor into your root chakra and sacral chakra to ignite passion and vibrancy into your energy again
    • The white ray of the fairy of the white roses that you can use in all four parts of your light body your mind, your emotions, your body and your aura infusing you with peace, refinement and purity
    • The pink ray of the fairy of the pink roses infusing you with sweetness , caring , affection , laughter , innocence , bonding , healing anchor this into your heart chakra
    • The yellow ray of the fairy of the yellow roses infusing you with hope, revival of desires, warmth, friendship, cheerfulness, warmth and authenticity anchor this into your solar plexus chakra
    • The rainbow rose of the fairies of the roses combining the energies of all four fairies of the roses


    Fairies of the Sea Empowerment - £10

    Fairies of the Sea aids us in creating positive magic aligned with our highest good. If you live near the ocean or sea, and have felt drawn to the water for healing, you may have already seen these fairies as sparks of Light on waves. You can invite their assistance for healing, love, cleansing and releasing. Learn to work with the ebb and flow of the tides also techniques to let go and release any problems or issues which are troubling you.


    Magic Reiki - £20

    Magic Reiki is a system of energetic healing which deals with the world of ghosts, magic, and witchcraft. It helps clean the space from negative substances, lift clan curses, and carry out exorcist séances, as well as neutralize negative programs created with the help of witchcraft and negative energetic impulses (spoiling, evil eye, love magic), including programs created in the far-away past (working with the forefathers) or in the previous lives (working with karma)

    Apart from healing the body, the soul, and life, Magic Reiki helps create powerful protection for the person and the space. Magic Reiki energy connects the Master’s soul with the upper and the lower world, turning him into a Psychopomp, or a guide between the worlds. If he has been working with energy for a long time and possesses additional occult knowledge he will obtain an ability to receive information from both worlds, contact ghosts, elementals, and elementarians. Protected by Magic Reiki Master can contact representatives of various worlds and need not fear that he might be enslaved by them.

    The system consists of two levels: practical and that of Master.

    Magical Nature Reiki Distance Course - £15

    This beautiful energy system was founded by Pamela Caddy and Natalie Glasson.  It will help you to facilitate a stronger connection with Mother Earth and the wisdom of the Nature Kingdoms and Nature Beings.  When we tune into the energies of Mother Earth, it brings us powerful healing, peace, love and spiritual enlightenment.

    There are many nature beings that work within Mother Earth's realms, such as fairies, elves, tree spirits, undines, mermaids, fauns, gnomes and sylphs.  All of them hold much love and light and are always ready to assist humans with healing and spiritual growth.

    Magical Nature Reiki is a wonderful system that will help you with:

    Ascension - Spiritual growth - Healing and clearing - Raising your vibration - Connecting to Mother Earth - Connecting to your nature spirit guides - Developing your clairvoyance so you can better see the nature beings - Clearing away negative thought programming - Connecting to past lives that hold the knowledge of nature - Raising your consciousness - Helping to ground your spiritual energies - Once you have been attuned to this system, you will be able to use the healing energy for yourself and others.  You will also be able to pass this attunement on to others.


    Merfolk Reiki Attunement - £15

    As I live by the sea I am in touch with this beautiful energy close at hand. I have personally felt their presence and have seen them clairvoyantly. Although they do appear in our physical world from time to time it is from my experience, that along with other Fey energies they mostly remain in their own dimensions. At times of extreme weather shifts their presence can be felt and seen more strongly, especially when it is very stormy or foggy their world and ours become a little closer. I have been very fortunate and glimpsed one physically once while out on a boat trip.

    Merfolk are sentient creatures whose upper bodies appear like those of an elven maiden and are pale green or blue in colour. Below the waist, they have a strong fish tail. They are humanoid above the waist, merging into a strong fish-tail below. Their hair comes in a wide range of naturally occurring oceanic colours. Merfolk are said to come in male (mermen), female (mermaids) and neuter genders (mer), although only the females usually appear in public; that is above water, in front of other races.

    Merfolk use toning, sonar vibrations and song to heal and the manual will instruct you how to do this also. Merfolk Reiki is a beautiful system that will attune you to the energies of the Merfolk and show you how to perform Merfolk healing.

    The manual explains the myth, lore and history associated with the Merfolk. It has a fascinating section on Songs of Healing, The Melodies of Healing, Mermish Language and Merfolk Healing Sessions.

    A fascinating and deeply moving attunement if you have a connection to the Spirit of the Sea, Mermaids, Dolphins or any of the Earth's beautiful Ocean beings. Merfolk Reiki will attune you to the energies of the Merfolk. They are a very loving and compassionate race that lives in the seas all around the world.

    They are very connected to the whales as well. This particular attunement works well with the Dolphin Trilogy Empowerment. The manual explains in detail about the Merfolk and it gives a lot of information that will enhance your connection to the Merfolk, including Merfolk Intonation and Merfolk healing. If you are drawn to the Merfolk this attunement is for you.

    They use toning and sonar to heal. Once you have been attuned to this system, you will be able to use this healing energy for yourself and others. You will also be able to pass this attunement on to others.

    Water is the symbol for emotion, and the Merfolk have always been the most empathic of sentient beings. Therefore, this type of Reiki energy is used best when healing one of emotional struggles.

    Our voice comes from our heart, and by utilizing song and melody in our healing we can allow that song to be heard, and we can pass on healing directly from our heart. Merfolk healing can be very involving, and during the session you may become very empathic, or overcome with emotion. The goal here is to allow that emotion to flow in order to heal that emotion.


    Nature Devas and Fairies Attunement - £10

    This attunement works with the Nature Devas, Fairies and Angel Iris, to help you heal and develop on your path. Nature Devas and their sub-categories such as fairies are great helpers in guiding us through life

    There are three levels to this system as follows:

    Level One: Attunes you to Angel Iris

    Level Two: Attunes you to the energy of the Devas of nature

    Level Three: Attunes you to 14 fairies

    The manual also contains a set of guidance cards for you to print out and work with to deepen your connection to the Faery Realms.

    This is a Master/Teacher attunement and you are taught in the manual how to pass all three attunements onto others


    Neptune’s Breath Reiki – £10

    Neptune was the name that ancient Romans gave to the Greek god of the sea and earthquakes, Poseidon. He was the brother of Jupiter (Zeus) and of Pluto (Hades). After the defeat of their father Saturn (Cronos), the three brothers divided the world in three parts to be ruled by one of the three brothers. Jupiter took the sky, Neptune the sea and Pluto the underworld. Neptune had the reputation for having a violent temper. Tempests and earthquakes were a reflection of his furious rage. He was depicted as a bearded man holding a trident and seated in a seashell drawn by sea-horses.

    One day Neptune saw the water nymph Amphitrite dancing in the island of Naxos and fell in love with her. He promptly asked her to marry him but unfortunately she refused. However, not discouraged by Amphitrite refusal, Neptune sent one of his servants, a dolphin to look for her. The dolphin found her, and pleaded Neptune's cause so persuasively that she changed her mind. As a reward for finding and returning Amphitrite to him, Neptune immortalized the dolphin by placing it in the heavens as the constellation Dolphinus. Neptune and Amphitrite had several children. Among them was Triton whose name was given in 1846 by William Lassell to the principal moon of the planet Neptune. Neptune's Breath Reiki combines Reiki Energy with the powerful force of Atlantis and the God Neptune. You will be taught three techniques to use this beautiful energy.

    Technique 1 to send Neptune's Breath to bless water with healing energies with a golden auric glow for your client or self.

    Technique 2 to become part of the rushing waves to wash away negativity from client or self.

    Technique 3 is the Breath of Neptune himself to remove cloudiness of the psyche, and provide client or self with a clear mind to move forward on your/their spiritual journey

    Snow Spirits Empowerment - £5.99

    System Originator: Mariah Windsong

    Snow Spirits Empowerment opens these and many more gifts unto you:

    • Swirling movement of riding the winds
    • Descending into physicality
    • Ultimately grounding whilst here on Earth.
    • Can sit and be picked up again to ride the winds awhile longer
    • Offering playfulness
    • Enchantment
    • Provide Divine Geometries (codes)
    • Connecting that which might not easily connect.

    Wing Care Empowerment - £5.99
    Founder -  Mariah Windsong

    We all have Ethereal Wings if we care for them properly and encourage them to unfurl. They provide a wonderful way to run more than one kind of energy system in person at one time. Think of it: an energy flows out of your hands, now your ethereal wings reach around to another part of your friend, loved one's or client's body and channels another energy system! Or you are in bed and a cat wants Feline Love, yet you want to run Shamballa energy or Karuna or Violet Flame Reiki.... you can send Feline Love out through your ethereal wings, caressing your cat. And you can run the other energies you want for your own body and being!

    The following is from Mariah’s manual: “Wing Care is born of the desire to live in a richer awareness of all the gifts we have, even those we are just noticing.


    Centaurs Energies

    Cenataurs Lair Empowerment £10
    System Originator – Andrea Baginski

    Centaurs are creatures with the head and torso of a human and the body of a horse. In the Greek Mythology a pair of Centaurs trails the wane of Dionysus. The male one carries a mace, the female a lyre. The centaurs were a wild tribe which lived in the mountain woods of Thessaly.

    The Centaurs were raised on the mountain Pelion where the nymphs nourished them. With other horses they fathered further descendants. The probably best known Centaur id Chiron, a musician, seer and a doctor. Particularly his hand had great healing powers. He was the tutor of Achilles, Asclepius and Jason. Chiron is also regarded as one of the teachers of Heracles which he taught in astronomy. He approaches the people to justice and the interpretation of the heavenly signs.

    Centaurs are known to be teachers in the healing arts and most practical in their teachings and helpings they have a deep occult knowledge and are very intuitive. Magickal Correspondences; Earth and Water

    Dragon Energies

    Chinese Dragon - £15

    System Originator – Elizabeth Hibel

    The symbol of the dragon represents spiralling DNA, the path of greater enlightenment. A Dragon overcomes all obstacles until success is his. He is energetic, decisive, optimistic and intelligent. The people of China have long held belief that they are descendents of the dragon, a tradition that is firmly embedded in their culture and one that is in the minds of its people.   After your attunement learn to meditate and work with the many different dragons available to help you. 

    These include: Celestial, Heavenly, Spiritual, treasure.

    Dragons of the five elements: Earth, Fire, Wood, Metal and Water

    Dragon Pearl, Underworld Dragon, Horned Dragon, Winged Dragon, Coiling Dragon, The Dragon King

    Coloured Dragons: Yellow, Gold, Blue & Green, Red, White, Black. 


    Dragon Empowerment - £10

    System Originator: Roger Hill

    Dragons are referred to as divine, mythical creatures that bring with them ultimate abundance, prosperity and good fortune. They increase physical and spiritual strength as well. This empowerment connects you with the energies of the dragons which wish to heal Mother Earth and the people which have been affected.  

    There are 4 attunements which are sent as one:

    • Green Dragon - Earth Healing
    • Yellow Dragon - Air Healing
    • Red Dragon - Fire Healing
    • Blue Dragon - Water Healing


    Dragon Ki Reiki £15

    The symbol of the dragon represents spiraling day. Dragons are referred to as the divine mythical creature that brings with it ultimate abundance, prosperity and good fortune. The Dragon, symbolizes power and excellence, valiancy and boldness, heroism and perseverance, nobility and divinity. A dragon overcomes obstacles until success is his. He is energetic, decisive, optimistic, intelligent and ambitious. The Dragon brings upon the essence of life, in the form of its celestial breath, known to many as sheng chi. He yields life and bestows its power in the form of the seasons, bringing water from rain, warmth from the sunshine, wind from the seas and soil from the earth. The Dragon is the ultimate representation of the forces of Mother Nature. The greatest divine force on Earth.

    The Dragon is often seen as the symbol of divine protection and vigilance. It is regarded as the Supreme Being amongst all creatures. It has the ability to live in the seas, fly up the heavens and coiled up in the land in the form of mountains. Being the divine mythical animal, the Dragon can ward off wandering evil spirits, protect the innocent and bestow safety to all that hold his emblem. The Chinese Dragon is look upon as the ultimate symbol of Good Fortune. On the spiritual path the Dragon energy symbolizes the power to fight against evil and the will to protect people. It’s the real energy of the Spiritual Warrior, a Warrior of Light who continuously fight evil and darkness, or those who brings darkness. Dragon Ki energy transforms the spirit at highest levels and brings protection against evil spirits. Dragon Ki brings physical and spiritual strength. In martial arts Dragon power represents the power to dominate evil and the control of Ki.

    Please Note: you must be a Usui/Karuna Reiki Master to pass on this attunement

    Dragon Reiki Levels 1 & 2 - £20

    This will help you to connect to Dragon energies.  It is good for transformation, balance and wisdom.  

    Level 1The Dragon Reiki I is channelled by Andrea Baginski The following is from the manual: “The different kinds of Dragons are considered to have very different abilities.  They are strong, cruel, courageous, helpful, intelligent, and wise, are in connection with magic, and are the keeper of secret knowledge and much more. “Dragons are the mightiest forces of the ethereal realms, but are belonging to the fire element too.  They are able to show up simultaneously in the elements of water, air, fire and earth.  That’s why there exist Fire Dragons, Earth Dragons, Air Dragons and Water Dragons.” “Mighty in protection, perfection, super-ordinary vision, highest luck and with big power and strength are for the ones which are born under their power, blessed with their strength and under protection of this power.”

    Level 2: “Dragon Reiki II is channelled by, Shihan Chisara and is an extension to the Dragon Reiki. The following is from the manual: "After my attunement to Dragon Reiki Level 1, five new symbols were shown to me.  It was revealed to me that they were to be used in a separate connection to special Dragons and their abilities. "These symbols make it possible to use these abilities of the Dragons more purposefully and effectively or to adjust or transform our own abilities which we dislike with the corresponding other Dragon power.”

    Dragon's Lair Empowerment - £10

    Dragon types are charismatic leaders. They exude confidence and optimism. They are progressive and expansive, socially oriented, and eager to achieve some-thing for the greater good. They are moving restlessly from project to project. They are often led from strong moral and spiritual emotions. Their plans support them with faultless logic. Dragon types like to be in control and will delegate tasks with confidence. They work and play hard and are popular and social creatures. They have a talent for the dramatic one, are unconventional and unique. If you would like to imbue yourself with these qualities then this empowerment is the one for you!

    White Dragon Reiki - £10

    White Dragon Reiki is a powerful connection to the spirit of dragons, in particular the White Dragon. The White Dragon is known as the Dragon of purification, cleansing, and protection from negative energies and entities. This powerful Dragon helps to clear away negative blockages from your path, as well as remove trapped negative energy patterns held within your energetic field.

    The White Dragon heals sorrow, regrets, guilt, and all negative emotions within your being and energy fields. The energies of the White Dragon will then fill each chakra with pure love and light to bring peace, love, light, harmony, and happiness into your life. The White Dragon is so highly connected to Spirit and The Creative Source that you will feel a very beautiful, loving, energy as the White Dragon works to purify, cleanse, and heal you in body, mind, and spirit

    Raku Kei Reiki - £20
    System Originator: Holli Blackwell

    Raku Kei is the ancient science of self development and self improvement and it is believed that Raku Kei originated in Tibet. Raku Kei Reiki encompasses the energies of the Fire Dragon and is often been called "The Way of the Fire Dragon". The Raku is the vertical energy flow within the body, while the Kei energy flows horizontally. The two cross at the 'Hara' or solar plexus centre. In the Samurai ritual of 'Hara Kiri' it is this centre which the Samurai warrior would cut out, effectively cutting out the 'centre of his being'. The cross formed by the Raku and Kei energy is the cross which represents the four Cardinal Points and four elements.
    For centuries the Eastern belief systems have linked the dragon to the 'airy' or mental aspect of our nature. Mastering the Dragon energy is mastering the mind. The Chinese use the expression 'chasing the dragon' in opium smoking because dragons have always provoked fear in the weak-minded, but have inspired leaders and countries to adopt the symbol of the dragon as a powerful symbol of strength and fortitude. Speculation is that St George, the Patron Saint of England, most famous for his dragon-slaying, was actually conquering his own mental fears towards inner enlightenment.
    Dragons have always been linked to having fiery breath by which they overcome their adversaries. It is this breath, with the fire being supplied by the RAKU energy that blasts away obstacles to a clear mind, thereby bringing understanding to the student and presenting a clear channel for the attunement to take place. The seven major chakra points, the seven colours of the rainbow and the seven notes of the musical scale are all connected and balanced harmoniously with the various Raku Kei symbols to create a powerful healing and development key.
    It is necessary that you be an attuned and certified USUI Reiki Master to take this attunement which is offered in 1 integrated Master Level. Included in this course are:
    History of Raku Kei Reiki - The Sacred Secret of Reiki - Kidney Breathing - The Breath of the Fire Dragon - Raku Kei Symbols - Master Symbol - Raku Kei Kanji Mudras - Antahkarana  Information and Meditation - The Seven Layer Auric Body System - Chart of the Seven Chakras - Initiation by way of HA-AHI-WAI - The Water Ceremony - The Raku Kei Affirmation


    Gryphon Energies

    Gryphon's Lair Empowerment £10

    These fabulous creatures are mixed beings which have the body of a lion with the head and wings of an eagle. Early representations are found in the old Orient, The Assyrians knew this mixed beings as k'rub. The Hebrews saw the gryphon as a type of cherub, in the class of angels. The Greeks knew the Gryphons as riding animals used by the god who annually visited from the Hyperboreans. There was much gold to be found there and the Gryphons were the protectors. They were the personification of the avenging goddess Nemesis who turned the wheel of destiny.

    Gryphons were repeatedly outwitted by respective heroes. They sewed their skin together to enable them to fly and they were sought for food amongst some. This is reported in the oriental collection, 1001 Night as well as by the Roman poet Vergil. Virgil was also regarded as a capable magician. It is also told that the Gryphon teaches the Shaman to combine various positive traits in strength, yet maintaining discretion and seeing the truth. The protective griffin symbolizes great magic and power. Magical Correspondences; Earth with Air

    Ouroborus Energies

    Ouroborus Healing - £10
      System Originator - Lisa "Ladywolf" Center 
    Ouroboros is the purifying glyph in Alchemy. It is depicted as a dragon consuming itself beginning with the tail. It is also known as the Great world serpent that encircled the earth. There is no beginning and no end. It is representative of death and rebirth and through the ages it has been interpreted many different ways. It continues to show up in many cultures and beliefs. It is the Great Dragon sustaining self through destruction and rebirth. It is a symbol of eternity and of the cyclic nature of the universe. It expresses the unity of all things, which never disappear but change form in a cycle of destruction and re-creation. The Ouroboros often represents self-reflexivity or cyclicality, especially in the sense of something constantly re-creating itself, the eternal return, and other things perceived as cycles that begin anew as soon as they end.

    Pegasus Energies

    Pegasus's Lair Empowerment - £10

    In Greek mythology, two legends exist about the birth of Pegasus. But all agree on one thing: Pegasus is a winged horse. Pegasus was born when Perseus beheaded Medusa, Pegasus sprang forth from her pregnant body (in another story he sprang out of her neck). The other is that he was produced by the blood of Medusa sinking into the earth after she was killed by Perseus. In the end, we can consider Perseus and Medusa his parents. Pegasus was tamed by Bellerophontes who conquered the Chimaira and fought with him against the Amazons. He then got high spirited and tried to ride with Pegasus into the Mount Olympus. He incurred the anger of Zeus. Zeus sent out a brake which stung Pegasus so that he threw off Bellerophon. Bellerophon became blind and lame, and died alone and miserable. Pegasus flew on to the Mount Olympus and since then he carries the thunder and lightning of Zeus. Magical Correspondences; Air and Earth

    Phoenix Energies

    Cry of the Phoenix Energy - £10.99

    This is an intense and fiery energy which should be accepted with full awareness of the changes you wish to manifest within yourself. Working with this energy will allow you to release those aspects of you which are holding you back in life.

    The Song of the Phoenix is said to be more beautiful than that of a Siren though no Phoenix will harm you as a result of following its song. It is to that beauty we focus our attention as we consider the nature of this attunement.

    This energy has several purposes, those being the following:

    • Understanding your own personal Power
    • Working to reclaim your personal Power that has been given away to others consciously or unconsciously
    • Knowing your Self and knowing it well so that you are able to stay in alignment with that Self
    • Transforming/transcending that which you find to be unacceptable within your Self allowing it to be more in alignment with who it is you wish to be rather than who you have become
    • Learning to operate outside of the Ego in a manner that facilitates active participation of Spirit in your current incarnation for the purpose of learning the lessons Spirit has chosen for you in this life
    Firebirds Lair Empowerment - £10

    Firebirds are found in many cultures and with different names, but they all are firebirds. In all legends the description of the Phoenix is identical in the following points: He has a red plumage, a multicoloured tail, a golden neck, is majestic in flight and sings the most beautiful song. He looks like an eagle, heron, pheasant or peacock, but is always bigger and more colourful. The Phoenix is always in connection with fire, sun and eternity. And at last, there is always only one Phoenix at a time. Magical Correspondences; Fire with Earth

    Phoenix Rising Reiki - £15

    The Phoenix represents Rising above life’s challenges and circumstances whether this is Financial, Relationships, and Health etc. This beautiful bird of Myth and Magic is generally seen in the colours of red, golden yellow, and sometimes the Phoenix will have a slight tint of orange in its plumage. Since ancient times, the Phoenix has been considered a sun bird. Associated with the sun Gods, the Phoenix will catch fire at the end of its life only to return rising from the Ashes being reborn again to fly to the sun. Therefore, the Phoenix is a bird that comes from the power of the Sun, fire and air, and represents purification as well as rebirth and transformation. The Phoenix Rising Reiki system works with these colours and the elements for visualization in focusing or directing the energies to clear negativity and infuse courage, strength, endurance, and rising above life’s challenges. The Phoenix Rising attunement will burn away any negative thought patterns you have acquired during this lifetime and past lifetimes that are no longer needed. Through the Attunement these Negative Thought Patterns are released to be transformed into positive energies. By letting go of these negative thought forms, you can then begin to allow the positive things that the Universe has for us to come into us.


    Unicorn Energies

    Angels & Unicorn Healing Reiki Attunement - £15

    This attunement connects you to the energy of angels and unicorns for healing of yourself, and others. This system also brings empowerment and is a gentle, soothing, energy. While being very powerful, this attunement also has a cooling effect on the physical body, and the emotions (anger, aggressiveness, irritability, and other negative emotions). It works to help clear out any stray or unwanted energies that might be trying to cling and cause chaos or stress. Angels & Unicorn Reiki can also be used to help heal plants, animals, and Mother Earth. This is a wonderful healing energy that is in perfect harmony with angelic and unicorn energies!

    Pixie Unicorn Reiki - £10

    System Originator – Linda Colibert

    The Pixie Unicorn Reiki Empowerment connects you to the Pixie Unicorns and helps you with healing, laughter, and joy. The Pixie Unicorns are very small Unicorns that reside in the Fairy Realm. They are happy and love to make you laugh. They are always around you, living in both the countryside and big cities. Since they are so small, they can live just about anywhere. Connecting with them will draw help you to heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually, though their energies are strongest when helping you to heal from some emotional trauma, or emotional pain. Call on the Pixie Unicorns to spread joy and happiness throughout your life, and to help you heal relationships and broken hearts.

    Love & Return of the Unicorns - £10

    The Unicorn had withdrawn from the third dimension and has existed only in the etheric realms and in our imaginations and myths for many centuries. They are coming back to this dimension at this time in history and they want us to know they are with us. Unicorns are encouraging us in our quest to enlighten ourselves and assist with the ascension process of yourself and the planet for the highest good of all. Connected to the Elemental, Animal and Plant Kingdoms they have a love for all and offer peace and love and are longing to connect and guide more beings that are open to their presence. The medicine of the Unicorn goes to where it is needed most. Love & Return of the Unicorn helps you connect to their energy via this empowerment.

    Unicorn Energy Healing System - £15 

    The Unicorn healing system will introduce you to the secret and unique energies of the Mystical Unicorns.  Unicorns have been with us since Man first walked on the Earth, Cave paintings all over the world show horse like creatures with a horn protruding from the front of their forehead. Most people think of Unicorns as fantasy creatures and magical creatures only found in children’s fairy tales, but they are real! The Unicorns are coming to us now during this time of great difficulty in our world to teach and show us the gift of unconditional Love and the Power of Healing through their Energies and the Energies of the Unicorns Horn.

    The unicorns live here among us right now but just vibrate at a higher frequency than we do, this is why you will only see unicorns and other astral beings occasionally when the veil between the worlds is very thin. Asking to meet your very own unicorn friend during meditation is also a very good way to raise your energy to that of theirs and to meet and receive the knowledge and energies from them. Unicorns also guard the Realms of the Fairies and will take you there if you are ready for the experience.

    The unicorn is symbolizing all the good and pure characteristics many people wish to have. Unicorns are truly mystical creatures; they symbolize innocence, Clarity, Purity, Love and goodness of the heart. By the contact with this noble being a human can experience healing of his soul. We should learn again to hear and to see with our hearts and Mind.

    Flower & Homeopathic Energy Systems

    African Violet Octave - £15

    African Violet Octave energy system is the spiritual energy of the African Violet plant and its flowers. They assist to expand your consciousness and for your spirit to travel inter-dimensionally. The energies uplift you into higher realms while at the same time increasing your own vibrational frequency so that you are able to maintain a faster/higher energy vibration while here in this reality.

    African Violet Octave is useful for helping your brain relax after a long day of work or after encountering dense energies. It is common for people to go within and close off their connection with Source when they come in contact with negative, depressing or energies that are difficult to be around. We naturally close off from the uncomfortable energy of other people or our surroundings for protection, unknowingly also separating ourselves from Eternal Sacred Source.

    This system helps you to uplift and expand, bridging once again to Eternal Sacred Source for replenishing and sustenance. It bathes you in just the right range of energy frequencies to help you relax and open up safely to the energy that made you and supports you.

    You may activate the African Violet Octave to assist you when you want to go on a Shamanic style spiritual journey. Any time you are consciously setting your awareness to ask a question or achieve a task in another realm, African Violet Octave assists you to shift your energy frequency so that you can interact in that realm.

    Ethereal Flowers Attunement Level 1 & 2 - £25

    Learn how to make powerful flower remedies. Through these attunements you gain access to a specific flower's energy and can channel it by intention.  These are the same flowers that are used in the Bach Flower Essences.


    Ethereal Flowers I
    You are attuned to the following flowers:     
    Agrimony - Mental torture behind a cheerful face.
    Aspen - Fear of unknown things.
    Beech - Intolerance.
    Centaury -  Have difficulty in saying no and are anxious to please.
    Cerato -  Doubt your own ability to judge situations.
    Cherry Plum - Fear of losing control of the mind.
    Chestnut Bud - Refuses to learn by experience.
    Chicory - Are overly possessive. The care for others is self-centred and manipulative.
    Clematis - Dreamy, absent-minded, lack of interest in present.
    Crab Apple -  the cleansing remedy, have a poor self-image.
    Elm - Overwhelmed by responsibility.
    Gentian - Easily discouraged.
    Gorse - Hopelessness and despair, pessimistic.
    Heather - Obsessed with own troubles and experiences dislike being alone.
    Holly - Hatred, envy, jealousy, suspicions.
    Honeysuckle - Living in the past, nostalgic, feeling homesick.
    Hornbeam -  'Monday morning' feeling, tiredness at the thought of doing something, procrastination.
    Impatiens - Impatience easily irritated.
    Larch - Lack of self-confidence.
    Learn how to make a remedy, prepare a remedy for another person and how to pass on Ethereal Flowers.


    Ethereal Flowers II
    In this attunement you are attuned to the following flowers :


    Mimulus - Fear of known things.
    Mustard - Deep gloom for no reason.
    Oak - Are driven by a strong sense of duty and struggle on although exhausted.
    Olive - Fatigued, feel exhausted.
    Pine - Guilt Blame yourself for other people's mistakes.
    Red Chestnut - Over-concerned for others.
    Rock Rose - Scared, terror, fright.
    Rock Water - Are inflexible, self-denial, rigidity and self-repression.
    Scleranthus - Suffer from indecision.
    Star Of Bethlehem - Grief or shock.
    Sweet Chestnut - Extreme mental anguish.
    Vervain - Over-enthusiasm.
    Vine - Dominance and inflexibility.
    Walnut - Protection from change and unwanted influences assists in adjustment to transition or change.
    Water Violet - Pride and aloofness.
    White Chestnut - Persistent unwanted thoughts.
    Wild Oat -  - Uncertainty over one's direction in life.
    Wild Rose - Drifting, resignation, apathy.
    Willow - Self-pity and resentment.


    Homeopathy Ki 1-13 - £10

    Founder:  Kirsten Reinelt

    How do I use Homeopathy-Ki?

    The suitable means is to send the energy simply to the place in which it is needed. For example when bumping the toe, stage fright, or bee stings, send Arnica to the place in the aura and so on. In contrast to classical Homeopathy, it is not necessary with Homeopathy–Ki to indicate the desired power. We are only concerned here with the information the individual needs. Because the energy/information does not have to be extracted from the original substance, the strength is not necessary. The pure information that nature needs is present and it works it out directly. Frequently an energetic based gift is necessary, however it depends completely the person receiving the Homeopathy-Ki. Rely again on your internal wisdom or intuition.


    Aconitum - Allium Cepa - Bee Stings - Arnica - Arsenicum - Belladonna - Bellius Perennis - Bryonia - Calendula - Causticum - Chamomile - Cocculus - Euphrasia

    Lightworker Lavender Plant Shakti System Distance Course -£10
    System Originator - Mariah Windsong Napieralski

    This lovely attunement will help you to become closer to the energies of the Lavender plant, a plant which has many healing and therapeutic uses.  You can then use the etheric energies of Lavender wherever you are, even if you have no physical Lavender nearby. Once you have been attuned to this system, you will be able to use the energy for yourself and others. You will also be able to pass this attunement on to others. 

    You will receive 1 attunement containing three levels which are sent one after the other:

    Level one is for personal use that brings in several shakti. There is a shakti for each area of the plant, each of which brings in many functions available to you. 

    Level two brings in higher energies and provides you with the ability to run the shakti on other people.

    Level three gives you the ability to pass on the attunements to others.

    Protective Rose Camouflage Empowerment - £10

    System originator – Nicole Lanning

    This beautiful empowerment combines heart-based chakra love healing energies with the energies of rose quartz to protect and heal. Protective Camouflage is a method of cryptic or concealing coloration that allows an otherwise visible object to remain indiscernible from the surrounding environment. Along with protection, this form also incorporates the Rose Quartz attributes and properties to protect and heal. Camouflage has been around as long as we all can remember, from humans to animals alike, to help and grow not only physical but spiritual development as well. It is the purpose of using objects as aides of making them blend into their surroundings or deceiving the observer as to the location.

    Now the Rose Quartz comes into play in this form as a way of making sure you are not only protected but also works to heal and rebalance your heart chakra. Rose Quartz is a stone of unconditional love. It opens the heart chakra to all forms of love: self-love, family love, platonic love and romantic love also. This is a wonderful energy form that works well in protection especially from psychic attacks; this is the ability to hide yourself from predators, as well as keeping yourself whole energetically and still being able to continue with your usual daily lifestyle.

    Avalonian & Celtic Systems 

    Arianrhod Empowerment - £10

    ('Silver Wheel') Major Welsh Goddess. A star goddess. Her palace was called Caer Arianrhod (Aurora Borealis), Goddess of time and karma. Mother aspect of the Triple Goddess in Wales. Goddess of beauty, the Moon, fertility and reincarnation. Mother of Llew Llau Gyffes by her brother Gwydion. Her consort Nwyvre ('Sky, Space, Firmament') has survived in name only. Caer Arianrhod is the circumpolar stars, to which souls withdraw between incarnations, she is thus a Goddess of reincarnation. Honoured at the Full Moon.


    Celtic Moon-Mother Goddess called the Silver Wheel that Descends into the Sea. Daughter of the Mother Goddess Don and her consort Beli. She is ruler of Caer Sidi, a magical realm in the north. She was worshiped as priestess of the moon. The benevolent silver sky-lady came down from her pale white chariot in the heavens to watch more closely over the tides she ruled. Arianrhod is said to be able to shapeshift into a large Owl, and through the great Owl-eyes, sees even into the darkness of the human subconscious and soul. The Owl symbolizes death and renewal, wisdom, moon magick, and initiations. She is said to move with strength and purpose through the night, her wings of comfort and healing spread to give solace to those who seek her.

    The Azure Ray of Avalon - £10

    Founder Joanna Mullane

    "On this day I was blessed with a gift by one of my beloved Guides, Queen  Argante, The Elven Queen of Avalon. I feel quite blessed to have a Faery Queen as one of my Spiritual Guides, she has expressed her presence throughout my entire life in many ways but it has just been within the last two years that I have truly heard her and been able to understand what she wants to convey to the world. Today, her message for me was as clear as day and so was the symbol she passed on to me for this beautiful new Reiki system. The symbol she gave came to my Third Eye Chakra upon a beautiful bright Azure Ray of Light that then filled my entire being with a beautiful cocoon of warmth and comfort. The World has truly entered a time of great change, healing and urgency, where people everywhere are being passed incredible tools of light to use and help guide ourselves and others, on our spiritual journeys. It is with my great honour and with Queen Argante’s Blessing, that I now share this new system with all of you."

    Blodeuwedd Empowerment - £10

    In Celtic Myth the Goddess has three major aspects: the maiden, the mother and the crone. These three represent the three stages in life of a woman. Blodeuwedd is the flower maiden, Arianrhod represents the mother and The Morrigu at last is the crone. These three aspects of the Celtic goddess may have different names in different regions and regional legends. For example, Morrigan also takes the mother role at times.

    Blodeuwedd in a Cymric (Welsh) goddess an heroine known from the Mabiniogi of Math mab Mathonwy where she was created from flowers as a wife to Lleu. But she was unfaithful and plotted her husband's death. As a punishment the wizard Gwydion turned her into an owl, forever fated to shun the light of day.

    Blodeuwedd was created from nine types of flowers: oak, meadowsweet, broom, cockle, bean, nettle, chestnut, primrose, and hawthorn; thus she is in and of herself magical, being a nine-fold maiden. By definition she is a spring goddess, the maiden aspect of the Triple Goddess. Rules Over:  Flowers, wisdom, lunar mysteries, initiations.


    Branwen Empowerment - £10

    Sister of Bran the Blessed and wife of the Irish king Mathowch. Venus of the Northern Seas; one of the three matriarchs of Britain; Lady of the Lake (cauldron); Goddess of Love and Beauty. Welsh love goddess. In the Mabinogion, She is a central figure in being wed to the High King of Ireland and thereby encompassing the doom of both the Irish and Britons, when her brother Bran invades Ireland to rescue her from the degradation she experiences at the hands of a vengeful Court. A daughter of Manannan and Iweridd whose name means "fair bosom". She is often equated with the Greek Aphrodite and is a Goddess of love, sexuality, and of the sea. She was married to Mathowch, a king of Ireland who fought a battle with Bran after a wedding feast insult. Her son Gwern was put in his place but immediately killed. She died of a broken heart during the war between Wales and England, which began with an insult at her wedding feast, which she believed was her fault. It had, in fact, been the deliberate act of Evnissyn, a jealous courtier who thrived on malicious mischief. Her name indicates that she was a Raven goddess, and thus a goddess of battle, though the epithet 'blessed' also indicates that she, like her brother, Bran might also have been a psychopomp (transporter of the spirits of the departed to the otherworld)


    Brigit Empowerment - £10

    Celtic Goddess of Fire, Brigit, is a Solar and Lunar being. Myth and legends  cover centuries in time and it is said that she was so beloved that the Irish, wanting to preserve this Druid Goddess after Christianity, incorporated her into Christian Legend. Known by many names; Brigantia in England, Bride in Scotland and Bridandu in Wales and France, Brigt is said to have been the daughter of Dagda. She is of the Tuantha De Danaan race. Irish mythology reveals the Dagda to be the ‘father-god’. He was married to a triple Goddess himself and there is one belief that he had three daughters of the Dagda’. Brighid the Goddess   is a female sage and a woman of wisdom. On the day she was born a bright pillar of light came from her brow and connected to the heavens. Neighbours and surrounding towns could see the light and thought the house was on fire. She was thereafter connected with the power of the sun.

    Brigid's Flame Reiki - £15.99

    Founder Joanna Rowan Mullane

    From the manual: " Brigid is the Celtic Goddess of the Hearth Fire, Creativity, Poetry, Inspiration, Smithcraft, and healing. Bridhid is action, focus, strength, and purpose. Her influence touches every stone, tree and river. She is light...she wants us to live fully, to appreciate our strengths, as well as our weaknesses , so that we may be reborn to the light that is already within our own heart." Learn to work with this beautiful energy along with the four sacred symbols within this system. Each symbol is linked with crystal energy to further empower the energy and provide a closer connection to Brighid’s energy. Learn which healing herbs are sacred to Brighid.

    Prerequisite: It is beneficial to have experience working with Reiki symbols.


    Cailleach Empowerment - £10

    'Old Woman' 'Crone' ''Duineach'' 'The Popular' 'Many Followers'. Her properties include: Crone Aspect of the Great Goddess, Creator of Storms : Goddess of Sovereignty Associated Season: Winter from Samhain to Imbolc Associated Herbs, Trees & Fungi: Alder  and Yew

    The Cailleach Beara is one of the oldest living mythological beings associated with Ireland. She is usually associated with Munster in particular Kerry and Cork.  She is considered a goddess of sovereignty giving the kings the right to rule their lands usually appearing as an old woman who asks a hero to sleep with her, if the hero agrees to sleep with the old hag she then transforms into a beautiful woman. This is similar to the Morrigan who appeared to the hero Diarmuid O Duibne as a hag who asked him to carry her over the river, he complies and is rewarded by her.  The Cailleach Beara is ever-renewing and passes through many lifetimes going from old age to youth in a cyclic fashion.  She is reputed to have had at least fifty foster children during her 'lives'.  Her grandchildren and great-grandchildren formed the tribes of Kerry and its surroundings. The Book of Lecan (c.1400 a.d.) claims that the Cailleach Beara was the goddess of the Corcu Duibne people from the Kerry region.  In Scotland the Cailleach Bheur serves a similar purpose as the personification of Winter she has a blue face, and is born old at Samhain (Nov 1st) but grows ever younger over time until she is a beautiful maiden at Beltane (May 1st).

    Camelot Avalon Empowerment - £10

    Camelot is the legendary centre of King Arthur's realm.  The story of King Arthur and Camelot is a well recognized legend throughout the world. Camelot is a dream city, a Utopia, King Arthur's Personal capital where he dispenses justice, hosts feasts, and surrounds himself with brave knights. Camelot has come to be associated more with the values Camelot is believed to have represented than an actual place. The romances depict the city of Camelot as standing along a river, downstream from Astolat. It is surrounded by plains and forests, and its magnificent cathedral, St. Stephen's, is the religious centre for Arthur's Knights of the Round Table.

    There Arthur and Guinevere are married and there are the tombs of many kings and knights. In a mighty castle stands the Round Table; it is here that Galahad conquers the Siege Perilous, and where the knights see a vision of the Holy Grail and swear to find it. Jousts are held in a meadow outside the city. In the Romance of Palamedes and other works, the castle is eventually destroyed by King Mark of Cornwall after the loss of Arthur at the Camlann. However maddening to later scholars searching for Camelot's location, its imprecise geography serves the romances well, as Camelot becomes less a literal place than a powerful symbol of Arthur's court and universe.


    Celtic Reiki 1 - 2 -3/Master - £25

    Celtic Reiki is a variation of Usui Reiki, which uses vibrations of the earth and specific trees and shrubs in order to create an environment suitable for healing and manifestation. The Reiki energy mimics the frequency of various trees and plants so as to work in accordance with channelled and Celtic wisdom. As Celtic Reiki is an earth energy Reiki, it is channelled up through the base chakra, rather than down through the crown (Which is case with Usui Reiki). This makes it similar in some ways to Kundalini Reiki, although Celtic Reiki does not act on the Kundalini. Instead, it produces results akin to traditional Usui Reiki, although these are influenced considerably by the energy techniques of the Celts.

    The Attunement Process:

    For the purposes of this Celtic Reiki course the energies will be passed via three attunements

    *The first will introduce the new energies and prepare the student for the later ones.

    *The second attunement will work with manifestation energies

    *The third with healing and master energies. In addition to the symbols and descriptions

    Each section will incorporate aspects of Reiki, Celtic wisdom and detailed instructions for use.


    Celtic Wisdom - £15

    The 10 symbols forming the Celtic Wisdom Energy System were channelled following a visit to Croft Moraig, a megalithic site comprised of three concentric stone circles near Aberfeldy in Perthshire, Scotland. Croft Moraig translates from Gaelic as the ‘Field of Mary’ and is believed to be situated on an energy ley-line alignment with the ‘Praying Hands of Mary’, a megalithic standing stone 15 miles away in Glenlyon. The symbols stem from Celtic wisdom and are largely Goddess symbols in origin. This beautiful energy system is highly balancing and grounding, and assists us in connecting with our true nature and place in the Universe. It will help release untapped potential, promote balance and tranquillity in our lives, and brings all those who are attuned to it the energy of unconditional love.

    Cerridwen Empowerment - £10

    Cerridwen is one of the Old Ones, one of the great megalithic pre-Christian Goddesses of the Celtic World. Although, in her story, she embodies all three lunar aspects of the Goddess, Maiden, Mother and Crone, she is primarily worshipped in her Crone aspect, by and through her Cauldron of Wisdom, Inspiration, Rebirth and Transformation. The cauldron has an intimate association with femininity together with the cave, the cup and the chalice, and the association of femininity with justice, wisdom and intelligence goes back to very ancient times. Cerridwen was originally worshipped by the people of Wales. It is told that she lived on an island, in the middle of Lake Tegid, named after her husband, with her two children, a beautiful daughter, Creidwy, and a very ugly son, Afagdu.

    To compensate her son for his unfortunate appearance, Cerridwen brewed a magical formula which would make Afagdu the most brilliant and inspired of men. For a year and a day, she kept six herbs simmering in her magical cauldron, known as "Awen", under the constant care of a boy named Gwion. One day, while Gwion was stirring the cauldron, a few drops of the bubbling liquid spattered on his hand. Unthinkingly, and in pain, Gwion, sucked his burned hand, and suddenly he could hear everything in the world and understood all the secrets of the past and future. With his newly enchanted foresight Gwion knew how angry Cerridwen would be when she found he had acquired the inspiration meant for her son. He ran away, but Cerridwen pursued him. Gwion changed into a hare, and Cerridwen chased him as a greyhound; he changed into a fish, and Cerridwen pursued him as an otter; he became a bird, and she flew after him as a hawk; finally, he changed into a grain of corn, and Cerridwen, triumphant, changed into a hen, and ate him. When Cerridwen resumed her human form, she conceived Gwion in her womb, and, nine months later, gave birth to an infant son, whom she, in disgust, threw into the water of a rushing stream. He was rescued by a Prince, and grew into the great Celtic bard, Taliesin.


    Danu Empowerment - £10

    Flowing Mother of Abundance

    Danu is thought to be the great mother of the race of the Tuatha De Danaan, the ancient tribe of the Celtic people. Legend indicates she greatly influenced them, nurtured them, even imparted her magic and esoteric wisdom to them. She is the great goddess of flowing rivers and the life force that they bring to the earth. She is associated with agriculture, cultivation, and the nurturing of the land. She represents the cycle of life, death, and rebirth, as demonstrated by the plants of the natural world, just as the humble acorn buried in the ground becomes the mighty sacred oak tree. She is a lover and a giver; she sees a small band of weary warriors and their families dredged up on northernmost island shores. It takes a goddess of compassion to want to nurture a broken people back to strength. She is a goddess who recognizes potential. In spite of their incredible fighting skills, these were a pretty common people. The Celtic goddess Danu exhibits discerning judgment when she chose to share herself and her gifts to these people. She knew talent when she saw it (even in its raw, unrevealed form). Her properties include; Mother Goddess, Fertility, Abundance & Protection.


    Epona Empowerment - £10

    Mother horse goddess of Earth, Epona was invoked often, but more frequently during the equinoxes to bring about smooth passage of the seasons (both physically and philosophically). Epona is the Celtic goddess called to honor equinox ceremonies; reinforcing her power to deftly deal with transitions. As an Earth goddess, she is hailed for her grounding nature, particularly needed during times of crisis or flux in life. Always depicted upon a horse.  Epona would also serve as the guardian of new life. She would welcome safe arrival of new babies as well as new crops.

    The goddess Epona was revered and worshiped by the ancient Celtic people as a loving protector of horses, donkeys and other animals. Commonly represented as a horse figure, a mare and foal or as a woman on horseback, she was also a goddess of fertility, re-birth and abundance. Although originally a Celtic goddess, she was eventually accepted by the Romans who saw her more as a protector of their cavalry. She can fit into so many aspects of our lives. She is the goddess of dreams not only of the sleeping kind but the dreams of hope and ambition. She can be helpful in manifesting dreams and is a good protector to have when venturing on a new path in life. A prayer or invocation can be offered to her if one is having trouble sleeping or wishes to have insightful or peaceful dreams. She is a nurturing caregiver and can be called upon as a protector of families, children and women who are about to give birth. Epona is also good to turn to when seeking positive blessings and prosperity. She is good to call upon during dark, difficult times in life such as grief and loss and can offer guidance that is gentle and loving in nature. Roses are a wonderful offering to leave on your altar for the goddess Epona as are rose petals or rose incense. Sandalwood incense can also be used as an offering. When burning a candle for Epona, the most common color associated with her is white. 

    Excalibur Reiki - £10

    Excalibur Reiki is used to cut through the veil of illusion, separating us from out true spiritual selves. It is great to use it to clear out negative energies, remove negative attachments to objects, people, things and places. To cut etheric cords between people and provide protection from negative entities or thought form. You can incorporate Excalibur Reiki into your regular Reiki session to add  to the healing energies. It is also useful in bringing light, peace and clarity to any situation you use it for. There is only one attunement to Excalibur Reiki, and there are two symbols, the symbols are more like visualizations that you use, then typical Reiki symbols. Excalibur can be used as a focusing tool to bring insights and clairvoyance to you. It is a nice and warm energy that will bring clarity and protection to the user and receiver. Excalibur will connect you with The Knights of the Round Table and their energy. They are especially helpful with ridding unwanted people and negative entities that surround one. Excalibur will also connect you with Merlin the magician and his energy. This connection will help you to transform something and make it into something else, as in alchemy. Merlin's energy is a wonderful way to change "bad things" in your life and transmute it into something positive. Excalibur will also connect you with the Lady of the Lake, she brings healing and wisdom. If you are troubled and don't know where to turn the Lady of the Lake will help give you answers in your dreams. She has a calm and peacefully beautiful energy.
    Holy Grail Avalon Empowerment - £10

    The Holy Grail is generally considered to be the cup from which Christ drank at the Last Supper and the one used by Joseph of Arimathea to catch his blood as he hung on the cross. In Christian beliefs, the Holy Grail was the dish, plate, or cup used by Jesus at the Last Supper, said to possess miraculous powers. The connection of Joseph of Arimathea with the Grail legend dates from Robert de Boron's Joseph d'Arimathie (late 12th century) in which Joseph receives the Grail from an apparition of Jesus and sends it with his followers to Great Britain. Building upon this theme, later writers recounted how Joseph used the Grail to catch Christ's blood while interring him and that in Britain he founded a line of guardians to keep it safe. The quest for the Holy Grail makes up an important segment of the Arthurian cycle. The legend may combine Christian lore with a Celtic myth of a cauldron endowed with special powers.

    The quest for a divine vessel was a popular theme in Arthurian legend long before medieval writers introduced the Holy Grail to British mythology. It appears in the Mabinogion tale of Culhwch and Olwen, but particularly well-known is the story of the Preiddeu Annwfn or "Spoils of the Otherworld" as recounted by Taliesin. Arthur and his warriors sail off to the Celtic Otherworld to capture the pearl-rimmed Cauldron of Annwfn: like the grail it was a giver of plenty, but also of prophecy. It was at last discovered at Caer-Siddi (or Wydyr), an island bound castle of glass, where it was guarded by nine divine maidens; but the ensuing perils were too much for even Arthur's men. The mission was abandoned and only seven of their number returned home. 
    Throughout Norman and Christian Arthurian legend, 'The Quest for the Holy Grail', or 'The Grail', is a search for a magical cup which brings enlightenment brought by Joseph of Arimathea to Britain. A few stories tell of the cup being brought by angels from heaven and given to sacred Knights, perhaps the Knights of the Round Table, or their earlier counterparts. Only the pure were said to have been able to approach the cup, anyone else approaching it would simply see it disappear before their eyes. Yet if we re-examine the ancient Welsh references to a sacred vessel, we find that it is the Cauldron that offers immortality and wisdom to those who drink from it. Taliesin described the drops, or liquid, from the Cauldron as being able to provide a person with the ability to see – The Past, The Present, and The Future.'


    Isle of Avalon Empowerment - £10

    Founder: Elizabeth Hibel

    Avalon is a place rich in tradition & mystery.  Much has been written about Avalon.  Most scholars agree that Avalon was a sort of spiritual centre dating from very ancient times. Its tight association with the historical site of Arthurian legends draws us to the Celtic Britain, where clues of Avalonian's existence began to emerge from the mists. From time immemorial, the Isle of Avalon, in the Summerland (Somerset, England), has been home to the Goddess.

    This ancient sacred place is the legendary West Isle of the Dead.  Dedicated to an awesome and powerful Goddess, this Island lay far to the west in a shining sea.  People were called here to die, to be transformed and reborn. By tradition, a group of Fairy Queens live, even today on this Western Isle. Skilled in healing & the magickal arts they are the keepers of the Mysteries of the Goddess. In your initiation to Avalon you can become attuned to the subtle energies and perceptions of the inner worlds. The veils between the worlds are thin here.
    King Arthur Empowerment - £10

    King Arthur  Empowerment was founded by Elizabeth “Midnightowl” Hibel and is part of the LightWorker Series.  The following is from her manual:

    King Arthur is the figure at the heart of the Arthurian legends. He is said to be the son of Uther Pendragon and Igraine of Cornwall.  King Arthur defeated the barbarians in a dozen battles, conquered a wide empire and eventually went to war with the Romans. He returned home on learning that his nephew Mordred had raised the standard of rebellion and taken Guinevere, the queen. After landing, his final battle took place. The saga built up over the centuries and Celtic traditions of Arthur reached the Continent via Brittany. In this, we are told of Arthur's conception when Uther approached Igraine who was made, by Merlin's sorcery, to resemble her husband. The child was given to Ector to be raised in secret. After Uther's death there was no king ruling all England. Merlin had placed a sword in a stone, saying that whoever drew it out would be king.

    Arthur did so and Merlin had him crowned. This led to a rebellion be eleven rulers which Arthur put down. He married Guinevere whose father gave him the Round Table as a dowry.  In the war against the Romans, Arthur defeated the Emperor Lucius and became emperor himself. However, his most illustrious knight, Lancelot, became enamoured of Guinevere. The Quest for the Holy Grial began and Lancelot's intrigue with the Queen came to light. Lancelot fled and Guinevere was sentenced to death. Lancelot rescued her and took her to hisrealm. This led Arthur to crossing the channel and making war on his former knight. While away from Britain, he left Mordred in charge. Mordred rebelled and Arthur returned to quell him. This led to Arthur's last battle on Salisbury Plain, where he slew Mordred, but was himself gravely wounded. Arthur was then carried off in a barge, saying he was heading for the vale of Avalon. Some said he never died, but would one day return. However, his grave was supposedly discovered at Glastonbury in the reign of Henry II (1154-89)


    Knights of the Round Table Avalon Empowerment - £10

    The knights in Arthur’s company became known as the “Knights of the Round Table”. These knights were heroes, renowned for their strength and courage, and for their skill in combat and warfare. They swore to protect the king and the kingdom. Unlike medieval military orders, Arthur had never established rules and heraldic designs upon his knights. Each wore designs of their own choice often wearing one of the colours, the most common being white, black, red, green and blue. The Round Table was founded in patience, humility and meekness and lived by a strict courteous and respectful code of conduct. 

    Lady of the Lake Empowerment - £10

    Founder: Elizabeth Hibel  

    Lady of the Lake Empowerment was founded by Elizabeth “Midnightowl” Hibel and is part of the LightWorker Series.  The following is from her manual:

    “Would you please allow me to introduce myself. You may know me as Nimue, Nineve, Niniane, Vivien or Viviane, and you might also know me as the "Lady of the Lake". But I am only one of many high priestesses of the Goddess, which were all called "Lady of the Lake". It is a title like the "Merlin". The reason why you might have heard of me was because I was the aunt to a very famous king, Arthur, for whom I had high expectations.

    “My mother was also Lady of the Lake, but she died very young. So we were raised by the very  young but already wise Taliesin. I and my two sisters all loved him, but I was the oldest, so I came to know him somewhat better than my younger sisters. As the eldest I followed my mother as the Lady of the Lake - the High Priestess of the Goddess. I worked together with Morgaine and the Merlin my nephew Arthur on  the throne.” 


    Marian Empowerment - £10

    Ancient Goddess of the Sea also known as Aphrodite and Venus. She is the symbol of maternal love, once pictured as a great fish that the birthed the Gods. This image was later translated into a Mermaid. She is known as a great protector. Legend says that many years ago King Kastro and his seven armies tried to invade the sky palace of Marian only for her the ground to open beneath their feet and to be cast out from her realm. They found themselves reduced to a third of their stature, in height, breadth and strength. Filled with such guilt were they that upon returning home their eyes refused to see and the king took his own life. Call upon her for all matter to do with sea; she is also involved with the trinity of sea, earth and sky


    Merlin (Taliesin) Empowerment- £10
    Founder: Elizabeth Hibel

    Merlin (Taliesin) Empowerment was founded by Elizabeth “Midnightowl” Hibel and is part of the LightWorker Series.  The following is from her manual:

    "My name is Taliesin, but I am generally known by my function as both bard and druid – the Merlin of Britain – especially in connection to the court of King Arthur.  There were a lot of stories told about my birth, but it is true, that I was found as a child by prince Elphin, the son of Lord Gwyddno Garanhir of Ceredigion.  He was the one who gave me the name “Taliesin” which means “Radiant brow”.”


    Morrigan Empowerment - £10

    The Morrígan is a goddess of battle, strife, and fertility, life and death. Her name translates as 'Phantom Queen,' She therefore had a habit of appearing to the great heroes when their life was in danger. Cúchulainn's divine grandfather the Dagda made love to the Morrigan in a story of creation and conflict. Cuchulainn himself encountered the Morrigan in a variety of forms; she appeared as a woman with streaming long red hair, red eyebrows, wearing a long red cloak and carrying a grey spear riding in a chariot. She could change her shape at will.   Cúchulainn did not recognize her as a goddess and spurned her amorous intentions she then harassed him in battle.  She also appeared as an old crone. Her most well recognized form was that of a black crow who was her totem bird.

    The Morrigan was the High Queen and goddess of the Tuatha De Dannen, who watched over the welfare and warfare of that fairy folk while they against the Firbolg people for the soil of Ireland. She is prophetess of all misfortune in battle and has knowledge of the fate of humanity. She is also the messenger of death as the dark lady/washer at the ford: Morrigan is seen washing bloody laundry prior to battle by those destined to die. Her personality is associated with the sometimes frightening aspects of female energy. As a protectress she empowers an individual to confront challenges with great personal strength, even against seemingly overwhelming odds. She may be a Goddess of battle, strife and fertility but like all the Celtic Goddesses, she is neither totally evil nor good. She is a balance. Like the Greek Goddess Athena, the Morrigan often steps in to wage justifiable war. She is called upon by warriors, and if she agrees with their battle and motives, she aids them.

    Wisdom of Merlin - £5.99
    System Originator - Andrea Baginski

    Merlin is known for being a teacher and mentor of King Arthur of Great Britain. He was also a Druid and he knew all about the laws of nature, Mother Earth, plants, animals, crystals, the sky, the stars and the trees. This empowerment will help to connect you with Merlin on a deeper level and if you are ready, he will teach you the Magickal knowledge and wisdom that will help you on your path. Once you have been attuned to this system, you will have a stronger connection with Merlin and you will also be able to pass this attunement on to others.