Hex and Curse Breaker-Philip Hilton - Shamanic Services

Hex and Curse Breaker


This session is based within the Conjure area
, but will also utilize various techniques and modalities which are suited to this kind of work. Among the techniques used are tools of Exorcism, these will include Blessed Holy oil and Holy water. If needed a full distant exorcism will be carried out using the Roman Rite. This works well as a distant service, as it does in the physical.  

During these sessions I will be using Saintís relics as energetic conduits, this amplifies the power used.

These sessions can be change, altered and calibrated to each clientís unique needs and belief system.

The area of protection, cleansing, negative clearing and exorcism are my particular specialism.

You may need this service if you feel or encounter any of the following:

  • A run of bad luck which goes on for too long
  • An inability to concentrate or keep your mind on things
  • Ill health for with no apparent reason or diagnosis
  • Nightmares or bad and confusing dreams
  • Negative thoughts or images and or voices in your mind
  • Urges to do things which are not only negative but which are also out of character
  • Addictive behaviour which you dislike and yet find impossible to escape from, particular addiction to gaming and or pornography
  • If you have ever been told that you have been cursed
  • If you have been associated with any kind of occult groups or organisations which you have since left, yet feel somehow still attached to

The fee for a single standalone session is £60

The fee for a three session series is £150 with a saving of £30 (this is for those people whose problem is more complicated or who want to be certain that changes will last well into the future.
Email me now to book your session hiltonphilip85@gmail.com