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Conjure, Hoodoo or Rootwork are all terms which mean a certain style of folk magic. It is akin to Voodoo practices and in some places such as New Orleans can be found side by side with them. But Hoodoo is not a religion the way Voodoo is. And it is not directly related to African Traditional Religions (ATRs). However, Conjure/Hoodoo/Rootwork have their origins with the African slaves who were brought to America and African deities are honoured and shown respect during work, as are the African ancestors of Conjure. As a Conjure worker I call on and work with my own ancestors and The ancestors of Conjure, together with my guides and other spirit helpers. The practices came about from the sheer necessity of survival in a new and threatening land. Over time, they coupled the African traditional thoughts and techniques with those not only of Native American, but over time also with various Europian magical systems. This all led to what we know today as Conjure - Hoodoo - Rootwork.

Today Conjure it is as diverse as its practitioners, who on the whole adhere to certain traits of working, such as the use of the Psalms and a Christian belief system coupled with natural magic. Whilst it has many things in common with certain forms of traditional green witchcraft, it is not Witchcraft. What it is is a powerful form of natural earth-based magic.

Any of the following questions can be answered by and dealt with by Conjure work. All sessions are conducted by me and in full physical form, using all ingredients deemed necessary in my opinion for each particular session. The fee is all-inclusive and includes everything used for your session including any herbs, oils, washes, dust, powders, candles etc. you will receive a detailed feedback report via email once your session has been completed and written up. Unlimited email support is also included.

I have studied Conjure intensively and completed three courses on the subject.

Conjure is my go to magical system for powerful, long-lasting results.

Do you think you may have been cursed? (This really is a lot more common than most folks think.)

Are you unlucky? does life always seem to be against you?

Are your finances in a bad state?

Is your love life nonexistent?

Do you want to stop your spouse from straying?

Would you like that promotion?

Have you been the victim of a bully?

Are you having issues with psychic vampirism?

Are you being dominated by another?

Do you feel unable to move on with your life because of a past trauma or live event?

Are you the victim of Gaslighting?

Are you being stalked?

The fee for a single standalone session is 60

The fee for a three session series is 150 with a saving of 30 (this is for those whose problem is more complicated or who want to be certain that changes will last well into the future.)
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