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How your property is oriented, how you arrange your home and the objects within it, these can affect how the energy (known in Feng Shui as Chi sometimes called Life Breath) flows through your home and your life. Even the colours on the walls of your home have an effect, depending on which wall they are placed on. Chi is in reality the universal energy of all things. It is all around us and it is important to not disrupt its flow, but to encourage the good energy to linger and aid in health, happiness and wealth.

The goal here is for the practitioner to offer tips, techniques and advice, that once acted upon will change the energies and their flow throughout the property. The changes brought about by the use of Feng Shui can be staggering, from changes in relationships and love-life to, education and studies, finances and so much more. With the application of this system lives can be turned around

What makes this service different to other such services offered is that it is a distant service. I am able to spirit journey to your property, home or business, and, divine and ascertain the energies. This takes a house tune-up and cleanse to a whole new level, because here we are looking at causes of blocked energy and remedies to remove these.

Having ascertained the main issues, I will, using classic Feng Shui principles to compile a detailed report, this will offer ideas, thoughts, remedies and techniques which you will be able put in operation. This service firmly puts change into your own hands, instead of waiting for another to fix things for you; it instead offers you the means for true, lasting and authentic change.

This service will include the following:

  • The use of Classic and or Western Feng Shui principles
  • Shamanic Journey to property
  • Energy dowsing and intuitive work
  • Use of of Bagua and Lo Shu
  • A list of short term remedies for you to try immediately
  • A list of long term remedies and ideas for you to put into action over a longer period

The fee for this service is 60