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    Love & Self Identity

    We all have a strong need to know who we truly are; we each have a history – our life story of how we came to be where we are today. Our self identity is formed from our own unique experiences, how we have approached and overcome obstacles, how we perceive the world around us and those we share our lives with. We are constantly changing and evolving, taking onboard new information all the time. Part of this process is sifting through it all and keeping only which continues to serve us and can help us in our future.

    Often we become trapped in cycles formed in previous relationships; family ones as well as romantic ones. We pack and carry the hurt, the burden and the self sacrifices of the past in the same suitcase as the happy memories of love, laughter and good times spent together. When we enter into a new relationship is all too easy to do so with memories and experiences of the past clouding our judgement instead of looking at each new encounter with fresh eyes and an open heart. This isn’t to say that it is a good idea to walk blindly into a new relationship wearing rose tinted glasses with your heart on your sleeve but instead to welcome new experiences without expecting your new lover to behave in the same way as your previous one did.

    When you take steps to closely scrutinise your thoughts, emotions, your perceptions of the past you can break these cycles and this will allow you to learn to love and accept yourself just as you, to forgive and release the past and to move on with an open and loving heart. Peeling away the onion like layers to reveal your true centre of awareness, allowing you to live your life authentically.

    The following attunements can help support you through these changes peeling away the onion like layers to reveal your true centre of awareness, allowing you to live your life authentically. Until we truly know, trust and fall in love with ourselves how can we hope to share ourselves with another?

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    GVHT Love & Self Identity Systems By Raine & Philip Hilton

    NEW Bereavement Care - £25

    Founder: Raine Hilton

    Are you devastated by the loss of a loved one?

    Overwhelmed by your conflicting emotions?     

    Feeling exhausted by the weight of your grief?

    Wondering how you are going to survive this?

    The power and energy of crystals can support us through many of life’s changes. We don’t even need to have the physical representation of these crystals in our possession for this healing to take place. This attunement energy system will connect you to five specific etheric crystalline energies to aid you in your journey through the grieving process. These are:

    • Rhodochrosite: emotional support, release sadness
    • Jet: overcome negative and self destructive thought patterns
    • Angelite: Aids in expression of grief, strengthens and supports connection to your loved one.
    • Celestite: Releases all of those unanswerable “What if” questions. Calms nervous mind and unsettled emotions.
    • Smoky Quartz: Release and ground negative energy, lifts depression and boosts physical energy reserves.

    Grief is something which affects all of us at one time or another. It brings with it a whole range of conflicting emotions we need to work through. Bereavement affects everyone but we all respond in different ways. Some find it easy to show their emotions, while others become withdrawn, or try to put on a brave face. Often we feel stunned initially by the news and it isn’t until later on that the reality of the siltation becomes fully apparent to us. This system takes you step by step through the grieving process and draws on specific crystalline energies to support you along your journey. We can never become the person we were before bereavement touched us but we can learn to embrace life once more and still honour those who have passed on.

    Learn about:

    • Understanding the bereavement process
    • Pet bereavement
    • Stepping through the 7 stages of grief
    • Learning to embrace life again
    • Bereavement crystal care
    • Creating a healing crystal grid
    • Honouring your loved one


    Sunstone ~ Moonstone Connection Empowerment to Buddha and Quan Yin -£20

    System originator- Raine & Philip Hilton


    This beautiful dual crystal healing system comes with two unique communications channelled directly from Quan Yin & Buddha  The following energetic healing system brings into alignment both male and female energies into harmony and perfect balance. If you are an energy worker and or a crystal healer, this is an ideal working system for you.


    • This attunement connects you to the healing properties of both the sun and the moon and the powerful energetic forces of Yin & Yang as represented by Quan Yin and Buddha. 
    • You are also attuned to the etheric crystalline energies of  the crystals Moonstone and Sunstone. This is representative of the masculine and feminine attributes inherent in all of us.  
    • Two unique rituals channelled directly from source by Philip Hilton and designed to enable deep meditation and visualisation with both Yin and Yang energy. These rituals are themed to Sun and Moon.
    • Two original channelled communications from Quan Yin and Buddha, giving insights and guidance for using these energies. Channeled by Philip Hilton.
    • An original manual designed and written by Raine Hilton.

    Twinflame Alignment & Harmonisation -£25

    Founders: Raine & Philip Hilton

    We began writing this twinflames manual about eight years ago, but it didn’t feel the right time to release this as an energy system, we still had much more to learn about ourselves, and our connection. It is only now, fifteen years since we were reunited that we felt it was the right time to help others to get the most out of their twinflame connection.

    Each soul is experienced within human incarnation as half a soul. The old term Split-Apart is quite apt, because in the beginning divinity evolved and split in order to experience creation, these split apart pieces in turn divided until what was to become known as the human soul emerged.These souls in turn split one last time becoming a mirror image counterpart waiting to be reunited. Each in human incarnation is fully functioning and appears whole, as well as being a perfect counterpart to the other, one being the female aspect and the other the male.

    When Twinflames are once again drawn together it can be a far from harmonious experience for many couples, for it is no small thing to be faced with another version of yourself. This can be more than just challenging, as it brings a great many things to the surface and strains relationships, often threatening to break apart those newly reunited in expected spiritual harmony.

    In order for the two to meet, both must have solved their own female and male aspect issues over multiple lifetimes and have evolved sufficiently, in order for them to be ready to move forward on their shared cosmic journey.

    Either before meeting or soon after, there is often an uprooting of the normal lives of those involved. Some have even termed this a dark night of the soul episode, where nothing seems to make sense and a need for answers comes crashing into the person’s understanding of their own life’s limitations.

    Not all Twinflames find each other in the physical, and, so, this should not ever be expected. A percentage of Twinflames will make contact with each other, even though one is not on the physical plane at the time. At times like this the non physical partner will act as guide to the other. The important thing is by using this energetic attunement you will be able to align with your Twinflame’s energies and in doing so, either be open to attracting your opposite Twin into your life, or if you have been reunited, improve your relationship via energetic means. If you have been guided to this energy system then you know the time is right for you to take this step.

    This energy system comprises of four separate aspects or rays of light contained within one energy stream. Once attuned you may wish to work with one or more of the rays depending on your unique situation and also where you are currently in your Twinflame relationship. This system covers:

    • Twinflame alignment
    • Reconnecting energetically with your twinflame
    • Restoring equilibrium after a twinflame has passed over
    • Harmonising twinflame energy fields

    Learn about:

    • Meditation to balance the feminine and masculine polarities within you prior to your attunement
    • False Twinflames
    • How same sex twinflames regularly occur
    • Working with this energy; candle meditation
    • Working with this energy; chakra to chakra energy sharing meditation
    • Our personal twinflame experiences
    • Also contains a unique channelled communication from Archangel Michael
    Love & Self Identity Systems By Other Channellers

    NEW Abandonment Reiki - £20
    System Originator - Nicole Lanning 

    Abandonment Reiki was specially channelled to help with healing abandonment issues using very gentle energy techniques with the help of Archangel Michael. This energy works well for: Abandonment- re-developing trust issues-grief- shame- anger-resentment- anxiety-fears-frustration- feeling helpless- dependent-abandoned-betrayed-disconnected- being alone
    Abandonment Reiki will help you to release all forms of abandonment issues to help heal the voids that are left behind from them, along with healing the astral cords that attach you to the person(s) or thing(s) that contributed to the abandonment issues. Archangel Michael works wonderfully with removing ties to others.
    If you’re someone seeking to heal these kinds of issues in your life, than this Reiki system may be helpful to you. It is recommended that you are attuned to a minimum of Reiki level 1 to take this attunement.

    Agrimony Shakti Level1 & 2 - £25 

    The Agrimony Shakti level 1 assists those who are smiling on the outside, yet sad or hopeless feeling on the inside. These people may seem jovial to others, but inside they feel like life has passed them by and they are just existing. They don't feel like they are really making a difference or that anyone cares.

    Agrimony Shakti level 2 provides reversal of hexes and persistent negative intentions from others. Agrimony Shakti's authority assists to send dark magic spells back from whence they arrived or renders them null and void.

    Agrimony Tracking Essence helps you find missing children or pets. Agrimony Relevant Information and Insight together with Agrimony Imprint Revelation and Clearance removes imprints of those who have come before so that their influence no longer affects you or your living space.

    Level 1

    • Healing for inner emotional pain despite outward "happy face"
    • Menstrual regulation and balance for women.
    • Digestion tonic
    • Ease of digestion during stressful times
    • Reduces inflammation of rheumatism for joint mobility and less pain
    • Urinary tract health increase and kidney stone reduction
    • Call upon Agrimony Shakti to speed healing of physical wounds
    • Increase your energetic immune system to resist others' ill will against you

    Level 2

    • Your link to the Agrimony Shakti will be deepened
    • Your ability to positively affect the reality of your body and life increases
    • Reverse bad spells or hexes with the Agrimony Shakti's spiritual authority
    • Notice and clear people's imprints to free you of their adverse influence
    • Track people here and in the spiritual realms during spiritual "journeys"
    • Agrimony Shakti increases the potency of your healing sessions


    All is Well Activation - £20 

    The All is Well Activation is given to us from the Divine so that we can transcend all things worldly and reach the total consciousness of our Divine Self, the Self that guides us in the energy of peace to live each moment knowing it is perfect just as it is. The activation will enable us to recognise the beauty and power of our own consciousness so that we reach truth and become our true Divine Self. The spirit that resides within us will be opened. We will be brought to a place of surrender where we know All is truly well. During the Activation peace will wash over us opening our hearts and releasing us to our truth so that we live life with greater ease, joy and contentment in peaceful constancy.

    The All is Well Activation will elevate our consciousness so that we are able to move toward surrender and trust and a deeper discernment ability of our inner guidance. As we work with the energy it will allow us to have more fulfilling, meaningful and richer lives. Enlightenment and ascension will gain momentum because we will rise above limitations that we have come to believe as our reality. Energies that are not positive, loving, or healing for our body, mind or spirit will be removed so that our light shines. The energy will assist our enlightenment process with speed and clarity. Energy that limits our true possibilities will be released so that we change, grow, discover truth, wisdom, and knowledge we never realized we had within us. The energy of this activation is loving, gentle and healing, carrying the spirit of unconditional love so that our soul rests in constant peace. We will be able to know, invoke and become peace for All truly is well in this moment and in each moment.

    Benefits of the All is Well Activation: 


    • Ability to dictate the reality one lives in.
    • Provides gateway energy for enlightenment and spiritual awakening.
    • Eliminates tendency to partake in negative thinking habits and patterns.
    • Experience mastery of the mind.
    • Strengthens the ability to concentrate.
    • Improves the ability to handle efficiently the daily affairs of life.
    • Increased manifestation Skills
    • Enjoy life more fully.
    • Enhances ability to manifest desires.
    • Brings inner strength and inner power.
    • Enhances ability to develop patience, tolerance and tact.
    • Assists in the overcoming and eliminating stresses, fears, anxieties and worries.
    • Brings freedom, peace, relaxation, inner happiness and true and lasting bliss
    • Enhances self mastery.
    • Brings strength and inner peace during hardships and difficulties.
    • Assists in maintaining inner poise, clear judgment and common sense in every situation.
    • Eliminates negative, futile and restless thinking.
    • Improves the ability to meditate.
    • Experience Spiritual contentment 

     Anti-depression Reiki - £15 
    System Originator - Linda Colibert

    Anti-depression Reiki connects you to your Higher Self and Spirit for healing. This system works to heal your body, mind, and spirit to balance any hormones or physical causes of depression. It also helps to heal issues that lead to depression emotionally, and raises your mental energies to help release any negative vibrational causes of depression. The love and light energies of Anti-depression Reiki helps to lift your spirits and give you hope, which lights the way out of the darkness of depression. The energies are excellent and very healing. You may feel lighter immediately after receiving this attunement and also any time you run the energies.
    This energy is designed to work alongside existing and alternative forms of therapy such as counselling and prescribed medication, and should not be used as a substitute.


    Brain Heart Connection Attunement - £25

    This is a beautiful energetic toll that has vibrant energy and will enhance the energetic and neural connections between your brain and your heart.  This energy has as a strong spiritual nature that may alter your consciousness, and give you access to your soul memory to help you with spiritual learning.  It is a truly spiritual energy and a powerful aid for anyone to reawaken their spirituality.

    Its vibration within the third eye chakra then combines with the heart chakra as it enhances the energetic and neural connections between your brain and your heart.  Its vibration is powerful at the heart chakra and the higher heart chakra.  Centred there it encourages the mind to hear the desires of the heart and to understand them enough to accomplish what is needed.

    This energy has a strong reaction within the third eye chakra and its energy is powerful for rousing psychic abilities.  It may aid you to learn to be psychic and it may be used for communicating with spirit guides.  Its energy will also stimulate you to begin developing your intuition. Brain Heart Connection is very much heart based and it will stimulate positive feelings such as happiness and appreciation for all that you have in your life.

    It has a strong life-force energy that makes it an excellent modality to use for healing the body. It will aid you if you suffer from depression as it brings through lovely positive feelings.  As its energy flows from the Heart Chakra down to the Base Chakra it is an aid to heal many physical complaints.  It assists those with adrenal fatigue or fainting spells, and with immune problems including chronic fatigue syndrome.  It will aid problems within the physical heart, stimulate an inactive thyroid, and bring general healing within the body.

    Break Free - Deep Clearing Reiki - £15

    System Originator - Linda C. Colibert

    The Break Free-Deep Clearing Reiki is a system that helps clear present and past life issues that may be blocking your abilities to move forward and follow your path.

    The conditioning we receive as children is not always in our best interest, and much of what we learn is impressed upon our unconscious minds both during childhood and later in life through our experiences. These negative thought patterns influence our thinking in the present time and may cause us to make decisions based on false impressions. In order to be successful in life at anything you choose, you must release these false and negative thought patterns.

    Not only does our past in this lifetime influence our decisions and reactions to things, but also we often carry over negative thought patterns from past lives. These need to be released and viewed as information, without any emotional attachments.

    Deep seated emotions cause us to form thought patterns and cling to things that are no longer helpful to us in the present. The Break Free-Deep Clearing Reiki system helps you to release things that are no longer for your highest good and severs the emotional attachments you may have to these negative thought forms.

    There are 2 symbols. One is for releasing negativity in the present, and the other is to help you release negative thought forms and emotional attachments to past life issues.


    Clearing Self Sabotage Reiki - £15 

    System Originator -Linda Colibert.

    We all have times when we feel like everything is going wrong, and it seems that there is a dark cloud hanging over our heads. During these times, we can often blame others, or ourselves for anything and everything that happens. More often than you might realise these negative thoughts create a subconscious mindset that sabotages our greatest hopes, dreams, and plans for success.

    Clearing Self Sabotage Reiki will help you to clear out the things that are hidden in your subconscious bringing them to the surface so you can recognise, acknowledge, and release them. Once cleared of these negative thoughts, emotional feelings and blockages to your success, you will find that things begin to improve, sometimes rather rapidly!

    Conscious Reiki - £15
    Founded By Pamela Caddy & Natalie Glasson

    Conscious Reiki anchors the Ascended Master Consciousness to heal and stimulate the mental process of the human mind. The combined energies of Archangel Metatron, Master Serapis Bey, Master Hilarion and the Avatar of Synthesis Mahatma unite now to channel their words of wisdom concerning this healing energy known as Conscious Reiki.

    Conscious Reiki is a specially formed healing energy that descends from the core of the Creator’s mighty soul; it is the Creator’s Ascended Master Consciousness. This divine and sacred energy is integrated within all Ascended Masters who have evolved through the lessons of Earth School or other planets, gaining enlightenment and illumination, now aiding humanity from the inner planes.

    The Ascended Master Consciousness is with the fabrics of the Earth and within the essence of every being. It is an aspect, energy or awareness that has yet to be realized within many souls on the Earth. To become an Ascended Master one must accept themselves as the Creator in manifestation and master many aspects of their being such as their mind, emotions, actions and reactions, ensuring that all emanate love. Mastery of the mind is a major challenge for all, but the Ascended Masters wish to aid all in accepting their higher consciousness as it is a form of ascension or development.

    This is a wonderful system which works well in conjunction with other Reiki systems and is especially helpful for those who live with;


    Dyslexia - ADHD or ADD - Speech and Language Difficulties - Limited Concentration - An Overly Busy Mind - Anxiety - Depression - Autism - Aspergers Syndrome 
    Empath Protection Activation and Clearing - £20

    An intuitive empath is a special person who has the gift of emotional, mental, spiritual and or physical energetic sensitivity. The empath’s world can be very challenging because of this sensitivity. Many empaths struggle because they can literally lose themselves in the emotions and thoughts of other people. The empath feels, perceives and experiences other people and their moods, emotions, motivations, intentions, thoughts, pains, etc.
    This activation and clearing is given to us from Spirit so that empaths can move forward with peace, tranquillity, awareness of their body, and remain grounded. It will shield and protect from taking on the negative energy of others so that one’s own energy can be managed, controlled, turned off when needed and create light energy using the power of the Mind. The Empath Protection and Activation Clearing will enable one to not only manage the empath nature but adapt to it and control it and modify the intensity of the experience. This system is guided by simple intention. Anyone can use this system so that one is no longer unconsciously influenced by the thoughts, emotions and moods of others. It will clear any negative behaviours that have been adopted as a result of negative emotions and sensitivity to others such as addictions to alcohol, drugs, sex, etc.
    This system will allow one to close oneself so that one is not constantly available to process other people’s negative feelings and energy. It will bring in the energy of self love so that one can put oneself first and others second so that one is a strong, powerful, clear, clean and healthy empath. The energy of this system will elevate one’s mental outlook. The activation will provide protection and defence against the negative emotions and energy of others so that one is no longer plagued by overwhelming floods of other people’s energy.

     Empowerment Reiki - £30

    System Originator - Stephanie Brail

    Empowerment Reiki is a special Reiki system designed to help you step into your power as a powerful spiritual being and contributor to the planet. Therefore, unlike many Reiki systems, you will not learn this system in one or even two attunements. You must receive the individual empowerments in the correct order. You can take as much or as little time as you want to receive the empowerments. (An empowerment is much like an attunement, only it is to raise your own vibration and clear your energy channels than to simply open up your healing abilities.) You may also repeat any empowerment you have already received at any time. Some may be called to receive multiple empowerments due to needing to really work on that specific area. (For example, if you have a hard time being grounded, you may want to receive the "Grounding and Centering" empowerment a few times.)


    • Empowerment 1: Grounding and Centering Serves to ground the person in physical reality, to be here, now, in the present moment. It also assists the person in becoming more comfortable in the physical body. This is an important foundational empowerment, as many lightworkers and those attracted to Reiki don't really want to "be here" and tend to connect too much to the spiritual.
    • Empowerment 2: Releasing Resistance Releases resistance, conflicting intentions, negative thoughts, stuck energy, and other blocks to your highest good.
    • Empowerment 3: Summoning the Light Brings light into your entire being, raising your vibration in preparation for achieving your life purpose.
    • Empowerment 4: Integration and Alignment Aligns your energy with your intention and your deepest heart's desire.
    • Empowerment 5: Stepping into Your Power Any remaining obstacles are cleared as all elements are brought together for you to step into your power!
    • Empowerment Reiki Master Attunement: You will learn the Empowerment Reiki symbols, the special hand positions and moving meditation. You will also learn how to attune others to Empowerment Reiki.

    * Please note there are 6 attunements to be taken separately at a  minimum of a week apart


    Erotic Empowerment - £15 

    System Originator – Hari Andri Winarso

    Erotic Empowerment forms a field of magnetic energy to attract another person towards our self. One of the important functions from this magnetic field is to increase self confidence, as self confidence is key to hope and success. You will also learn powerful Mudras and meditations to boost your self confidence help attract the One into your life

    1st Level of Erotic Empowerment; your energy body layer and aura are cleaned from negative energy. This allows your inner beauty and charisma to shine from within, boosting your self confidence and empathic abilities.

    2nd Level of Erotic Empowerment; this levels boosts your overall sex appeal and will also: Increase your self confidence - Help to increase your relationship abilities - Help to increase self placidity - Strengthens your aura - Increase your sex appeal - Increase your health - Help to create better relationships with another person - Help to simplify and speed up to meeting the One


    Eye of a Miracle Empowerment -£20 

    This gentle and uplifting energy system has been designed to help ease and guide you through the various stages of grief from the loss of a loved one, pet or marriage, relationship difficulties. Whatever the loss is this nurturing energy will work by wrapping you in an etheric warm blanket to help soothe and heal your troubled soul.

    You will no longer experience the inability to function as once this energy is activated it will work as a healing balm that will help to calm you and restore your sense of peace and tranquillity. Grief circulated through so many emotions and even though you may feel as if a storm is raging around you and you are losing control this energy will act as a beacon of light to guide you through your darkest hours.

    The energies of the eye of a miracle will also help to restore your energy levels to prevent your health from breaking down.


    Fear Disorders Reiki - £15

    Fear Disorders Reiki by Stewart Farquharson

    This energy stream deals with defensive behaviour that people use to deal with fear and pain, as seen from a subtle energy perspective.  This attunement owes a debt to ideas in the book Healing Touch by Barbara Brennan, and also to nursing workshops and work with mental health clients the founder has done. There are several different “personality types” but we can all find ourselves in every one.  

    Personality types you will learn about are: 

    Absent Attention; a defense mechanism when a person’s energy field leans away from you.  They talk of very odd things and seem to be alienated from the crowd - The Rigid Perfectionist - The Walled In One & The Infested - Needy & Abandoned; these are those who have been neglected and trapped emotionally, hungry for attention and love - Aggressive Avengers; these are those who are tense and angry, however, they are secretly terrified - Confused Seducer; These people were repeatedly violated or dominated. They are trying to deal with their fear by getting people to re-enact the toxic relationship.


    Fearless Reiki - £15

    This gentle, soothing, yet strengthening Reiki energy can be activated through intention or a colour to overcome emotional fears and blocks that get in the way of happiness, creativity, and love. Do not be deceived by the simple nature of this system. I highly recommend this attunement for anyone wants to progress in their life and overcome their fears and phobias. There are 2 types of fear: 

    1. Healthy fear is a natural fear, which is there to signal and help keep us out of danger, without this we can end up in danger.

    2. Irrational fear is an imagined fear, which we create in our minds, scaring ourselves from imagined situations that come from being hurt or harmed in the past. Irrational fear is unhealthy and Fearless Reiki works to heal this inappropriate fear, it helps to release and let go of the fears, anxieties, nervousness, tension and panic that is created by the things that scare us. This system will help to overcome your fears and to help move you into a more peaceful space, where you can move forward, and this system is powerful and will help you in many ways.

    Golden Ray Empowerment - £15 

    Founded by Ole Gabrielsen

    This beautiful Empowerment from Ole includes teachings on the healing power of forgiveness. The Golden Ray Empowerment also includes notes on how to release fears so you can progress spiritually. It involves stories and meditations and working on forgiveness, negative energy, and the golden ray for healing.  Without executing forgiveness, we fail to manifest our greater good and life seems harder and more painful.  This simple attunement has a powerful and far reaching effect. Forgiving others is not a sign of weakness or ‘letting someone off the hook’. We forgive others so that WE can get well and move on with OUR lives. By releasing this negative bond between yourself and another you may well find that even though the other person is unaware of what you have done your relationship will improve none the less in a  similar manner to a cord cutting ritual.


    Happiness Sublimination Attunement -£20 

    Happiness Sublimination Attunement is a powerful energy system to facilitate deep emotional healing. It encourages you to feel love for yourself and its energy will assist you in meditation, to reach a state of joy and sublime happiness. It aids you to bring deep forgotten memories to the surface for healing.

    Happiness Sublimination Attunement has strong heart based energy and is excellent for supporting and healing emotional upsets. In this attunement, the love energy is directed towards your own self. Its energy may stimulate your inner child and bring a deep childlike happiness and joy back into your life. It also enhances your courage to look at those things that you have been unable to face previously, so that you can make changes in your life.


    NEW  High Heart Chakra Clearing & Activation -£20

    System Originator - Tracey Loper

    The High Heart Chakra Activation System will return us to the feeling of oneness with our Divine Selves. The energy will enter into our Higher Heart Chakra so that we are basking in the love of Oneness of the Divine. This loving energy will permeate our whole body, entering into every cell of our beings, surrounding and filling all levels of our bodies bringing amazing healing energy to the Higher Heart Chakra, reconnecting our soul body and physical body and restoring spiritual love for the Divine.
    The High Heart Chakra will be activated, expanded, balanced, cleared and cleansed so that it operates at its optimum level. Any less than love energies that have caused us to close our hearts will be removed so that we are no longer self sabotaging our lives and can create the reality we truly desire. This energy activates the High Heart chakra to assist one in the outward expression of Divine attributes, in addition to making the thymus gland more fully regulate the immune system. The energy will heal disease and imbalances so that they become whole again returning to their blueprint state of perfection. Stagnant and accumulated negative energy within the auric field will be cleared.
    Energy gaps created by accidents and traumas in the past in this lifetime and others will be healed. Lower vibration energies will be transmuted. We will be free from envy, anger, aggression, jealousy, heartlessness, bitterness, hatred, and all other lower natured feelings that block us from the state of love. The Activation will clear negative patterns and imprints in the energy field that are related to the high heart chakra.


    Imara Reiki - £15

    This form of Reiki is a channelled form that came to Barton Wendel. Bart and his brother Geoffrey refined and developed Imara Reiki to its current state. Imara Reiki is a Reiki modality of a higher vibrational energy level than most common Reiki modalities because of its focused intentions. In some aspects, the healing energy of Reiki can be split up into vibrational (frequency) bands. Imara Reiki is a "Level 5" on the "Reiki Scale" with Usui Reiki being levels 1-3 and Karuna being level 4. Imara Reiki is an intense form of Reiki energy. The energy has a slightly different feel and:

    • Imara Reiki does NOT need symbols
    • Imara Reiki uses a new & easy attunement process
    • Most users experience a Strong Spiritual Connection (with ascended beings, angels, etc.)
    • Imara Reiki is known for its capability to help heal past life issues
    • Imara Reiki is very capable of helping to heal repressed issues (physical, emotional, spiritual trauma).
    • Imara Reiki has proven itself in the area of healing issues that are not on the conscious mind yet still affect you
    • Imara Reiki uses a strongly simplified and intensified distance healing procedure
    • It is very common for the giver and/or receiver to perceive information during a healing session
    • The name "Imara" basically means "more" ... hence, "More Reiki = Imara Reiki."
    • Once you are attuned to Imara Reiki, it is extremely simple to use the energy.
    • You must be a Usui Reiki Master to take this attunement.

    Karuna Ki Master Course - £25

    Karuna Ki means compassionate energy and its principles are with healing and spreading love and compassion to everyone. It connects you to the "Heart" of Reiki for healing the entire Universe. Karuna Ki strengthens your ability to heal on all levels. It offers a way to connect to the powerful healing energy of compassion and to share it with all creation. There are twelve new symbols to learn and use along with the Usui Reiki Master Symbol.
    Karuna Ki which was created by Vincent Amador is a complement to Usui Reiki. It is only available to Reiki Masters and has been developed from, but is in no way affiliated with, Karuna Reiki (which is trademarked by William Rand), although some of the symbols are the same.
    There are several aspects of Karuna Ki which include Healing, Meditation (Karuna Ki Do) and Chanting (or Toning). The simplest of these Toning practices is chanting the name of the symbol as you use it during meditation or healing. It is thought that the power and energy of the symbol passes with the breath into the client, intensifying the effect of the healing.  The basic principle of Karuna Ki is the connection to (and becoming) the embodiment of compassion for healing yourself, others, and to enable you to send healing and compassion to all creation.
    Please note that Karuna Ki Reiki is only available to those who have attained the Usui Reiki Third Degree (Master) level.

    Kava Reiki - £30

    Kava Reiki will assist in your spiritual growth and development, opening you to more of your potential and connecting you to more of who you truly are at a very deep heart level.

    The energy of Kava Reiki is a direct communication with the ‘well of compassion’ cradled within the human heart. Soft is its touch and grace is its understanding. Its nature is to be soothing and not confrontational so therefore it is a beautiful energy with which to restore balance to one’s personal emotional issues and events.

    Kava Reiki focuses in the love and compassion rays of Reiki and is a very powerful heart-centred healing energy.

    Kava Reiki is a system of healing founded by Rosemary Feld, consisting of 4 base levels, each level layering upon the next. With each successive attunement there comes a profound healing within the very core of your spiritual heart space, ultimately displaying a strengthening of connection with your own source essence.

    The Master/Teacher level or 5th level prepares to share this wonderful energy with others.

    A prerequisite of Usui Reiki level 2 is recommended in order to gain a full understanding of this system. There are five attunement levels to be taken a minimum of 7 days apart.

    Kriya Reiki - Perfect Balance and Action - £15 

    Kriya Reiki is a method of healing while bringing perfection to oneself. You cannot pour water from an empty vessel nor clean a surface with a dirty cloth, you cannot heal others as long as you are not perfectly healed. This means healing of self limiting thoughts such as lack of self-confidence or self esteem, It works on all levels: physical, mental and emotional. Pronounced "Kree Yah", it means perfect balance and action. The Law of Kriya is that of physical manifestation. Kriya balances energy, raises awareness and transforms thought into action.

    Kriya Reiki considers self-healing vitally essential for healing.  You will learn different methods of self healing as well as healing for others. These methods are easy and intuitive to follow. Kriya Reiki teaches thought release and meditation for self-healing.  These are done in a scientific method and by doing this you can be freed of any troubling thoughts. You will work with the following mantras:

    I accept myself as I am - I love myself as I am - I acknowledge the Divine within me - I worship the divine within me

    You will receive 1 attunement and 5 pdf manuals and a certificate of completion.


    Kuan Yin Blessings - £15.99

    Kuan Yin is the “Goddess of Compassion and Mercy” in Chinese Buddhism. She is considered to be a Bodhisattva, an enlightened being who has agreed to remain in the earth realm until all peoples are released from suffering.

    Kuan Yin is, as such, an archetypal energy that anyone can tap into in order to raise their compassion and connect to spirit. In this system, we will work with three components of compassion: Empathy, Forgiveness, Love

    Empathy is the ability to put yourself in another's shoes and understand where they are coming from. The colour we will associate with empathy is yellow. Forgiveness helps us to let go of anger we have towards others and especially ourselves. The colour we will associate with forgiveness is blue. Love is the all-encompassing force of connection and compassion. The colour we will associate with love is pink. In these three attunements you will learn how to use energy in healing, how to use Kuan Yin mantra, and how to perform heart centred breathing exercise.


    The Goddess Spot (GSpot) Attunement for Lovers - £15 

    Founder;Linda Kaye

    Expressing who you are as a sensual and sexual woman is your divine right as a woman; this is who you are by divine right.  The G Spot is one of the most pleasurable places on a woman's body. Many believe that the G spot does not exist.

    HOWEVER, it does exist- within YOU. The power is within you to experience your Goddess treasure and to embrace it. The Goddess Treasure is your G Spot. This is the spot that defines you as the beautiful sexual and sensual woman that you are by divine right. This attunement and the affirmations in this manual are especially beneficial for pre menopausal and post menopausal woman to return to the Juicy Goddess that we are meant to be by divine right.

    Childhood issues keep us from expressing our divine sexual and sensual self and from connecting with that special G Spot Energy. This attunement is also helpful for women who have experienced sexual trauma, guilt, fear, etc.  Your Goddess spot- your G Spot- is the most sacred spot for a woman. By embracing the Sacred Feminine within you, you are acknowledging your divine right to express your sensuality and sexuality. This attunement will help you to connect with your G Spot (sacred spot). Sexual pleasure and fulfilment is our divine right as a woman and a Goddess. “Sexy” is a feeling inside of you. Through this attunement, you will be able to connect with your own inner sexy divine spirit and to capture “feeling sexy”.


    Heart and Soul Reiki - £15

    This attunement is ideal to boost self confidence and self esteem.  If you find it difficult to maintain your enthusiasm for life, have problems completing tasks, or feel that you want to pour your heart and soul into something yet feel that you are being held back then this energy will help to free negative energy blockages preventing you from moving forward with your life.

    This energy helps those who self sabotage as well as those who feel  that limits have been imposed on them from others, even as far back as childhood from; parents,  teachers, other authority figures and even from well meaning friends .

    This manual teaches you how to release their hold on you, to make peace and to move forward, to live your life authentically, to learn to love and trust your own intuition and makes decisions for yourself.

    Heart and Soul Reiki includes three attunements. They can be given at the same time and then received in stages, or over several days. There are no rigid rules being imposed. It is probably an advantage to have taken Usui Reiki at least up to Level 2, but this is not a precondition.


    Healing The Inner Child Reiki - £15

    System Originator - Linda Colibert

    Healing the Inner Child Reiki connects you to spirit and your inner child to bring healing, joy, laughter, and childhood wonder of spirit to you. It also connects you to your personal guardian angels of the Inner Child. The energies of this attunement will fill you with love and joy, and heal those childhood memories and issues that are painful and have been holding you back in life. This helps you to allow your inner child to come forward with love and happiness.

    After your attunement you may begin to once again experience that childhood sense of eagerness of looking forward to doing something special or trying something new for the first time. You may find that as you reconnect with your Inner Child that you are able to recapture the self love, awareness and trust that each soul is born with, and an appreciation for all aspects of your life. Your Inner Child will be able to step forward and help you learn to love, laugh and experience with a truly joyful heart.

    Heart Root Chakra Synergy - £15

    Founded by Mariah Windsong Couture.

    The following is from Mariah’s manual: “Chakra Back Door Flush and Healing attends to the back door of both your heart and root chakras for clearing and healing. Then you will be able to activate the Heart Root chakra Synergy function which provides a synergy of these two important chakras.  When your Heart and Root Chakras are in synergy, there is a strong peaceful energy that flows in an oval flow up the spine, into the back of your heart chakra, out the front and down to your root chakra. “This is a powerful energy flow that, when freed of blocks and functional it increases your body’s natural abilities and contributes to inner peace.”

    Hidden Treasure Reiki Levels 1 2 3/Master - £20

    This system was channelled and written by Alasdair Bothwell Gordon.

    Literally since the dawn of history, stories have been told of searches for hidden treasure. That treasure may not necessarily be the stereotype of riches beyond the dreams of avarice, a pirate chest overflowing with gold and jewels. Probably the oldest surviving story in the world is the Gilgamesh Epic, in which a young man sets out to find eternal life.

    Hidden Treasure Reiki Attunement is about using and discovering the true inner gifts within us that make our life work from the inside out; discovering and uncovering your inner alchemy processes. Hidden Treasure is a full 3 level system:

    Level 1 – Dealing with past; including a short guided meditation utilising NLP techniques.

    Level 2 – Using Level 1 with others

    Level 3 – Master/Teacher

    Inner Light Reiki - £15

    Inner Light Reiki is a very simple, elegant system of Reiki that helps to shine the light of the soul out to the world. In our natural state, free from the constraints of the physical world and our own negative mental constructs, we are all beautiful spiritual beings, filled with light and love. But when we incarnate, and begin to experience the pains and limitations of the physical world, we soon start to develop defence mechanisms and walls to protect ourselves. These defence mechanisms serve to protect us from extreme emotional and physical harm when we are young and unable to defend ourselves. But as we grow older, they become burdensome constructs that interfere with our ability to be happy and succeed in life.

    In the process, the light of our soul dims and often gets buried underneath all the external muck. And, in extreme cases, the soul or pieces of the soul will actually leave the body, which can render the personality bereft and unable to function fully or truly feel alive. Depression, anxiety, or a sense of numbness can result. Inner light Reiki is a form of Reiki that helps strengthen the light of the soul so that it can shine forth more brightly. The stronger the light of the soul, the more healing can take place.

    While energy healing often works on healing the outer defense mechanisms and walls by removing and clearing negative energy from without, Inner Light Reiki goes beyond those walls to directly tap into the soul and make it stronger. What then happens is that, as the soul shines more brightly from within, the individual is more able to break free of any constraining negative patterns. Their very soul essence has, in effect, become a powerful light that works to heal from the inside out in a direct and powerful way.

    Inner Truth Reiki - £15

    Inner Truth Reiki is a reiki energy that helps you know your own inner truth. It is important to know what you believe and to live your life according to what resonates as truth for you, not what others tell you.

    This system also comes with self activating:

    • Inner Truth Emergence to coax your truth to reveal itself
    • Inner Truth Conflict Resolution to resolve the many versions of truth you’ve been told to believe over the years.
    • Inner Truth Enhancement to enhance the strength of your own truth in any situation to live it fully
    • Inner Truth Compass to help you find your way in each moment
    • Emotional Balm to calm your emotions as you embrace your inner truth.
    Letting Go Reiki - £10
    System Originator - Stephanie Brail.

    Letting Go Reiki aids in releasing blockages and cycles caused by negative experiences and situations.  It gently assists you in letting go of things which are holding you back, preventing you from living your life to the full and are no longer serving your highest good.  Sometimes this can be a difficult and even challenging process especially if it is a long standing problem or issue and involves someone close to you, but once the release takes place it can be an incredibly freeing sensation releasing you and all those linked with the situation so everyone can move forward with their lives.


    Love Cocoons Attunement - £10

    The attunement to Love Cocoons is in fact an initiation into the energy of Unconditional Love.  A love cocoon is an egg shaped shield around your aura that can be charged up with unconditional love. A love cocoon helps to dissolve blockages in your energy field and act as a shield of protection, especially involving the heart chakra.

    Love, Forgiveness and Magic of the Angels - £15

    Originator – Rev Dr Uwe Gonzalez Burgunder

    This beautifully illustrated manual contains 3 attunements to Archangel Haniel, Raguel and Raziel. It is packed full of information, meditations and rituals on how best to connect and work with each Archangel,

    Archangel Haniel: Balance, Beauty, Company, Crystals, Dignity, Emotions, Friends, Harmony, Healing rituals, Health, Intuition, Love, Lunar energy, Performance, Spirituality

    Archangel Raguel; Resolving arguments, Cooperation and harmony. Defending the unfairly treated, Empowerment; especially the underdogs, Mediation of disputes, Orderliness, Divine Order, Aura work.

    Archangel Raziel; Alchemy, Clairvoyance, Divine Magic, Esoteric Information, Manifestations, Psychic abilities


    Love - Light Synthesis Reiki - £10

    This system is founded by Pamela Caddy and Natalie Glasson

    Love Light Synthesis Reiki is overseen by Lord Buddha our Planetary Logos as well as Lord Maitreya and Lord Melchizedek. This system will work on your soul light. Strengthening your light safely each time you use it to raise your vibration/light to the planetary ascension level (Ascended Master Level). The energy is a combination of Lord Buddha's white planetary ray, Lord Maitreya's Golden Christ Consciousness Ray and Lord Melchizedek's Universal Ray. Also etheric Diamonds of light will be placed into your aura, further helping to strengthen and shine light into your soul. Energies of the pink and blue light of divine love flow throughout your being raising your love quotient, and platinum ribbons of light are placed into your aura by Lord Melchizedek.

    This is a master/teacher attunement and you are taught in the manual how to pass this system onto others.

    Loyalty Empowerment - £15
    Loyalty Empowerment level 1 increases your own innate ability to be loyal to the right people and includes the Betrayal Forgiveness Ray.
    Level 2 is an upgrade of the Loyal Empowerment and includes   Loyalty Attraction Rays to attract people into your life who have loyal characteristics and encourage loyalty unto you always.
    These energies will increase the ease of being loyal and be a conscience for you, reminding you of where you’ve chosen your loyalties to be.
    Your Self Loyalty Examination, when this function is activated, will highlight and draw your attention to areas of your life affected by your loyalty.  Some of the areas of your life in which you’ve been loyal have been a negative experience, as those people misused your loyalty. You may notice areas in your life where you were disloyal to people who you’d vowed loyalty to. At other times loyalty was simply expected of you. You will notice areas of your life in which you were loyal to others, and not loyal to yourself. Many people allow themselves to disloyal to themselves.
    RaKaMa Reiki Transmutation Reiki - £15

    “RaKaMa” means “transmutation”. RaKaMa Reiki is the process of employing the principles of Life in order to transmute lower vibration energy into a higher vibration of light and love. It is a special meditative and energetic technique used to release negativity, negative energies accumulated throughout daily life, toxins, emotions, thoughts, elementals and various other negative interferences. RaKaMa Reiki is Spiritual Recycling supporting us to enter the bright, positive, serene, protected and happy side of Life. In the process of RaKaMa Reiki there is only one but very powerful energy symbol. It is a totally positive symbol of light, love and spirituality which protects, clears and heals us from all negative influences, both known and unknown.

    Self Care Reiki - £15

    Founder: Stephanie Brail

    Self Care Reiki works on the deceptively simple issue of taking care of yourself. Why self care? And how can Reiki help with it? Self care can be defined as the actions a person takes to nurture their bodies, minds, and spirits. There are two types of self care, these are: Special occasion self care and Routine self care. By using Self Care Reiki on yourself or your clients, you will help develop better habits that nurture and support the self. The Self Care Reiki energy helps facilitate the following:

    1. Clearing out self-sabotaging habits

    2. Dissolving resistance to developing positive habits

    3. Enabling a better relationship with the flow of life

    Self Love Reiki - £15

    Self love is an issue that virtually everyone deals with. We all suffer at times from feeling like we don’t fit in, we’re not good enough, we’re not pretty enough, or smart enough. These feelings are normal and to a certain extent are healthy. The important thing, then, is to learn how to love yourself while accepting your imperfections and faults.

    Nobody is perfect. And when you think about it, wouldn’t the world be a boring place if everyone were perfect and the same? Being human means being imperfect. By doing this work, we learn to love ourselves unconditionally, flaws and all.

    Lack of self love is the root of many external issues, including relationship problems, money problems, and career woes. If you or your clients are continually repeating the same patterns in a particular area of life, then Self Love Reiki may just be what is needed to clear out the underlying issue for good.

    This attunement works beautifully alongside Soulmate Reiki. After all before we can truly love another we must first learn to love ourselves unconditionally. The journey begins within.

    NEW Self Love & Forgiveness Healing Attunement - £15

    The Self Love & Forgiveness Healing Attunement was developed by Caryl Haxworth.  Ascended Master, Quan Yin, came to Caryl during a healing session, with the task of helping people heal their hearts.  Quan Yin is the Chinese Goddess of compassion and healing.  She works with the heart chakra and has helped to create this healing treatment and attunement that will reach deep within your heart to gently work on healing those areas of self-love, understanding and forgiveness that will help you to recognise that you are fully deserving of your own love and therefore, the love of others.
    Deep within your heart is the essence of love that makes you the special person you are. The love that you give to yourself, before all others, is the most important love of all.  When the love of self is missing you also miss the real essence of you, which can sometimes form an invisible block when wanting to show and share your love with anyone or anything else. Loving one's self is first and foremost to fully accepting who you are and therefore how you interact with others.  For whatever reason or reasons that have led you to believe that you are not perfect, dismiss them now.  You ARE perfect, just as you are.  This is the way you are meant to be.


    Shadow Self Empowerment - £10

    System Originator – Jay Burrell

    This is a very empowering attunement which helps us to embrace and work with our Shadow Self rather than repress or reject that part of us which we can learn so much from and can actually help us in our day to day life.

    In Jay’s own words -‘When you have accepted that your Shadow Self is an integral part of your personality and is also a part of your true self, you will start to become aware of a much deeper and more meaningful connection with who you truly are. You will realise that the thing that you have kept in the shadows and hidden from the light is actually something that can greatly aid you on your spiritual path. One of the biggest steps that you can take on this day is to choose to live a more fully enlightened life by embracing this aspect of your being. As soon as you are no longer expending energy by working against yourself and hiding your dark side, you will find that more energy will be easily accessible for you to live in your own personal power. Just imagine all the energy that you can tap into to aid you with your healings and personal spiritual development. What would you do with it?

    When you learn to embrace all aspects of your being you will find that your life will reflect more light and love into all of your surroundings. You will also discover more acceptance and tolerance of others, since you will also be more loving towards yourself. As soon as this aspect is integrated into your personality, the old shadow self energy will be transformed, leaving you a brighter, loving and more centred person’.

    Slate Shakti - £15

    Slate Shakti - unite with your shadow self to bring harmony and alignment

    The Slate Shakti is a Divine Intelligence who is skilled at bringing your lower self of shadow self into harmonization with you; your conscious mind and your middle and lower self energies. This can be achieved no matter your spiritual ability of perceiving the spiritual realms. Acceptance and communication with your lower self helps to resolve conflicts, bring forth inner peace and can encourage great healing to take place.

    This energy will aid you with;

    • Learning to trust yourself more so that you can decide what you believe for yourself
    • Your impulse control increases and addictions and craving decrease
    • Creative thinking and problem solving increase as self esteem improves
    • Your discernment increases as your ability to enjoy life increases
    • Fears decrease and hope for the future increases as does worry about what others will think decreases
    • Self acceptance increases and desire to forgive others will help you to redefine your likes and dislikes
    • Your meditation times are deeper and more peaceful and your night dreams are more vivid as you act out that which you would not do in reality, yet need to experience for your wholeness to be known
    • You begin to see how the undesirable parts of yourself have value as your consciousness gains more mobility between various realities and areas of your being, and your soul, lower self and middle self harmonises.

    Soulmate Reiki- £15

    Founded By Stephanie Brail

    Are you longing for "The One"? Whether you believe that everyone has just one soulmate or many, Soulmate Reiki is a beautiful, simple system to connect soulmates together.

    This system can also be used for non-romantic soulmate relationships (such as with friends or loved ones). This is a one-level system that includes one soulmate symbol. You will also learn a simple technique to clear out negative energetic attachments that might be blocking soulmate connections.

    This is a wonderful system which works well in conjunction with other Reiki systems applied within Reiki Healing sessions given either for the self and others. 

    Soulmate Reiki works on two levels: One it helps clear out any blocks and issues regarding your soulmate. Two it can help manifest a soulmate relationship; this can be both romantic and non-romantic.

    So what is a soulmate?

    There are many different definitions of a soulmate depending on beliefs. For some, there is only one soulmate, a romantic lover that is reunited again and again throughout lifetimes. For others, there are many soulmates these can include friends or even family members.

    Twin Flames: A twin flame is a soulmate of your better half, the person who completes you. We only get one twin flame throughout Eternity. Twin flames were said to be created at the beginning of time, when God split up each soul into two separate souls. Each half of the flame feels incomplete without the other. One half is feminine energies and the other half masculine energies.

    The One: The one is a soulmate that you are meant to be with as a romantic life partner in this lifetime.

    Multiple Soulmates: Multiple Soulmates are many potential ones or lifetime romantic partners. Which soulmate we are with depends on timing, readiness and many other factors.

    Soul Friends: Soul Friends are soulmates of spiritual connections. These include friends or family that one has a very strong affinity with.

     *  Please be aware that you must be a Usui Reiki Level 2 or Master to take this attunement


    Subconscious Healing Shakti - £15

    Subconscious Healing Shakti is an Eternal Divine Intelligence that provides individualized healing for your subconscious. This Shakti can alleviate many mental frustrations and uncomfortable night dreams.    

    • Your sleep becomes more restful and mind is quieter.

    • Your night dreams will reveal less reviewing of old patterns.  

    • Your night dreams will reveal less guilt and shame scenarios.

    • Your memory will improve for the subjects you want to remember.

    • You no longer need to keep bright traumatic memories in order to motivate yourself to take the actions necessary for your future plans.

    • Your actions and responses to people and situations are as you want them to be instead of simply reacting based on past experiences automatically.

    • More creative thoughts and problem solving becomes easier.

    • You will see the solution through the problem instead of blockage.

    • Emotional freedom from past trauma happens as subconscious heals.


    Synergy Within -£15

    Synergy Within provides you the functions necessary to easily adjust the ratios of male and female energy within your body at any time. Some people are uncomfortable in the gender body they were born into. Gender Freedom! If you were in an androgynous form prior to your life on Earth, being in one gender is an odd inner pressure until balance is known.

    Anyone, single or in a relationship will benefit from Synergy Within’s influx of the perfect balance of Divine Masculine and Feminine. Shape shifters who shift into a gender that is different than the form they are usually in will enjoy Synergy Within. Singles, courting or those in a romantic relationship or marriage: 

    Know the freedom of having your male and female energy needs met by Source, thus arriving to your mate or prospective mate whole, well and glowing!  Everyone has both male and female energy within them. When there is an imbalance of male/female energy in ratio to the gender you are, there is discomfort and neediness. Many people in a relationship await their mate to give them affection and share energy with them.

    While intimate sharing is very beneficial to a relationship, you need not await such in order to have your energy needs met. By receiving the wonderfully perfect balance of masculine and feminine energies of Synergy Within, you will be well inside. Many people arrive to their mate feeling needy, on a daily basis. You will now be able to have inner synergy of masculine and feminine energies that enhance your being. You will be complete and able to share with him or her your healthy aura, heart full of love, and sensual outpouring of passion!

    Starseeds and those of Angelic Lineage or other androgynous forms: Many starseeds and those of some Angelic or other lineages from various places and dimensions have soul memories of lives in bodies that exhibited no gender. These androgynous light or physical bodies were comfortable. Now, being in a body of one gender, an imbalance is daily felt and disliked. Synergy Within will bring the influx of the other gender and balance within. There is a great need on this planet for a synergy and balance of gender energy. So many beings have arrived to assist humanity and planet Earth’s path into Light and away from the Karma game that was set forth here.


    The Toxic Family Shield - £15

    The Toxic Family Shield is a simple method of psychic protection that works to protect from the negative energy of family members. It shields from toxic psychic energy while projecting an energy of love and comfort to the problem family members. It can be effective whether the problem family members are close or at a distance. Family can be a wonderful thing but can also be the cause of great pain and frustration. We are tied to our family members in ways we are not with most of our friends and colleagues that we meet in other areas of our life. Our parents in particular have a tremendous effect on us that extends beyond childhood. While we may love our parents, we may still have to deal with their dysfunctional psychology and issues. Siblings, in-laws and other family members can also be a source of distress and challenge. There are many ways a toxic family member can negatively affect someone.

    The following behaviours are considered as toxic to health and well being:

    • Attempting to intimidate you by yelling or becoming violent in any manner (slamming a door is a violent act).
    • Consistently talking down at you, sending the message that he or she is just plain better than you.
    • Regularly telling you what he or she thinks is wrong with you.
    • Slandering others behind their backs i.e. trying to engage you in gossip that is hurtful to others.
    • Spending the bulk of your conversations complaining about his or her life and others.
    • Discouraging you from pursuing your interests and dreams.
    • Attempting to take advantage of your kindness and resources, and trying to make you feel guilty if you don't do what he or she wants.

    Transparency Reiki - £10

    There are times in our life when we need to let down our guard and be more open towards others – to become transparent. This attunement gently supports you in; Learning how to show your feelings - Trust more - Release unhealthy passive behaviour patterns

    You will learn how to; Seek the courage to change your attitudes and feelings towards life - Release the need to judge others - See the bigger picture - Lift the veil and embrace transparency - Stimulate your aura.